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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Wednesday May 22)

Here is today's selection of bargain Kindle books!

Here's a Kindle book available for free today!

Zombie Fallout, by Mark Tufo. (Still free?)

This zombie classic has over 350 five-star reviews... and is free today!

"Working as both straight up survival fiction and comedy, Mark Tufo's FALLOUT is a gory, laugh out loud tale of a community of heroes, cowards and misfits struggling against zombies. Tufo's unlikely hero is one of the funniest and most endearing characters I've seen in zombie fiction." - Craig DiLouie, author of TOOTH AND NAIL and THE INFECTION

Currently in development with Illuminandi Media
Late Fall - 2010

Reuters - Estimates say that nearly three thousand people nationwide, and fifteen thousand people worldwide have died of the H1N1 virus or Swine flu and nearly eighty thousand cases have been confirmed in hospitals and clinics across the United States and the world, the World Heath Organization reported. The influenza pandemic of 2010, while not nearly as prolific as the one that raged in 1918 still has citizens around the world in a near state of panic.

New York Post (Headlines October 31st) - Beware! Children Carry Germs! - Halloween Canceled!

New York Times - (Headlines November 3rd) - Swine flu claims latest victim - Vice President surrounded by family and friends at the end.

Boston Globe - (Headlines November 28th) - Swine Flu Vaccinations Coming!

Boston Herald - (Headlines December 6th) - Shots in Short Supply - Lines Long!

National Enquirer - (Headlines December 7th) - The Dead Walk!

There would be no more headlines.

It started in a lab at the CDC (Center for Disease Control), virologists were so relieved to finally have an effective vaccination against the virulent swine flu. Pressure to come up with something had come from the highest office in the land. In an attempt at speed the virologists had made two mistakes, first they used a live virus and second they didn't properly test for side effects. Within days hundreds of thousands of vaccinations shipped across the US and the world. People lined up for the shots, like they were waiting in line for concert tickets. Fights broke out in drugstores as fearful throngs tried their best to get one of the limited shots. Within days the CDC knew something was wrong. Between 4 and 7 hours of receiving the shot roughly 95% succumbed to the active H1N1 virus in the vaccination. More unfortunate than the death of the infected was the added side effect of reanimation, it would be a decade before scientists were able to ascertain how that happened. The panic that followed couldn't be measured. Loved ones did what loved ones always do, they tried to comfort, their kids or their spouses or their siblings, but what came back was not human not even remotely. Those people that survived their first encounter with these monstrosities usually did not come through unscathed, if bitten they had fewer than 6 hours of humanity left, the clock was ticking. During the first few hysteria ridden days of The Coming as it has become known, many thought the virus was airborne, luckily that was not the case or nobody would have survived. It was a dark time in human history. One from which we may never be able to pull ourselves out of the ashes from.
*Zombie Fallout
*Zombie Fallout 2 A Plague Upon Your Family
*Zombie Fallout 3 The End
*Zombie Fallout 3.5 Dr. Hugh Mann
*Zombie Fallout 4 The End Has Come and Gone
*Zombie Fallout 5 Alive In A Dead World
*Zombie Fallout 6 'Til Death Do Us Part
*The Book Of Riley 1
*The Book Of Riley 2
*Indian Hill Encounters
*Indian Hill Reckoning
*Indian Hill Conquest
*The Spirit Clearing
*Callis Rose
*Lycan Fallout Rise Of The Werewolf

326 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 500 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

How (Not) to Kiss a Toad (Cindy Eller #1), by Elizabeth A Reeves. (Still 0.99?)

Toads, cupcakes, romance, magic and ice cream... what more could you want? This delightful read is 99 cents today!

"I found the characters believable and pleasant. I kind of felt bad for the guy who became the super toad. I always did go for the bad boys. I have decided that I really need some of these recipes and will be actively searching for some of them. I drooled over the cupcakes and the ice cream as well as the characters. During my reading I expected the typical love story and was thrown off balance by the twist that the author threw at me. I was still happy. The book was very difficult to put down and kept me up all night long. This book earned 5 out of 5 for me and I will happily share it with others." -- Amazon reviewer

Cindy Eller is a witch with a gift for creating decadent desserts highlighting the exotic and spicy flavors of her native Southwest. However, life isn't always sweet for this magical baker. All her life she's been cursed-- every man she's ever kissed has turned into a toad. Love isn't likely to come her way, she knows.

If that weren't a big enough problem, her 'curse' has come to the attention of the Council of Magic and she may never be able to use her powers.

Enter the perfect man-- handsome, sweet, and loves food just as much as Cindy does. It would seem to be a match made in Heaven, or is it?

Cindy isn't the only one keeping secrets.

With toads, cupcakes, romance, magic and ice cream, life never has time to get dull!

314 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 91 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Cold Equations: The Persistence of Memory: Book One, by David Mack. (Still 0.99?)

This well-written book has over 70 five-star reviews. 99 cents today.

"With The Persistence of Memory, David Mack again proves that he is a writer's writer. What I mean when I say that is that there are a fairly large number of authors (not naming names) who tell excellent stories, are popular with readers, and sell a lot of books, but aren't what I would call technically adept. They often overuse the to-be verb, or their descriptions aren't quite adequate to convey the scene, or they focus too much on exposition. Maybe the average reader doesn't notice these things, but when you write for a living, you're aware of them and you appreciate it when you discover an author who spends the time and effort on their craft to make it as near-flawless as possible. David Mack is one of those exceptional authors who has honed his pros to a point that puts other professionals to shame. I've read many of his other Star Trek books, and I'm always left with the feeling that we're lucky to have him as a Star Trek author, because authors of his caliber don't associate with tie-in fiction." -- Amazon reviewer

A BRAZEN HEIST Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew race to find out who has stolen Data’s android brother B-4—and for what sinister purpose.
A BROKEN PROMISE One desperate father risks all for the son he abandoned forty years ago—but is he ready to pay the price for redemption?
A DARING MISSION Against overwhelming odds, and with time running out, Commander Worf has only one chance to avert a disaster. But how high a price will he pay for victory?

400 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 106 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

The Arrangement, by H.M. Ward. (Still 0.99?)

Volume 1 in a serial, this short book is the first segment in the steamy Arrangement series.

"I need to read them all like now! Loved the plot and the characters. Great story now onto the second book!" -- Amazon reviewer

~Volume 1 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials~ FML is becoming Avery's motto. Just when she doesn't think things could get any worse, they do. When her car stalls out at a busy intersection and she gets out to check under the hood, a guy steals her car. Armed with a dress and a pair of Chucks, Avery runs after the thief. When a hot stranger offers to help, she can't say no. That's how Avery meets Sean Ferro, the totally sexy, totally damaged guy with more secrets than she has time for.

Avery doesn't have time for anything anymore. Her is life falling apart and it's not just the car. It's everything, and it doesn't matter how tightly she tries to hold on, there's nothing left to hold on to. With the sudden death of her parents, it's only a matter of months until Avery's shot at college is gone, and she's living in a cardboard box. Other students have their families to rely on when things get bad. Avery has no one.

But there's one option, one incredibly sexy, morally devoid, option. If Avery takes a job as a call girl, one guy could save her. One client. One time. She just has to say yes.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-7 are on sale now.~

118 pages, with a 4-star rating from 251 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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