Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Night Corridor," by Joan Hall Hovey

Released from a mental institution, Caroline finds unexpected help from a stranger when she is stalked by a predator.

Night Corridor, by Joan Hall Hovey

"It's hard to put a label on exactly what Hovey does with her stories that grab you on page one and do not let go until the last page. Hovey seems to be part Mary Stewart, part Mary Higgins Clark and in no small part, Stephen King. Her unique brand of storytelling is powerful because she tells a story that takes you deep into the psyches of almost all of her characters. She writes in third person omniscient point of view, so you get to know everyone in the story--and wind up afraid of most of them because they almost all seem to be touched with evil in some way. And you cannot stop reading." -- Amazon Reviewer

After nine years in Bayshore mental institution, once called the lunatic asylum, Caroline Hill is finally being released.

There will be no one to meet her. Her parents who brought her here…are dead.

They have found her a room in a rooming house, a job washing dishes in a restaurant. She will do fine, they said. But no one told that women in St. Simeon are already dying at the hands of a vicious predator. One, an actress who lived previously in her building.

And others.

And now, as Caroline struggles to survive on the outside, she realizes someone is stalking her.

But who will believe her' She's a crazy woman after all.

Then, one cold winter's night on her way home from her job, a man follows and is about to assault her when a stranger intercedes.

A stranger who hides his face and whispers her name.

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Meet the Author

In addition to her critically aclaimed novels, Joan Hall Hovey's articles and short stories have appeared in such diverse publications as The Toronto Star, Atlantic Advocate, Seek, Home Life Magazine, Mystery Scene, The New Brunswick Reader, Fredericton Gleaner, New Freeman and Kings County Record. Her short story Dark Reunion was selected for the anthology investigating Women, Published by Simon & Pierre.

Ms. Hovey has held workshops and given talks at various schools and libraries in her area, including New Brunswick Community College, and taught a course in creative writing at the University of New Brunswick. For a number of years, she has been a tutor with Winghill School, a distance education school in Ottawa for aspiring writers.

She is a member of the Writer's Federation of New Brunswick, past regional Vice-President of Crime Writers of Canada, Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

~~ Note from author re photo:

The photo of myself with Stephen King was taken in London, England at a writer's workshop, in 1984. Mr. King is as wonderful a speaker (well, almost) as he is a writer.

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