Saturday, February 16, 2013

Profile: children's book author Janet Michelson

We're pleased to feature Janet Michelson in today's author profile!

Janet Michelson has a master’s of science degree in occupational therapy. Writing and publishing books is her latest career, but she has also worked as a floral designer, dishwasher, cook, receptionist, and a trainer for developmentally disabled adults. She has worked in various capacities in healthcare for over 20 years. As an occupational therapist she worked in rehab, specializing in the treatments of vertigo, brain injury, and chronic pain. Observations of the long term effects of diet on the health of older adults led her to research the foods we eat. The damage was already done for her elderly patients, but Janet resolved to help educate young children in order to preserve health throughout the lifespan.

She is publishing a series of children’s picture books based on Chew Chew the Food Chain Train, the main character. The train is made entirely from fruits and vegetables, and she teaches children how the food they eat can help or harm their health.

Janet lives in the Midwest with her loving husband, Grampa Joe, and their senile old dog, Peaches, who will take down a dog 10x her size but is afraid of an old clawless cat. Together they have four adult children and five grandchildren.

Janet has always loved reading and now enjoys writing and publishing her own books. Registered as an English major in college when she was a high school senior, she decided to follow other interests, and now feels she has happily come full circle in her return to books as an indie author and freelance editor.

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