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"How to Study the Bible," by Jaime Gage

This highly-rated guide on how to go about studying the Bible is on sale today at $2.99, down from $4.47.

"This is a well written book. It has been edited and reviewed well. I have read the Bible multiple times throughout the years, but I have not discovered a good way to really `read' the Bible. This book helped me to understand how I can read and study the Bible for revelation (not the book of Revelation in the Bible), which is basically uncovering the truths beneath the surface of the Scripture passage you are reading. This book is one of the best introductions to studying the Bible I have ever found. The author does an excellent job of making many seemingly advanced topics to help read and study the Bible much simpler. Just click on the "Click to LOOK INSIDE" and scan the table of contents, if that isn't enough to get you to buy and read this book... The author explains some English and Greek terms and it now makes so much more sense to me. One of the main messages of the book is that you don't need a library of books and multiple tools to study deeply into the Bible. The author recommends a short list of tools. I give this book my highest recommendation" -- Amazon reviewer

How to Study the Bible to Unleash Revelation Power: a proven system to understand the Word of God like never before, by Jaime Gage

This is not your typical "How to" Bible Study guide. What was originally intended to provide an in-depth resource for pastors, preachers, and bible study leaders, this guide has been re-created with one mission in mind: to empower you and every Christian to understand Scripture like never before. Truly a skill that will last a lifetime. Your next Bible study will be so in-depth you will want to share this book with everyone.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to create your own personal, exciting, and powerful Bible study
  • Learn more about Scripture in one night, than you would learn in two months of traditional weekly meetings
  • How to study your Bible without a traditional study guide
  • A step-by-step guide on how to uncover revelation from the Word of God using the original Greek and Hebrew texts to uncover the deeper meaning of Scripture
  • The top 5 common errors Christians make when studying the Bible

Includes a Bonus Section Created For Preachers, Teachers, Cell Groups, and Bible Study Leaders
If you are new to the ministry, then this section is your golden ticket because to advance to the next level, you must understand exactly how to discover the hidden nuggets of revelation in Scripture.

Let me ask you an important question. Be honest with me here. Do you want to provide amazing content in your sermons or Bible studies' Do you sometimes run out of stories to share' Have you noticed a dwindling crowd' Or even worse, a crowd of people texting, playing "Angry Birds", or (yikes!) sleeping' Has it been a while since someone came up to you and said, "Wow, that was a powerful message'"

If you answered "yes" to any of the aforementioned questions, then How to Study the Bible to Unleash Revelation Power will be your most effective and cherished resource because the steps within will instantly transform your messages. It's true. Simply by applying the study methods within, you will begin to hear these words regarding your sermon or Bible study: "powerful," "amazing," "wonderful," "It moved me," and many more. I guarantee these things will take place because God's Word is powerful, amazing, wonderful, moving and enlightening. Now all you need to do is sharpen your skills and let God anoint you with His revelation knowledge, so you can unleash His revelation power!

In this section you will learn:
  • How to create your own Holy Spirit inspired preaching outlines
  • The main ingredient you need to spark growth in your church's attendance
  • How to advance from a "milk and cookies" sermon to one filled with "meat"
  • How to effectively lead a revelation filled Bible study

Bonus Chapter! Resources you can use for your next sermon or study
  • A complete Bible study outline with both teacher and student version available in Word format*
  • A complete sermon outline available in Word Format*
  • Optional access to author's mailing list to receive discounted books and resources in the future.
*Word format will allow you to edit and print the outlines from your home so you can custom tailor your message or Bible study to your audience.

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Meet the Author

Jaime R. Gage was born in 1970 into a loving Christian home in San Antonio, TX. He learned, studied, and excelled in Biblical knowledge from his parents and his local church. At the age of seven he remembers "playing preacher" with a fellow church friend. Little did he know that his childhood acting was a foreshadowing of his future that would take place as an adult. In 2003, Jaime was called to preach after seven years of intensive spiritual training on how to uncover the revelation knowledge of God.

As an accomplished preacher and a ministry catered to established Christians, Jaime discovered that when he delivered a message with "revelation," his listeners responded with a hunger for more knowledge. He realized that all believers desired deeper spiritual fulfillment than what they received on their occasional trek to church on Sunday mornings. Their busy lives and fast-tracked family lifestyle, so prevalent in today's society, limited the amount of time they had to attend additional services to learn more about God. In fact, he discovered that most Christians only had a basic understanding of the Bible. The reason was because they just didn't know how or where to start reading to really understand its meaning. He found that most Christians depended on daily devotionals to supplement their time with God, but beyond that, their spiritual food was limited to weekly church services. What about beyond the devotional or the one-sermon a week routine? How could a Christian find the resources to learn more about the Word of God?

Several years after his initial calling to preach, Jaime was led by the Lord to spread his ministry to mainstream Christianity. His "calling" is to teach and equip all Christians to discover and understand the Word of God in a way they never new existed. Aside from the Bible, his first book, "How to Study the Bible to Unleash Revelation Power" is the crux of his ministry. Originally intended for preachers and teachers, he realized that the best way to equip Christians was to design a "how to guide" for everyone wishing to understand the deeper mysteries of God.

Jaime hopes that when you read his books, you will share them with your pastor, fellow believers and your Bible study leaders. His main goal is to impart into you, a skill that will last a lifetime.

Jaime is happily married to the love of his life Isabel. They have three young energetic boys, Riddick, Xander, and Maximus.

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