Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Reunion: A Search for Ancestors," by Ryan Littrell

Each of our stories begins before we are even born. This fascinating account of the author's quest for his roots has earned over 20 five-star reviews. See why readers are praising Ryan Littrell for his "mesmerizing ability to combine history of Scotland, how-to-do genealogy research, and tell a story - all at the same time."

"Littrell brings the reader along as he researches, travels, meets distant cousins, and uncovers the history of his family....Reunion is an interesting and well-written book." (Leslie Lang, Talk Story Press)

"Littrell does it right, combining research, road trips, history, and colorful descriptions of the MacDonald homeland. If you like books about the thrill of the genealogy hunt, Reunion will fit nicely on your shelf." (Amy Coffin, The We Tree Genealogy Blog)

"Reunion: A Search for Ancestors is a fascinating story that is hard to put down." (Denise B. Olson, Moultrie Creek Books)

"An interesting and insightful journey of personal discovery." (James Tanner, Genealogy's Star)

Reunion: A Search for Ancestors, by Ryan Littrell

Where do I come from? That question sets Ryan Littrell on a fascinating journey that crosses centuries.

An anonymous letter reveals the first clues about his family story, and soon those clues lead to country graveyards, long-lost cousins, and a shocking DNA discovery. And as one hint follows the next, he uncovers his place in a tragic struggle--a tale of heartbreak, betrayal, and unfailing strength.

A real-life account, Reunion shows how our ancestors are still a part of us, and how our story began long before we were even born.

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Meet the Author

Ryan Littrell grew up in Chatham, Illinois and graduated from Northwestern University, followed by Boston College Law School.

He lives in New York City, and "Reunion" is his first book.

 To find out more, check out his Facebook page ( or his website (

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