Saturday, February 9, 2013

Author profile: Missy Fillion

In today's author profile, we're pleased to feature Missy Fillion, author of inspirational works about motherhood, healing, and Christianity.

Books have always been my favorite thing in the world. I am addicted. I have always thought a good cartoon for me would be a woman with an IV of words dripping into her arm. As much as I loved books though, I never envisioned being a writer. An inconsistent journaler, I used writing to process emotion not tell a story.

Motherhood taught me that I could do both. I started writing essays about motherhood and spirituality after the birth of my first child. To me, they were intricately connected. I couldn’t write about one without writing about the other.

Adjusting to motherhood was a struggle for me. I wanted to write for other mothers who struggled too, but I was thinking of writing a nonfiction book. I had started dreaming of writing fiction, but I was scared to death of doing it. I would try one short piece or another and then put it away. For years.

One day I was getting some Mommy time at the local Starbucks. I would go and read or people watch and just relax while the kids and Daddy had some fun at home without me. I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee and just started writing as if Jesus were talking to me about my life. I loved reading books about Jesus appearing to saints and others. What would he say to someone struggling with being a mother? The idea for Retreat to Folly was born.

I am so grateful for the Kindle and Amazon making it easy to publish and reach readers. It is an exciting time to be a writer. I could write what I was interested in, motherhood, healing and Jesus, and set it in my favorite place in the world, Folly Beach, S.C. I could just write the book that was in my heart and soul. Now, it is out in the world, touching other women’s hearts and souls.

The sequel, Return to Folly, is available now. Also available are the novelettes, Angel Folly and Letters to Jesus.

Please connect with me on Facebook at and Twitter @MissyFillion.

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