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"Monstrous," by Sean Platt and David W. Wright

From the "Kings of the Serial" writing duo, this horror thriller has fans eating up the serial format!

With more than 200 five star reviews, their post-apocalyptic serial, "Yesterday's Gone," has drawn comparisons to Stephen King's "The Stand," ABC's "Lost," and AMC's "The Walking Dead."

(Kindle Serials are stories published in episodes, with future episodes delivered at no additional cost. This serial currently contains five episodes out of an estimated six total episodes, and new episodes will be delivered every two weeks.)
Really cool, I'm definitely hooked. I love the authors' ability to not only create a world I can't get enough of, but to fill that world with characters I am emotionally attached to and will follow anywhere; all in such a short amount of time. The writing is killer and the characters are perfect--the intense pace suits the story well. I'm a little shaken up by Henry's experience, but looking forward to some vicarious thrills as he seeks revenge. The serial format is AWESOME, especially the anticipation of being part of Henry's world, as it develops. I will eagerly devour this entire series as it becomes available. Excellent read; well done guys. -- J. Adam Bailey, Amazon reviewer

Monstrous (Kindle Serial), by Sean Platt

They say that behind every comedian lurks a tortured soul…

Yet, comedian Henry Black finally has everything he’s always dreamed of: a thriving career, and a wife and daughter who he loves more than life itself. After years of struggle, he finally has it made.
Until three men force their way into his home, killing Henry and destroying the safe, comfortable world he has built for his family.
But that is only the beginning of his hellish torment. He wakes in purgatory, where he’s met by two men, both offering a choice. Randall offers a chance at heaven. Boothe, however, offers something far more tempting—a chance to go back to his life.
A chance to see if his family is okay.
For Henry, there is no choice. He accepts Boothe’s deal. But with every deal comes a price: his body is twisted to match his sins, and Henry is no longer the man his wife remembered—Henry is no longer a man at all.
He is monstrous.
Thrust into darkness and madness—unable to be with the people he loves—Henry embraces his new form, and his new supernatural abilities, and does the only thing he can: avenge his murder. But as Henry grows closer to the truth of what happened on that terrible night, he grows further from his humanity.
How far will he go to seek revenge'
And is he willing to sacrifice his soul'
From the authors who brought you Z 2134, Yesterday’s Gone, and ForNevermore, comes another dark tale sure to keep you waiting for the next episode.

Episode List
An additional episode will be delivered every two weeks until the book is complete. New episodes will be added to the same book on your Kindle, keeping your place and retaining your notes and highlights. You'll be notified via email when a new episode has been delivered.

Episode 1: Released on November 27, 2012. 44 pages. When Henry Black died trying to protect his family, he thought that was the end. Then he woke in purgatory and is offered him a way to go back to Earth and find out what happened after his murder. He takes it, but finds that there are some horrible strings attached.
Episode 2: Released on December 11, 2012. 40 pages. Henry, now a demon, is given a shot at revenge against the men who killed him and his daughter. But doing so may cost him what’s left of his humanity.
Episode 3: Released on December 24, 2012. 41 pages. Henry taps into his demon powers, finds an ally, and is endangered by a new enemy.
Episode 4: Released on January 8, 2013. 42 pages. Henry tries to find his daughter in purgatory, and finds the second of the three men he plans to kill.
Episode 5: Released on January 22, 2013. 47 pages. Henry discovers that his actions have unforeseen consequences as Boothe and Randall battle for Henry’s soul.

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Meet the Author

Sean Platt is co-owner of the Collective Inkwell imprint, speaker, and author, with breakout indie hits such as Yesterday's Gone, WhiteSpace, ForNevermore and Available Darkness, and traditionally published titles such as Z 2134 and Monstrous, published by Amazon's 47North.

Along with David Wright, the two authors have billed themselves as "Kings of the Serial," and have developed five series in 15 months:

With Collective Inkwell Yesterday's Gone: Post Apocalyptic - LOST by way of The Stand WhiteSpace: Paranoid thriller on fictitious Hamilton Island ForNevermore: YA horror that doesn't read like YA Horror Available Darkness: A new breed of vampire thriller Dark Crossings: Short stories, killer endings

With 47North Z 2134: The Walking Dead meets The Hunger Games Monstrous: Beauty and the Beast meets The Punisher

Inspired as much by Stephen King's serialized story, "The Green Mile," as superbly scripted TV shows, such as LOST, Fringe, The Wire, Mad Men, The Killing, The Walking Dead, Carnivale, and the Battlestar Galactica reboot.

Their first series, Yesterday's Gone has received over 300 5-Star reviews, and has spent time on Amazon's list of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Fiction Books.

Platt and Wright have made Tuesdays "the new black," releasing a new 15,000-24,000 word "episode" of their audience pleasing series each Tuesday. Six episodes make a "season," which are then compiled into a compilation for readers who prefer to devour the season all at once (like watching your favorite series on DVD!).

With their weekly release schedule of high quality serialized titles, Collective Inkwell is the HBO, Showtime, or AMC for the Kindle generation.

Sean Platt is a well-respected voice within the writing community who has written hundreds of posts on writing at several of the top writing websites on the web. When not writing thousands of words each day, Sean is one-third of The Self Publishing and Better Off Undead Podcasts with co-hosts Johnny B. Truant and David Wright.

He lives in Ohio with his wife, daughter, and son.

Follow Sean on Twitter: http://twitter.com/seanplatt

David Wright is one half of Collective Inkwell, a publishing company specializing in dark fiction and serialized fiction.

He also loves to write about himself in third person. (No, not really. But it seems more formal this way than me addressing you. Which, I've just now ruined. Way to go, Dave. I swear, we don't interrupt like this in our books.)

Inspired by Stephen King's serialized story, "The Green Mile," Wright and co-author Sean Platt set out to bring serials back into fashion in summer 2011 with their post-apocalyptic serial, Yesterday's Gone. (This, for the record, would be the first time either of them have helped bring anything into "fashion." Ask Sean about the Nintendosaurus sweater his mom made for him.)

Empowered by the freedom that Amazon has given self-publishers to find and build their audiences without a midddleman, the duo found enough success to make a living doing what they love.

The writing duo release their books in 10,000-24,000 word "episodes" with six episodes making up a "season," which is then compiled into a book for readers who prefer to read in bigger chunks.

Platt and Wright also draw inspiration from their favorite serialized TV shows, such as LOST, Fringe, The Wire, Mad Men, The Killing, The Walking Dead, Carnivale, and the more recent version of Battlestar Galactica. (Man, we watch too much TV!)

With a weekly release schedule of every Tuesday, just like their favorite networks who always have a new serialized show waiting every Sunday, the duo want to be the HBO or AMC of the Kindle generation. (How awesome it would be to have that cool clicking-the-TV-on thing that HBO does, or the AMC graphic with the suspenseful music swell in the background right before our show! Oh, and strictly speaking, we release a short story or two between our season compilations, but there IS a new book every Tuesday!)

When he's not writing books, David can be found writing about writing and pop culture at his blog http://DavidwWright.com. In his "off-time" he can be found chasing his five year old around the house, cleaning up a cat whose sole talent is producing prolific amounts of hair and poop, or ranting about stuff as his wife rolls her eyes. (And writing about himself in third person while drinking dangerously high amounts of diet cola like the rebel he is.)

In September 2012, the writing duo signed a deal with Amazon Publishing's 47North to write two Kindle Serials, Z 2134 and Monstrous.

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