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"Eye of the Moonrat," by Trevor H. Cooley

More scholar than swordswinger, Justan is determined to follow in his father's warrior footsteps and trains diligently. But his ambitions are mysteriously disrupted, just as an evil wizard emerges to build a deadly army. Over 60 five-star reviews! Get your copy for just 99 cents today.

Eye of the Moonrat (The Bowl of Souls - Volume 1), by Trevor H. Cooley

"Absolutely amazing. This series is a real gem. I am a hardcore sci-fi fantasy fan, and have read hundreds if not thousands of fantasy books by many, many authors from R.A. Salvatore to like George R.R. Martin since I was a kid. For those fantasy fans out there, don't miss out. There is finesse in the battle scenes, not just your straight forward dark and grueling gore of slash and bash. The villain is less evil and dark than those in The Scion of Abacus or Waylander or The Warded Man. This villain is more maniacally silly. The hero is very likable. I adore him and all the other characters in this series." -- Amazon reviewer

Justan was raised on the outskirts of the Dremaldrian Battle Academy. He watched his father ascend the ranks within the academy to become one of the most respected warriors in the kingdom. The only thing he has ever wanted is to become an academy student and follow the path of his father. Unfortunately, only the best can enter the academy and Justan is a horrible fighter. Everyone tells him that he is more suited to scholarly work than swordplay. In desperation he hurls himself into training, eager to overcome the doubters and walk into the academy triumphant, unaware that secretive powers plot to disrupt his plans.

Meanwhile, an evil wizard of immense power is using magic to twist the bodies of the creatures of the land and transform them into monsters. With these creatures and the peoples of the wilds, he is building an army . . .

Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.

Eye of the Moonrat is book one of The Bowl of Souls series.

Book 1.5: Hilt's Pride: A Bowl of Souls Novella
Book Two: Messenger of the Dark Prophet
Book Three: Hunt of the Bandham

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Meet the Author

Since putting out his first book: Eye of the Moonrat in May of 2012, Trevor H. Cooley has sold over 20,000 copies of his books through Kindle.

He was born in South Carolina and has lived all around the United states, including Utah, New Mexico, Michigan and Tennessee.

His love of reading started in the second grade with Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain series. He couldn't get enough and continued with David Eddings, Tolkein, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, and many others. Since then, all he wanted was to become a published writer.

The characters and concepts that eventually became the Bowl of Souls series started in his teens. He wrote short stories, kept notebooks full of ideas, and generally dreamed about the world constantly. There were several attempts at starting a novel over the years.

Not long after he was married, his wife told him to stop talking about the story and write it down. Many years and rewrites and submissions and rejection letters later, he finally put the books on Amazon.

The Bowl of Souls series is:
Book One: Eye of the Moonrat (cover design by Renu Sharma)
Book 1.5: Hilt's Pride (cover design by Justin Cooley)
Book Two: Messenger of the Dark Prophet (cover design by Sarah Alderete)
Book Three: Hunt of the Bandham (cover design by Justin Cooley)
Book Four: The War of Stardeon (cover design by Renu Sharma)

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