Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Love on the Run" - romantic suspense from Elizabeth Cole

A mystery / romance, warmly reviewed, for $2.99 today!

"Calista Reed is on the road when Jake Brand the cop, or is he a cowboy gets her attention and she hands over the license. Problem is he saw her cut and knows it needs to be tended to, just before she fainted. She gets driven to the medical center where the doc gets the bullet out of her leg... Love the descriptions of not only the house and it's furnishings but the outside landscape, breathtaking! Finding clues and working them out to solve the mystery of what she was hiding, he was good at. ... Parts I liked the best were when they were outside enjoying the natural beauty of the land and just the simple things, a walk or sitting on the porch. Besides being a romance book that heats up nicely it is also a mystery." -- Amazon reviewer

(Psst... she also has a new novel out: Love is Blind, a Regency Romance worth checking out!

Love On The Run: A Romantic Suspense Novel, by Elizabeth Cole

She can run from her past, but not from her heart...

Callie Reed has always lived by her wits. Her rollercoaster luck just took a hard turn, though, and after witnessing a murder, she does the only thing that she can. She runs.

In the middle of Montana, her luck lands her right into the arms of charming county sheriff Jake Brand, who saves her life. But then he asks her for the one thing she is not prepared to give: the truth. Worse, Callie realizes that her past is catching up with her.

Chance brought them together, but only trust can keep them that way...and time is running out.

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Meet the Author

Elizabeth Cole is a romance author with a penchant for history, which is why she lives in an old house in an old city. She can be found hanging around libraries and archives, or curled in a corner reading, cat on lap. She believes in love at first sight. Then again, she also believes that mac 'n' cheese is a healthy breakfast, so don't trust her judgment on everything.

 Elizabeth is currently writing a series of romantic spy thrillers set in the Regency period. The first novel, HEARTLESS, is due out later this year. Find out about new releases at

Elizabeth loves hearing from readers. Connect with her at

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