Monday, May 6, 2013

"Pursuit," by Scott Marmorstein

In this first book in a trilogy, Owen Hunter suddenly takes on the ability to see the world beneath our own - and his life is changed forever. The author's writing style is praised as being reminiscent of Stephen King. Get this thriller free today!

Pursuit (Owen Hunter Series), by Scott Marmorstein

"Very interesting characters, unusual circumstances, and progressive intensity. A compelling story that has me looking forward to book two! Intriguing!" -- Amazon reviewer

This is Book One of the Trilogy in the Owen Hunter Series.
What if you were awakened to a deeper level of reality than the world you are presented with every day? Would you accept it, or would you rebel?
Imagine one day you are having lunch, all things are normal in your life. Comfortable, predictable, more or less easy. You have your job, you have your dreams, you have your fantasies. Now imagine lunch is not only interrupted, but the rest of your life can never be the same. You are ripped from your job, your family, your friends. This begins the tale of our unlikely hero Owen Hunter who is forced beyond reason into heinous scenarios while having to cope with a newfound ability to see the world beneath our world, the real underpinnings of chaos and destruction. No one in their right mind would ask for this life. Yet, here it is, a life permanently altered and without return.
(Word Count: Approximately 115,000)

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Meet the Author

Writing is joy. Telling stories is my favorite pastime. Besides my two non-fiction books, I'm in the throes of writing my first ever trilogy of novels. My debut novel, Pursuit, has been such a wonderful project. I love all the books I write, and this step into the realm of fiction has quickly become one of my greatest passions.

Join in the adventures and let your mind expand in new ways. I'll meet you there!

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