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"In Broad Daylight," by Seth Harwood

A gruesome series of murders rips through Anchorage, Alaska, and FBI agent Jess Harding is on the hunt for a killer who has slipped through her fingers years before. But soon the hunter becomes the hunted in this gripping, utterly unmissable thriller. Available for $4.99.

In Broad Daylight, by Seth Harwood

"If you’ve never visited Alaska, In Broad Daylight will make you long to book a ticket. Seth Harwood’s portrayal of the land of endless summer sun — where nights are as bright as day — is absolutely riveting. He doesn’t just capture the untamed landscape, but the equally wild personalities and cultures that populate it. If Harwood weren’t such a gifted thriller writer, he’d have a second career as a travel journalist." -Hilary Davidson, author of the Anthony Award Winning The Damage Done

From the author of the acclaimed thriller novels Jack Wakes Up and Young Junius comes In Broad Daylight, a taut psychological whodunnit with Stieg Larsson's intrigue and Karin Slaughter's raw insights on strange communities.

FBI agent Jess Harding treks back to Anchorage to hunt down a sadistic killer who's reemerged from a five-year hiatus--a killer who has already slipped her grasp once before. The endless days of an Alaskan summer can't thwart the fiend's plans as he slashes his way through the rural community, where everyone knows your name and always distrusts the outside. With the help of Oscar Linstrom, an old colleague who wants to be more than friends, Jess attempts to immerse herself in the area's culture, leading her to a strange rural village inhabited by Russian Old Believers hell-bent on protecting their way of life. Even the locals are outsiders to the Old Believers, and Jess needs a safehaven in the glare of daylight because a blood-stained message left at the scene of the most recent murder says Jess is no longer the hunter--but the hunted.

Seth Harwood, named a Best of 2010 author by George Pelecanos, returns with this terrifying daydream of an expansive Great North that offers no place to hide.

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Meet the Author

Seth Harwood has published four crime novels--YOUNG JUNIUS, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, THIS IS LIFE and the bestselling JACK WAKES UP. He holds an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers' Workshop and has taught creative writing at Iowa, UMass Boston, Stanford and City College San Francisco.

In July, 2006, Mr. Harwood became the first crime author to serialize his work as a podcast-only novel, when he started posting free weekly episodes of JACK WAKES UP at his site, and Three years later, Three Rivers Press released JACK WAKES UP as a print novel on May 5th, 2009. He has now podcast three novels in the Jack Palms Crime series and a fourth, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, at his website,, where you can download and listen to all of them for free.

Mr. Harwood also hosts the online series of crime story podcasts at, which features today's top authors in the genre reading their stories to you for free.

Originally from Boston, Seth Harwood now makes his home in San Francisco. You can contact him by email at seth (at) sethharwood (dot) com, on Twitter @sethharwood and on Facebook.

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