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"Awakening," by Ritu K. Gupta

The first book in the Revealing Colors saga, "Awakening" is a mystical story set in present-time Toronto, that pits Pari Singh against the powerful Arche Lasarre.

Awakening (Revealing Colors), by Ritu K. Gupta

"Awakening is an amazing journey and a refreshing read. I was swept up by the emotions and the magic. It was great to discover how fiction can explore the worlds beyond reality. It is full of natural dialogues that introduce you to the main players. You get interested and then you want to keep reading. It pulled me in from the first chapter and at the end I was craving for more. The battle at the end was visual and exciting. Pari's handling of the crisis she faces is truly inspiring. It makes me excited to read what the outcome of future clashes between Pari and Arche will be like." -- Amazon reviewer

Have you wondered about the secrets hiding in our magical world?

Wonder no more “Awakening” will take you into the mystical worlds where Arche Lasarre’s manipulations threatens all three worlds: the material, the illusions and the timeless.

Empowered by magical forces, Pari Singh will need to discover her own abilities and learn how to counter the threats while resisting Arche’s seductive and dangerous powers.

Entwined in a unexplained mysterious death that she knows far too much about, Pari must battle the earthly forces and prove her innocence.

Guided by scrolls left to her by the spiritual master Chanakya Gupta, Pari needs to discover her powers and define her own destiny while balancing the power between the three worlds.

“Awakening” is the first book of the “Revealing Colors” Saga.

"Awakening" is a fascinating story that weaves together current times with ancient mythologies. Set in modern day Toronto, this book is an exciting story of adventures that evolve across material worlds into illusions and beyond.

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Meet the Author

Ritu K. Gupta was born in India and has lived and worked in Canada for the last 25 years. Besides writing, she loves to read, garden, meditate and to walk. She currently lives in Woodbridge, Ontario with her husband.

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