Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Fireblood," by Jeff Wheeler

Here's a gripping epic fantasy from acclaimed author Jeff Wheeler!

"Jeff Wheeler is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. In his new book, Fireblood, Jeff weaves a tale of mystery and adventure, heroism and magic. Each chapter begins with "Words of Wisdom," some of which I have found myself sharing with others or repeating to myself! The story begins with Tyrus of Kenatos' harrowing escape from the Scourgelands, and takes the reader on a page-turning journey through the world of Druids, Romani, Kishions, and Bhikhu. In a cast of dimensional, dynamic characters, twins Annon and Hattie struggle to survive their uncle's secret quest to rid the world of plagues. Both Annon and Hattie must learn to master their Fireblood abilities and discover their legacy. In the true spirit of Uddhava, each character contributes to the intricate storyline, draws the reader into another world, and leaves you yearning for more. As a teacher of junior high school students, I highly recommend this is fantastic book. There are many relevant topics for classroom discussion: Loyalty, indentured servitude, fate, and how choices affect the future." -- Amazon reviewer

Fireblood (Whispers from Mirrowen), by Jeff Wheeler

Tyrus of Kenatos has made it his life’s work to banish the plagues that ravage the kingdoms. He believes the answer to ending the devastation lies in the Scourgelands. Yet, Tyrus’s first expedition into the cursed woods failed after being defeated by mysterious minions who stalked and killed most of his band.
Now a prisoner in his own tower, Tyrus has summoned his nephew Annon—a Druidecht possessing innate magic called the fireblood—on the guise of finding a hidden treasure with which to purchase his twin sister Hettie’s freedom. But in reality, Tyrus is using his niece and nephew, and their magic, as an opportunity to escape and resume his desperate mission. And to aid them, he has enlisted the warrior-monk Paedrin—who is almost as green as the siblings when it comes to traveling these troubled lands. The trio is determined, and along the way they grow to trust each other—and new additions to the group—in order to accomplish their missions…whether or not those missions are one and the same.
But the Arch-Rike—ruthless ruler of Kenatos—has learned of these plans, and has sent the fearsome Kishion to destroy all those that oppose him. Now Tyrus and his unwitting allies must face down not only the plague, but this new enemy—and fulfill their quest before a fresh horror is unleashed on the world…

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Meet the Author

Jeff Wheeler (@muirwoodwheeler) is a writer from 7-10PM on Wednesday nights. The rest of the time, he works for Intel Corporation, is a husband and the father of five kids, and a leader in his local church.

He lives in Rocklin, California. When he isn't listening to books during his commute, he is dreaming up new stories to write.

More information about how he became a writer is found on his website:

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