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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Saturday Feb 2)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

The Wolf's Moon, by Patrick Jones. (Still free?)

Let's start with a solid thriller, full of suspense and with over 20 five-star reviews! Free today.

"The writing was excellent and the characters were well developed. I fell in love with Lansdowne and his "puppies". He has an awesome best friend in Skruggs, now all he needs is a love interest, or does he already have one and not realize it? He thinks he hasn't moved on from his wife's death, but has this experience made him realize life is too short, you must live it, not just exist. There is more than one mystery, and it seems Mark Lansdowne is not what he appears to be." -- Sherry Fundin, Amazon reviewer

In “The Wolf’s Moon,” author Patrick Jones creates a spellbinding tale of an ancient animal that haunts the foothill towns of Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. An unknown group of scientists has genetically engineered a Dire Wolf into the present day. Allegedly extinct, the ferocious beast preys upon the innocent people of Maple Hills.

To hunt and kill the beast, the town folk will have to rely on the tracking feats of Mark Lansdowne. He is a reluctant hero, still mourning the loss of his wife to illness. Relying on his rescue dogs and indefatigable hunting skills, Mark will set out on foot in search of the mysterious beast. Yet the hunter’s personal history and romantic entanglements will come back to haunt him during his search for the vicious animal.

Accompanying him on the hunt is his pal Warren Skruggs, who knew Mark when he was known as Michael Linden, a chapter of his history that he prefer be kept to the past. Adding to the intrigue are two beautiful, intelligent women who aid the hunter in his quest. Their looks and smarts would make the Bond Girls envious but Mark is still a grieving widower, unsure of how to move forward.

With its mixture of high-stakes hunting and personal and romantic intrigue, “The Wolf’s Moon” is a page-turner that will keep the reader captivated with its unexpected story twists. The thriller suspense novel is a real story grounded in the life and folkways of the Ozark Mountains not just another unbelievable werewolf story grafted onto the romance of the South.

“The Wolf’s Moon,” is available for sale online at and other channels.

409 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 34 reviews.

Cries in the Dark, by P. A. Woodburn. (Still free?)

This mystery / thriller involves an engaging woman sleuth. 21-year-old Alex awakens from a cycling accident to discover she can communicate telepathically with the chimpanzees and other caged animals subjected to scientific experiment. Free today!

"Cries in the Dark has elements of drama, suspense, fantasy, and romance, but underpinning it all is a strong social message. The message, though, is not delivered in any way that is preachy but through the telling of the story from all sides, including that of the animals. Although confronting at times, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It's one of those rare books that affects you long after you read the last page, but probably more so if you have any sort of affinity for animals." -- Amazon reviewer

A serious head injury induces premed student Alex Buchanan to telepathically communicate with animals. She is stunned to actually experience the enraged emotions of a chimpanzee when he attacks her friend--all this on her first day as a lab technician in an American Sign Language primate research center.

Alex is highly secretive about her unwelcome gift, because she is sure that revealing it will squash her plans for achieving her dream: medical school. Taught by her parents to support scientific/medical research, she feels that her opinions about vivisection (cutting on live animals) may be challenged.

Sean Murphy, her lawyer boyfriend is snatched away. Could the FBI have realized he was on their most wanted list? Now alone, Alex is certain that she is being stalked by a serial killer. She maintains constant vigilance. The mounting body toll puts her in a panic. Do all of the dead have something in common? What could it be?

Terrified, Alex abandons her support for scientific/medical research, instead using her newfound paranormal ability. She works ferociously to uncover the killer before he destroys her human and animal friends. Will she have the strength and courage to defeat the killer? Failure will lead to certain death?

"Cries in the Dark" is a mystery/thriller revealing hidden talents of animals and humans.

277 pages, with a 4-star rating from 25 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

Bitter Nothings, by Vicki Tyley. (Still $0.99?)

Here's a "well-woven murder mystery" in which members of a dysfunctional family are turning up dead... in this fifth murder mystery from the talented Vicki Tyler. It's today's bargain book at $0.99!

"If you like mystery fiction with a psychological flair, Vicki Tyley will deliver. She understands that fiction is about real people, and that real people have their dangerous flaws." -- Scott Nicholson, THE SKULL RING 

"Tyley is a master at weaving a complex, multilayered plot." --BigAl's Books and Pals

"If you like mystery fiction with a psychological flair, Vicki Tyley will deliver. She understands that fiction is about real people, and that real people have their dangerous flaws." -Scott Nicholson, THE SKULL RING

"Tyley is a master at weaving a complex, multilayered plot." -BigAl's Books and Pals

Melbourne-based graphic designer Dervla Johns' life is turned upside down when her brothers, Emmet and Gabe, turn up on her doorstep with the horrific news that their stepmother, Lucinda, and their half-sister and half-brother have been murdered - shot dead in their beds. Her father, Warren, has vanished, and the police have him in their sights as prime suspect. Dervla refuses to believe it. That's until he turns up dead in his car on an isolated bush track, the weapon by his side. Mix in a dysfunctional family and a friend with an abusive husband and the lines start to blur...

233 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 10 reviews.

The Guardian of Threshold - A Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy (Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy) (Threshold Series), by A.A. Volts. (Still free?)

This highly-rated paranormal fantasy is free today!

"First off, this is a real book, not some one chapter novella. Second, this is one well written book that grabbed me from the start. I am a sucker for a good plane crash and this one doesn't disappoint. Yes, I was concerned how the author was going to make the lead character, Mark, a 16 year old kid believable in this story, but he pulls it off. Even with the suspension of belief, we still want the storyline to be plausible and A.A. Volts does a great job at it." -- Amazon reviewer

Love survives everything... even death. Unfortunately, so does hate.When Mark wants to see his dead mother again... he gets his chance. But, like everything else in life... it comes at a hefty price.While normal sixteen-year-old boys are out chasing girls, Mark is floating outside his own body being chased by a nefarious demon.Death itself can't keep him from trying to see his dead mother again, but when he disturbs Phasma-the Guardian of Threshold, he may have gone too far.Forced into Threshold--the mystical world of the dead--to rescue his clumsy best friend; Mark will not only have to defeat Phasma and his army of Night Dwellers, but his own demons if he's going to save his friend, find his mother and survive the night.How far would you go to see a dead loved one again'* "A fantastic and unforgettable journey into the astral realm"The Guardian of Threshold is about 88,000 words or about 346 pages long.

344 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 22 reviews.

Dracula Rekindled, by Xander Buchan. (Still free?)

"This was a pleasant surprise. The book is still done in the journal style that Stoker used with a modern twist using social media. It has a few funny little "jabs" at modern ideals of vampires yet keeps Dracula as evil (if not more so) as he ever was. Some people might find some of the parts a bit long but I found they were also necessary to keep the story flowing. The path this author has taken the story has left anticipation for the next novel. Be warned, this is a "to be continued" story!" -- M. Spivey, Amazon reviewer

The Original Vampire is rekindled for the 21st Century...
'Some stories should never end. Good stories leave the reader thirsty for more. The best stories can give us legends that leave a permanent imprint on the literary world. Count Dracula is just such a legend; spawned countless film adaptations, inspired the 20th century horror genre and, ultimately, planted the vampire firmly in popular culture. Yet in a world of civilized, sparkling vampires, Stoker's story begs to be continued.

With Dracula Rekindled, Xander Buchan takes the reigns from Bram Stoker with a fresh sequel that remains faithful to the Gothic horror classic, Dracula. Crafted in an epistolary style, and sharing the same DNA as Dracula, Xander also succeeds in making the read distinctly contemporary. This clever, suspenseful story builds steadily to draw the reader into a place of much mystery, intrigue, and horror. The ORIGINAL VAMPIRE has been rekindled and Buchan has created a believable Dracula for the 21st century.

'Not until he cannot lose will he make his move! His preparation will be slow and thorough. Never again will he meet defeat by the same ends...'

A young couple find their plans delayed by unforeseen events. A student's PhD research digs up more than she bargained for, and a renowned Haematologist discovers his ancestor, Van Helsing, was master of more than just medicine.

Amidst a series of strange events and horrific discoveries, lands are being bought up in Scotland; renovation work begins in a quaint coastal village to restore a medieval castle ruin. Does the prestigious restoration, and its new owner, hold any connection to the dark events unfolding?

As a dark force rises, a secret history is uncovered - but could it even be believed? A desperate hunt for answers leads to the farthest reaches of darkest Europe; has an ancient foe returned to threaten mankind once more?

322 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 3 reviews.

PROGENETER I Immortality: the Quest, by Steve Bareham. (Still free?)

"We faced a population explosion BEFORE someone discovered the key to 250-year what? Who would profit--and who might suffer--if such lifespans were available through a commercial product? This great fictional romp through the implications of that discovery is based on population facts and projections that humanity must face even with current lifespans, much less such a dramatic and feasible extension. 'Entertaining AND informative." -- Gerald Rotering, Amazon reviewer

"Hard-hitting, well-crafted action and an ingenious plot; fiction that makes you think...a 5-star read."

The reclusive order of warrior Mayan monks protected the crystal skull for 5,000 years, but now, in 2013, its secret is out, and the price of failure may be billions of lives. Action, adventure, romance, danger, and important life issues abound in this first of the two-book set that asks: What would you do to live for 250 years' Some would spend every cent they have, others would kill...tripled lifespans sound fantastic, but being virtually immortal would doom an already overpopulated planet: 10 billion people by 2050 says the UN: apocalypse! This is what the tiny tribe of Mayans living in the Grand Canyon have to stop.

PROGENETER Immortality: the Quest and PROGENETER II: Immortality Endgame, comprise an action-packed 213,000-word (700-paper-back pages) suspense saga that spans centuries, from Mayans who escaped the expedition of a Spanish conquistador to current day. Learning that the tribe, and the secret blood formula, cannot be bought, the CEO of a multi-national drug company sends mercenaries; a wonderfully crafted, yet violent showdown is unavoidable.

Central characters are Mekel Mak'ina, leader of the mysterious Mavas u Ch'an and guardian of secrets intended to help humans but that now threaten his people and all of humankind. And Dr. Helen Murray, the researcher sent to persuade the Mayans to share the immortality miracle. She comes to discover, but she finds much more than she could ever have imagined...including the charasmatic Mekel!

PROGENETER is a rare read for those who like to learn as they are entertained. In 40 years, humans may face the most significant challenge ever, yet no one seems concerned. BONUS: 75 brilliant color photos bring visual life to the plot.

402 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

The Merchant and the Menace (The Seraphinium), by Daniel McHugh. (Still free?)

"If you like David Eddings and Terry Brooks, then this is the book for you. Like Eddings, McHugh loves to play around with old philosophical and religious ideas, dressing them up in new clothes for a night on the town in the 21st century. Like Brooks, McHugh is enchanted by the same tropes all fantasy lovers are enchanted by: elves, a young hero shepherded by a mysterious but wizard-like guide, and big battles with swords and magic. But McHugh is no Tolkien-lite. He has provided his readers with some fresh creations that fill the imagination with vivid pictures and scenes, reminding the reader why fantasy is such a beloved genre. Well worth the $3." -- John M. Pryor, Amazon reviewer

The Seraphim. Beings of power, created to guide the world in times of trouble. They live their lives of near immortality in servitude to a lesser creature, man.

One rebelled. Amird, the Hand of the Creator, bridled at the sovereignty of his lord. In defiance he murdered a brother and was cast into the Mists of Chaos.

Millennia passed as the Deceiver plotted his return. Backed by the might of a seemingly unstoppable army of Ulrog Stone Men and their fire-eyed Malveel Lords, Amird plans to wrest control of the world from the Creator and rain violence on the humans he once served.

All that stands between Amird and his triumphant return are the remnants of battered human armies and the hope that Seraphim, loyal to the Creator, still roam this world.

Kael knows little of this struggle. His quiet village lies deep in the Southlands, unchanged and unchallenged by the wars raging in the frozen North. In fact, the boy longs for a bit of adventure and freedom from the boring routine at his father’s inn.

Freedom comes at a cost. Kael’s first journey outside his secluded village results in a tragedy so deep it destroys the boy’s sheltered world and immerses him in the struggle.

Revelations surface. Kael uncovers a past linking him to legends, grapples with a present that resembles nothing he knows, and confronts a future that demands he tap long dormant power and stake a claim in the defense of the human races.

Kael’s first step toward that future lies through the darkness of the Nagur Wood, and rumor has it something prowls the Nagur!

443 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 32 reviews.

A DEAD RED CADILLAC, by RP Dahlke. (Still free?)

We mistakenly listed this one yesterday - so here it is again today, and available for free! Over 30 five-star reviews for this engaging mystery.

"Lalla Bains is a little rough around the edges, but it is for show only. An ex-model turning 40, with two bad marriages behind her. She is back home in Modesto, CA running the family crop dusting company, feeling down on herself. But when a murder of a woman happens she jumps into action to prove who is and who is not guilty. A cozy that is a fast read and will keep you turning pages to the end. I will certainly read the others in this series." -- Margie, Amazon reviewer

"I've been married so many times, they should revoke my license," says NY model, and reluctant pilot Lalla Bains.

Running her dad's Crop-Dusting business in Modesto, California she's hoping to dodge the inevitable fortieth birthday party. But when her trophy red '58 Cadillac is found tail-fins up in a nearby lake, the police ask why a widowed piano teacher, who couldn't possibly see beyond the hood ornament, was found strapped in the driver's seat.

Reeling from an interrogation with local homicide, Lalla is determined to extricate herself as a suspect in this strange murder case. Unfortunately, drug running pilots, a cross-dressing convict, a crazy Chihuahua, and the dead woman's hunky nephew throw enough road blocks to keep Lalla neck deep in an investigation that links her family to a twenty-year old murder only she can solve.

300 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 90 reviews.

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