Monday, February 18, 2013

"The Assigned," by A. D. Smith III

The Assigned is the #1 paid Christian fantasy on Amazon! This book is praised by reviewers as a real page-turner. To get a feel for it, click on the video trailer below... it's one of the best e-book trailers we've seen. And get the book today for $2.99!

"This was an awesome book! The story of good vs. evil is a timeless classic, but The Assigned puts a new spin on it. The characters had intriguing story lines that were interwoven well. This book has a definite Christian background, but will be liked by Christians and non-Christians alike. I started reading, and before I knew it I was already looking at Chapter 20. Highly anticipating the next book in the series!" -- Amazon reviewer

The Assigned, by A. D. Smith III

I am A. D. Smith, an auth--sorry, but I cannot disclose this information. I've taken a major chance in just revealing my name. They may be watching. They could be anywhere, even as you read this. But I must tell the story as it was told to me. Would you believe...

There are those among us who are not as they appear. Demons walk this earth as mortal men. They are persuading many to join their uprising. The Persuaded have infiltrated every sector of society. Doctors, lawyers, politicians. They all wear the Shadow and they bear the Mark. But every few generations, God chooses Three to assist Him in battle. Some even say Jesus’ inner circle, Peter, James, and John, were the first. The Three are bestowed remarkable powers that rival any fantasy or fable. The power to See, the power to Hear, the power to Heal, the power to Fight. They are, The Assigned.

Tre Turner, Zeek Myers, and Gloria Torres are three young strangers from three completely different walks of life until sickness, death, and family secrets find a way to unite them. Their lives are turned upside down as they deal with personal calamity, burgeoning relationships, as well as their newfound Gifts.

Will this new Three of Three rise beyond personal anguish and accept their calling as warriors? Or will doubt and temptation slowly consume them?

This story must be told. There are--shhh, I hear footsteps approaching, possibly two men. I've said too much...

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Meet the Author

A. D. Smith, III is a Writer/Musician/Songwriter/Youth Pastor. When not being chased by the Persuaded, he enjoys movies, ESPN, and playing with his son, A. D. Smith, IV, aka, 'Q'. Learn more at

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