Friday, May 31, 2013

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day: Genius Scan

Today's Free App of the Day is Genius Scan
Originally $0.99

This is a scanner. It will scan documents using your on-device camera, crop or correct for tilt and then save the image. You can then send the image either as a jpg file or as a PDF to your Kindle, to various cloud services such as Evergreen or Dropbox, or email it to a friend. Yes, you can use it with the Fires with cameras, though taking the image is a bit trickier than it would be with a rear facing camera. Note the PDF file is still just an image--there's no OCR. The app did stop on me a couple times, but the image always seemed to take. You can correct for "keystoning" where a rectangular image has some distortion due to the camera angle. You can also crop. It shows as compatible with the original Fire on my account; this is because you can use it to send pictures on your Fire as PDFs. If you think you'll need to send copies of paper docs on to someone else, you might grab this. I expect it will be improved and also, if a future Fire (or if you have an Android device with a rear facing camera), that will resolve some of the awkwardness of using this app.

15 of 22 reviews are four stars and above.

These apps are compatible with the original Fire and with my Fire HD 8.9" 4G. To tell if an app works for your Fire HD or other Android device registered to your Amazon account, click on the above link and look on the right side of the web page.  Amazon will tell you if it will work with your registered device.

Have fun!

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