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"Oberon's Dreams," by Aaron Pogue

Dashing, quick-witted Corin leads his men to find the riches of a lost city - but faces mutiny when only stacks of strange books are found. A gripping fantasy from accomplished author Aaron Pogue.

Oberon's Dreams (The Godlanders War), by Aaron Pogue

"I don't know how else to describe this novel except for... fun. My initial distaste of standard fantasy fare was washed away in the sheer rush and delight of the story and its characters. Pogue's writing is simple, quick, and personable, just right for a story that wants to do little more than entertain with its fantastical ideas and world that is, if seen before, certainly appreciated. Those looking for overly complex worlds and ponderous, descriptive writing may want to search elsewhere, but for those wanting only a great fantasy story that is told well will be pleased." -- Amazon reviewer

Corin has never imagined something beyond his wildest dreams…mostly because he’s confident enough in himself to see his wildest dreams come true. And for the last three years, his goal has been the riches of the lost city of Jezeeli.

And after a long, arduous search, his journey has finally found its destination.

The problem is, the dashing, quick-witted leader promised his men that they would be rewarded for those three lean years with unimaginable treasure, but the ancient ruins hold no gold or jewels—only stacks of strange books. Left to die in a fire set by his mutinous crew, Corin is mysteriously rescued and transported back in time to a city ruled by King Oberon.

Stuck, only Oberon has the power to send Corin home. But the tyrant Ephitel—a brutal god whose name strikes fear even in Corin’s time—has designs on Oberon’s throne. Can Corin defeat the mighty Ephitel and change the course of history?

With a supporting cast of mystical druids, a gentleman thief, and a banished courtier from the House of Violets, Oberon’s Dreams is an action-packed, richly imagined adventure fantasy from the author of The Dragonprince trilogy.

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Meet the Author

Aaron Pogue is a husband and a father of two who lives in Oklahoma City, OK. He started writing at the age of ten, and lays claim to more than a dozen finished novels, as well as a handful of short stories, scripts, and videogame storylines. His first novels were high fantasy set in the rich world of the FirstKing, including the bestselling fantasy novel Taming Fire, but he's explored mainstream thrillers, urban fantasy, and several kinds of science fiction. Gods Tomorrow represents the introduction to a long-running science fiction cop drama series focused on the Ghost Targets task force.

Aaron is the president and CEO of the Consortium, Inc., an Oklahoma City-based non-profit that's striving to establish a new patronage. He's also head publisher with the company's imprint, Consortium Books. Aaron has been a Technical Writer with the Federal Aviation Administration and a writing professor at the university level. He's currently pursuing a Master of Professional Writing degree at the University of Oklahoma.

Aaron maintains a personal website for his friends and fans at AaronPogue.com, he runs a writing advice blog at UnstressedSyllables.com, and he is a founding artist at ConsortiumOKC.com.

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