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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Monday Feb 18)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Promise (Soul Savers), by Kristie Cook. (Still free?)

Let's start today off with a romantic fantasy that has 120 five-star reviews! Yours free today.

"If you want a book full of intriguing characters, romance, suspense, and mystery; with a little sexiness thrown in, this is the perfect book for you! Kristie has set the plot for an alluring adventure that you can't help but want to explore." -- Amazon reviewer

First installment of the best-selling, award-winning Soul Savers Series

Alexis Ames has a life full of promise...but not all promises can be kept. 

1st Place - 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award - Fantasy (Published) by Florida Writers Association 

"An exciting and fascinating fantasy of demons and angels, highly recommended" - Midwest Book Review"This is an interesting story with no happily-ever-after, at least not yet...Tristan is a great tortured hero" 4 stars - RT Book Review

"A page-turner that keeps the reader spell-bound to the end, eager to discover what comes next" - The Charlotte Sun

When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can't be real, she decides it's time she learns who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their family's secrets closely. After meeting the inhumanly attractive, multi-talented Tristan Knight, however, Alexis retreats behind her façade of normalcy...until she discovers he's not exactly normal either. Then their secrets begin to unravel.
Their union brings hope and promise to her family's secret society, the Angels' army, and to the future of mankind. But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy - Satan's minions and Tristan's creators. After all, Alexis and Tristan are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.

Mature Content Advisory--may not be suitable for younger readers

369 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 211 reviews.

The Dark Path, by Luke Romyn. (Still free?)

Voted one of the best horror stories of 2009, you can get this highly-rated novel for free today!

""If you like a fast moving, thrilling fantasy that keeps you thinking, then The Dark Path by Luke Romyn belongs on your bookshelf." --Clifford Bye - The Deepening

"Will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the page in a relentless quest to find out more." --5 stars - Nicole Morgan - Books I Review

"One of the very best horror stories I've read in a long time." --4 Tombstones - Bitten By Books



"The 21st Century's Newest Master-of-Horror... Rivaling both Stephen King and Thomas Harris, without doubt, the edgy and provocative Luke Romyn is destined to emerge as the 21st century's newest Master-of-Horror." -- Dee Marie - Award winning author of the Sons Of Avalon saga

New York's underworld quivers at the mention of his name. Evil courses through his veins like blood and his conscience has lain dormant for over a decade while he has slashed and burned his way to the top of the food chain.


The Dark Man, born of torment into an existence of death. In the underworld of killers he reigns supreme. And yet he is chosen for a task of supreme benevolence. Why would he be selected to save a young boy, the Avun-Riah, and then protect him against a horde of enemies, both mortal and demonic?

Because he is the only one with any hope of success.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have risen from the pits of Hell and, along with a fanatical army of cultists, are ranged against Vain. If the boy is slain then Sordarrah will be raised to destroy the Earth, a feat even Lucifer never managed.

Evil is being used to fight evil in the ultimate battle for the outcome of all existence. Armageddon sits upon the horizon and all that stands in its way is a man whose path has always been dark....

"Astonishing insight into apparently amoral evil, derived from pain... To term this novel "A Psychological Thriller" would, IMO, misrepresent its sensitivity and power. The Dark Path is a book that seems to defy categorization, which is an amazing accomplishment... This book casts a spell that is, for me, more beautiful than horrifying." -- Mysterious Microburst "Apocryphal Raven"

310 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 98 reviews.

The Abducted Heart, by Jennifer Blake. (Still free?)

Here's a sweet contemporary romance from Jennifer Blake, the "steel magnolia of women's fiction." Free today!

" I really love Jennifer Blake's style of writing and the detail of homes, furniture etc., it's like getting a history lesson while reading a delightful story." -- Amazon reviewer

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He called her a stowaway. She called him a kidnapper. What better way could a romance start?

Anne Matthews, delivering a catered dinner to Ramón Castillo's private plane, is surprised as it takes off for Mexico with her still aboard. But she's incensed when dynamic, wealthy Ramón assumes she's a fortune hunter with an unusual method of getting close to him.

Anne fully intends catching the next plane back to the States. But a series of weird mix-ups force Ramón to offer her a job as his temporary fiancée. Although drawn to the handsome Mexican and his rich and fascinating Aztec heritage, Anne has serious misgivings about the game he plays. To fall in love is certainly against the rules...

155 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 5 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Return of the Dragons (Omnibus), by Teddy Jacobs. (Still $0.99?)

Dragon fans: with this e-book you get two full-length fantasy novels - bargain-priced today at 99 cents!

"Judging from the age of the protagonist (16yo) and the writing style in general, this is clearly intended for middle schoolers and high schoolers. But the fantasy is fun and the self-aware prose is a delight to read, so I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick, enjoyable, and economical read." -- Amazon reviewer


All the epic fantasy adventures of Anders Tomason: SWORD BEARER and WIND RIDER, two full-length novels collected here in one omnibus book for a combined lower price.


You swing a staff until you're ready to swing a sword. Then you go on all kinds of adventures -- fighting monsters, casting spells and saving damsels in distress. At least that's how it's supposed to work, but I didn't believe a word of it.


Two forms of power -- natural and chemical -- divide the world. Dragons, who keep the chemical power in check, have long retreated from human sight; few still believe in them. Inside a castle surrounded by Tuscan hills more and more threatened by chemical forces, sixteen-year-old Anders lives a sheltered life. But much as his parents try, Anders can't avoid the forces that threaten...

374 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 10 reviews.

Rise of the Fallen (All the King's Men), by Donya Lynne. (Still free?)

This highly-rated paranormal romance is free today. (Caution: some reviews warn about explicit love scenes.)

"I really loved this book. I love the way both hero and heroine are described; not just perfect but with little flaws in behavior. I especially likes Sam because she is neither the fragile beauty with a core of steel nor the kickass fighter woman; she is a bit of both. The best features in the books? The dialogues. I grinned nearly the whole time, especially because they sounded so "right" and "normal". They were funny, teasing and entertaining but not in an artificial way." --Amazon reviewer

In the streets of Chicago exists an uneasy, centuries-old truce between vampires and their distant cousins, a race of shifters called drecks. Vampire enforcement agency, All the King’s Men (AKM), is charged with maintaining the truce, but when volatile enforcer Micah Black loses his mate and falls into the biological agony that results from the broken bond, he tests the boundaries of the truce by seeking out Apostle, a leader in the dreck community. Micah wants Apostle to kill him, a request Apostle is more than happy to fulfill.

When ex-Army medic Samantha Garrett inadvertently disrupts the plot and saves Micah’s life, a chain reaction sets Micah’s heart on a collision course with Sam’s, but he will have to protect her from Apostle and her obsessive ex-husband, Steve, if they will have a chance at forever. Can Micah hold his emotions together to keep Sam alive?

181 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 107 reviews.

Judgment Tramp (An Eb Maclean novel), by J.D. Currie. (Still free?)

This free book in the Eb Mclean series is a highly-rated mystery thriller.

"Things are rarely what they appear to be in this deftly written novel of intrigue and judgment. Eb is a wonderful character, masculine yet real, dealing with real human challenges, trying to find inner peace in a world writhing with turmoil and hidden and half truths. The ending is powerful and, like the rest of the book, complicated and satisfying." -- Amazon reviewer

Praise for JUDGMENT TRAMP: "From the first paragraph, you are hooked . . . characters are strong, realistic, and story line drags you right into the pages. Thrills, chills, a little romance, and great attention to detail. Could not put my Kindle down - stayed up til 3 am reading so I could find out what happens to everyone!"~Debra Field

Ex-Army helicopter pilot Eb McLean is struggling to deal with his emotional scars and return to civilian life, but a sudden explosion and vicious murder throw him back into another kind of war. Now his sister Maggie's car is burning in front of their restaurant and hardened FBI agent Nick Kavadas wants to nail Eb for the crime. Eb finds himself in a race against time to find the real killer and peel back the layers of deceit and lies which threaten to destroy everything he holds dear. But whom can he trust? ATF Special Agent Danielle Ricci, who may be harboring a secret of her own? The sexy, but deadly, Imme Amoud? Or could his involvement with her be a fatal attraction? In the frantic hunt for the killer Eb is forced to confront his own tortured past.
"And I felt the ground move under my feet, and I thought it was the Judgment Tramp of The Almighty, finally come to visit those who had started this terrible war...."~ From the diary of a Union soldier with the 4th Michigan Regiment

More Praise:

  • Judgment Tramp was a fun read right from the beginning. Suspenseful with touches of humor....
  • This fast-paced action-adventure has lots of surprising twists and turns.
  • Well written, with compelling characters, unexpected relationships, and glimpses of humor throughout.
  • A well written, fast-paced, action adventure with intrigue and a dash of romance and lust
  • Interesting and unique characters
***Watch for Fortress of Lies,the first book of the Eb Maclean thriller series, coming soon to the Kindle Store!

195 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 15 reviews.

Flashy Fiction and Other Insane Tales 2, by Sean Hayden. (Still free?)

Two authors bring together a collection of "flash fiction" (very short) fantasy stories. Enjoy these bite-size readings, free today!

"Flashy Fiction 2 is a collection of stories by two authors that challenged each other to write about a topic and put a deadline on the story of 48 hours. Normally, you wouldn't think something written in day days for each story could be of quality, but in this case, the challenge brought the best out in both of them and what you are left with is a masterpiece of mystical and mystery, spooky and supernatural, and the wild and the weird." -- Amazon reviewer

This is the 2nd Volume of new tales! You don't have to read the first to enjoy these new stories!

Another anthology of the strange, bizarre, and just plain weird.

Unicorns, zombies, devils, dark whispers, teddy bears, and ...fireflies? Try a taste of writing from two very different fantasy authors. Flash fiction stories are super short and perfect for when you 'just have a minute'. This anthology contains 15 stories (both flash and longer short stories) from authors Sean Hayden and Jen Wylie. Run the rampart of emotions in this exciting mix of tales. From humor to horror, sweet to twisted, there is something for everyone.

Note: Some stories contain adult language.

Also included: excerpts from authors new releases.
Anthology itself over 22k words.

118 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 8 reviews.

It's a Catastrophe, by Sibel Hodge. (Still free?)

From the prolific Sibel Hodge comes this engaging children's story. It's a substantial book, and one your children can get absorbed in with its appealing story and illustrations. Free today!

"A book that will appeal to young readers with the appeal of books like Wind in the Willows, or Charlotte's Web, this book would also be an ideal book to read with your children who may be too young to tackle a book over 100 pages alone. With clever word play, and the ability to craft a story that holds interest, even older animal lovers will find joys in this book." -- Amazon reviewer

For Disney story lovers everywhere!

Think Cats & Dogs meets Toy Story...

Warning! Contains fur-raising adventure, wacky characters, laugh out loud comedy, and heart-warming drama.

The cats at Briarswood Cottage are lucky. After being rescued from the local Cats' Home by Ma Katz, they live out their days in luxury under the watchful eye of Buster, the mogfather. But all that's about to change...

When the local mayor announces that the cat population is spreading a deadly disease, their lives are in mortal danger. There's no time to paws! Somehow, Ma's moggies have to organize all the neighbourhood cats to unite as one, getting their claws stuck in to prove their innocence and save each other from certain death.

Can they put aside jealous rivalry and tomcat turf wars to work together as a team and save catkind from extinction'

It's a Catastrophe is a hilarious hairball of a read for ages 8 to 108!

It's a Catastrophe was voted Runner Up in the Best Indie Books of 2012 by Indie Book Bargains.

296 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 7 reviews.

For even more free books, browse through the Quick Pick table below!

Freebie Quick Picks!
The Eden Tree, by Doreen Owens Malek WAS THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT EACH OTHER?

AISLINN PIERCE had inherited Ildathach, her family's magnificent Irish estate. The house promised her peace, but the man ...
Strike: Dawn of the Daybreaker (The STRIKE Trilogy, Book 2), by Charlie WoodBook Two of the STRIKE Trilogy

It has been seven months since Tobin Lloyd became the superhero known as “Strike,” and the city of Boston, Massachusetts has never been safer: crime is at...
Unburying Hope, by Mary WallaceCinematic foray from the 'ruin porn' of Detroit to the warming of a young woman's love life in Hawaii.

In the broken Detroit economy that echoes her own childhood traumas, a young woman fal...
The Diet Dropout's Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin, by Stan SpencerThis book isn't about the latest celebrity diet, wonder food, or miracle supplement. It's about creating a personalized weight loss plan—your own easiest path to naturally thin. While you can ...
The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, by Joe Dunn2012 International Book Awards Gold Medal Winner in the "Relationships" category
2012 Living Now Awards Silver Medal Winner in the "Relationships/Marriage" category
Couponing for the Beginner: A Guide to Couponing for the Uninitiated, by Jenny DeanYou've seen the shows on TV and maybe even stood behind someone in line that was handing over tons of coupons to pay for their purchases. And so it's time that you learn how to save money like them, r...

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  1. I can recommend the Kristie Cook Soul Saver books I don't normally read fantasy books but found that you could connect with the characters. I read the whole series back to back and was very disappointed when I got to the end.I can't wait for the next book to be released