Friday, May 10, 2013

Book Discovery Day! (Friday May 10)

It's Book Discovery Day! Every Friday we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Pandora's Children: The Complete Nightmares Book 2, by Bradley ConvissarFor the first time, the twenty-two stories found in Pandora’s Children books 1-5 and Dark Interludes have been combined into two easy-to-navigate volumes.

This collection contains almost two dozen dark stories, tales where men become monsters, monsters become men, and no one is ever truly safe. You will find ghosts, demons and monsters; evil men, madmen and broken men; a wood-chipper, Santa Claus and yes, a handful of dentists. Each book contains eleven stories, over 90,000 words (almost 300 pages) of disturbing, provocative tales which will keep you thinking long after you’re done reading.

In Volume 2, you will find these eleven stories:

Four Corners- An intersection in New Orleans that shouldn’t exi...
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Caarina the Cooking Fairy (KiteReaders Fairy Series), by Julia DweckCaarina lives among the cooks that write the recipes in books. They’re master chefs who work all night. To mix and simmer’s their delight. Today, the Fairy Queen decrees, and all the fairies there agree, a special feast will soon be served--a rich reward that all deserve. Who should cook this special feast prepared with flour, oil, and yeast? Who can roll and brown a bun? Caarina is the chosen one! Join Caarina, the cooking fairy, in this humorous, rhyming adventure. Caarina is all set to create a delicious feast for the Fairy Queen; however, a pesky gremlin attempts to foil Caarina's plan. Can Caarina "beat" him? Who will be "whipped," gremlin or fairy? Young readers will enjoy this clever fantasy adventure, sprinkled with wo...
Not Raw Enough (Not Raw Enough Trilogy), by Randall BowlingExporting live fluke from Hatteras Island to Japan's exclusive
sushi markets always meant more to Seth Tinsley; more complex, more cutthroat and
more crazy profits than he'd ever imagined. Yeah, he probably stepped on a few
of the Old Boy's toes with his cutting-edge shipping technology and brash successes,
but quality, price and smarts still trump time-worn systems and traditions -
even at Tokyo's Tsukiji market. That's the American way, right' Seth never considered
his international trade could mean more deadly.

After an inexplicable accident in his hot tub kills two friends,
Seth exhausts his life savings defending unwarranted murder charges....
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Always and Forever (Secrets of Shadow Hill), by S. P. CervantesTwin sisters Ava and Hannah were ripped from their peaceful seeming lives into a whirlwind of attacks and war only to learn the real truth about their existence.
Nothing was as it seemed anymore and may never be again. They had already lost their father in childhood now they have to cope with their mother’s kidnapping as they watch those sworn to protect them risk their lives....
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Army of Affliction (The Affliction Chronicles), by J. B. BoumanThe Affliction, adepts and fantastic creatures make the world of Khatenia fatal to many who leave the safety of the cities. Keeping himself alive is something Lange of Arenes has taken for granted until a missing couple and a valuable artifact send him and his companions against the brutal forces of the power-hungry adept Thalizar.

Lange is a tough, smart and fearless hero who always seems to find himself fighting for the weak against the powerful in dangerous Khatenia. The first book of The Affliction Chronicles, an exciting new epic fantasy series....
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Sportsman's Bet (Ian Dodge Mysteries), by Judy NicholsVelma Saunders, the town clerk of Tobias, North Carolina never had a kind word to say to anyone. In fact, most people were afraid of her, including her boss, Mayor Mike Ellis.

Still, the whole town is shocked when Velma's body is found in the Municipal Building's old bomb shelter. The only clue to her murderer is a copy of a cryptic message from a Nigerian Email scammer.

All the evidence points to Mayor Mike, who's charged with killing Velma. Investigator Ian Dodge, a British transplant who's never quite taken root in the Deep South,sets out to find out who else hated Velma enough to kill her.

In the course of his investigation, Ian discovers the dark secrets Velma has been hiding all these years, and exactl...
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You Know Who I Am (The Drusilla Thorne Mysteries), by Diane Patterson
.99 Weekend Sale May 10-12!
Drusilla Thorne's husband Colin walks out on their marriage of convenience with style: he disappears right in the middle of their magic act. Before he vanishes, though, he steals a bracelet from her, a bracelet that could tip off the people who've been searching for Drusilla and her younger sister Stevie for years. Drusilla won't allow that to happen.

When she finds Colin in Los Angeles, he's dead. Before dying, he got the both of them involved in a nasty game of Hollywood blackmail. The investigating detective finds out her identity is as fake as her marriage was and he's determined to find her gu...
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The Tapestry, by Paul WigmoreUntil he died, Gavin had never been able to defend himself against the bullies that had tormented him throughout his childhood into his adult life.

It was only once he had sold his soul to Saul, 'The Bringer of The Black Plague' that he became the man he should always have been.

Saul was the mightiest, most bloodthirsty demon ever to wander the wasteland of Hades. Even challenging the throne of Adromoloch himself, he wasn't done yet though. He just needed Gavins' soul.

The only one able to stem the flow of evil about to erupt from the sulphuric forest of ash beneath our feet is the psychic Clara. But can the dragons help her to 'become' in time to save the children?

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Murder Along the Blue Ridge (A Rachel Christie Mystery 6) (Rachel Christie Mystery Series), by Sabena StoneAlong the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, two people are dead from cyanide poisoning, a runaway bridegroom and an informant for narcotics officer Deputy Skyler of the Stone City police. When a bag of cyanide crystals is found in Skyler's home, the state police arrest him, saying they have more than enough evidence to put a noose around his neck for the crime.

Skyler claims he was framed by one of his many enemies and begs private detective Rachel Christie for help. Rachel despises the Deputy because of their history and refuses the case even though she doesn't believe he's guilty.

Skyler says he has no motive and no connection to the runaway groom. Or does he' An indiscretion and cover-up fifteen years ago may be at the...
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Hero To Zero, by Zach FortierZach Fortier is back with more true crime accounts from the streets. This time with true stories of Cops gone bad. Join Zach as he meets a cop who will be a future member of the FBI’s 10 most wanted, hunted for a brutal quadruple murder and that is just the beginning!, Zach details Cops that make every mistake possible, Theft, Murder, Fraud, Drug Abuse and more.
Cops ending up in prison themselves. Proving the point that “Anyone is capable of anything given the right set of circumstances”. Take a ride on the dark side of Law Enforcement. The side the cops rarely talk about....
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Vanished, by Christina HoltTen years ago, Emily Miller went missing when she was only five years old. Everyone in town thought she had either drowned in the lake near her house, or had been kidnapped. Some even whispered that her father, Frank Miller was responsible.

No one suspected the old boathouse behind the Miller property, except Emily’s father. Frank Miller knew what had happened to his little girl. He knew the boathouse had her.

Ten years later, thirteen-year-old George Morgan wanders into the same boathouse and discovers a magical secret. At first he’s thrilled. He reveals his secret to his fifteen-year-old brother Eddie, thinking it will bring them closer together. After all, George and Eddie used to be best friends, before they m...
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The Fanatic, by R. J. DillonBritain it seems, has more enemies than friends...

When a radical group of extremists launch a terror campaign on the streets of Britain, a frantic hunt begins to find those responsible. But what seems a simple case of terrorism quickly reveals other, more sinister forces at work. As Nick Torr follows a dangerous trail that stretches from the hostile streets of Cairo to Paris, London, Kenya, Somalia and finally Washington, it becomes clear that this is no straightforward dirty war.

Nick’s investigation into brutal murders, double deals and illegal black operations, leads him to a startling discovery of a conspiracy that has its dark roots in the heart of Moscow and personal treachery....
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So Wonderful as Want, by Joyce DeBacco
Young Dinah's dream of ever leaving her small Southwest Florida town before and during the land boom of the twenties seems doomed when she finds herself pregnant by an unscrupulous, older man. Zach also has a dream. He wants to be his own man, go his own way. But when tragedy strikes Dinah's family, his soft heart won't allow him to walk away.

When Tyler, an ambitious land developer, offers to buy Dinah's riverfront property, her dream is revived. Although Zach abhors the selling of paradise for a quick buck, his main fear is losing Dinah. Tyler ups the ante by proposing, and Dinah is forced to choose between a man who can make her dream come true, or a man who's been there for every joy, every sorrow in her li...
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Attitude, by EC Sheedy So many men... So many mistakes. One young woman out to improve her odds.

Ginger Cameron does a makeover. No more thigh-hugging minis, mile high stilettos, or come-ons to guys who aren't into relationships for the long haul. She's going beige, revirginalizing (her word), and making a fresh start in her business and love life. Men? Out of the picture. Sidelined. For two freakin' years.

Then she meets...him; Cal Beaumann, all sex, easy smiles, and short-term thinking. Ginger's new attitude and armor-plated wardrobe are about to get tested--to the max.

A short romance novel. Sexy but not burning--except for the hero, of course. Attitude is a story that migh...
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Becoming a Dragon, by Janice LightMariana's started a new life, forcibly retired from mercenary work. But when a local lord tries to tax her new village home into ruin, she's forced to take a stand with ancient legends as her only weapon to scare the nobility straight.

"Can't you threaten him? Tell him the dragons will descend from the mountains in search of justice if he doesn't mend his ways'" Mariana would threaten him herself, if she could. If only she could still wield a sword.

The grey light weakened as the storm winds gusted through the leaves, bringing a chill to her spine. Draig opened his mouth and then closed it again. Finally he spoke. "The dragons are not playthings, to be bandied about at your pleasure. You don't understand ...
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The Proposition (A Geek, An Angel), by J.A. JACKSONConfused and bitter about love gorgeous Janeshia James is content to just enjoy the fruits of her ambition being director of one of Silicon Valley California’s most prestigious nonprofits.
With his imposing stature handsome, geeky, genius Walker Perrault had given up on ever finding the object of his puppy- love crush as a child. Then after seeing beautiful and ambitious Janeshia at a fundraiser, he had to figure out how to get back into her life.
But when secret forces sabotage the success and the reputation of the nonprofit Janeshia works for, he’s brought in to oversee day to day operations.
The proposition wasn’t what she had expected.
Her destiny aligned her against three formidable men, one with the knowl...
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