Friday, February 8, 2013

Free and bargain Kindle books! (Friday Feb 8)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Bluegrass State of Mind (Bluegrass Series), by Kathleen Brooks. (Still free?)

190 five-star reviews for this contemporary romance, from USA Today Bestselling author Kathleen Brooks! Free today.

"This was such an enjoyable break from some of the heavier stuff I have been reading. I love all that crazy, heavy reading but sometimes it's good to settle into light-hearted romance. Kathleen Brooks' Bluegrass State of Mind was just the book I needed. It is full of endearing characters in a 'Mayberry' type small town who seem to embrace you as they embrace the main character, McKenna. McKenna and her friend Danielle witness a crime perpetrated by McKenna's boyfriend and the law partners from her prestigious firm in New York. The group also contained a high-powered Senator and McKenna knew their only hope of survival was to split up and disappear. The important things about this story are how it made me feel. I loved the town and it's citizens. I felt the author truly knew these people and they were not one-dimensional characters. The romance between McKenna and Will are secondary for me but still well written and important to the story. The added suspense of McKenna's past gave the over all plotline flavor." -- Novel Opinion

See where the USA Today Bestselling Author Kathleen Brooks began!
This is the first book in Kathleen Brooks' Best-Selling Bluegrass Series.

McKenna Mason, a New York City attorney with a love of all things Prada, is on the run from a group of powerful, dangerous men. McKenna turns to a teenage crush, Will Ashton, for help in starting a new life in beautiful horse country. She finds that Will is now a handsome, successful race horse farm owner. As the old flame is ignited, complications are aplenty in the form of a nasty ex-wife, an ex-boyfriend intent on killing her, and a feisty race horse who refuses to race without a kiss. Can Will and McKenna cross the finish line together, and more importantly, alive?

238 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 338 reviews.

Unintended Consequences, by Marti Green. (Still free?)

For you fans of legal thrillers, here's a highly-rated one, free today! An award-winner from attorney Marti Green.

"I'd recommend this book to anyone wanting an enjoyable "light read" and who finds the subject of capital punishment to be of interest, as well as readers who like legal thrillers. It moved at a good pace and I found it difficult to put down. If Amazon allowed it in their ratings, I'd give this book 4.5 stars. I found it to be at least as good as any John Grisham novel." -- Amazon reviewer

How much would a father sacrifice for his child?

Nineteen years ago, Indiana police found the body of a young girl, burned beyond recognition and buried in the woods. They arrested George Calhoun for murdering his daughter, and his wife testified against him at the trial. The jury convicted him. Now his appeals have been exhausted, and his execution is just a few weeks away.

George said he didn’t do it. That the body isn’t his little Angelina. But that’s all he’s ever said – no other defense, no other explanation.
Dani Trumball, an attorney for the Help Innocent Prisoners Project, wants to believe him. After all, there was no forensic evidence that the body in the woods was George’s daughter. But if the girl isn’t Angelina, then who is it? And what happened to the Calhouns’ missing daughter?
For nineteen years, George Calhoun has stayed silent. But that’s about to change, and the story he tells Dani—if it’s true—changes everything.

"Unintended Consequences is an engrossing, well conceived legal thriller. Most enjoyable."
- Scott Turow, NY Times bestselling author of Presumed Innocent & Innocent

"This one will grab you by the neck from the very first page."
- Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award winning author of Die A Stranger

"Unintended Consequences is a gripping legal thriller. A page-turning, compassionate, and thought-provoking debut."
- Sharon Potts, author of The Devil's Madonna

290 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 76 reviews.

How to Date a Werewolf (Rylie Cruz Series), by Rose Pressey. (Still free?)

A quirky, fun, contemporary romance - yours free today!

"I love reading a book that has me laughing and yet keeps me in suspense. I got that and more in Rose Pressey's new story." --Mary Daugherty--Our Novel Notions

"I see Rose Pressey has her next book named How To Date A Vampire. I am so waiting to read that...If it has her signature, I will love it as well." --Gloria Lakritz, Senior Review and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

"I really enjoyed HOW TO DATE A WEREWOLF and recommend it to any and all readers who like light, paranormal romances with a heroine who has a very quirky sense of humor." --Kathryn, The Romance Reviews

Romance can be a hairy business--especially when you're a werewolf.

As the owner of Get a Mate Dating Service, Rylie is more than happy to step in and lend a hand to lonely lycanthropic hearts all over town. No matter how hopeless Rylie might be in finding her own soul mate, she has a knack for helping others find theirs.

Convinced that she is stuck with a family curse, Rylie is positive she will never find her true love. But when drool-worthy Jack Chandler shows up at her door, Rylie wonders if maybe the curse is finally broken.

But Rylie's life is about to become complicated courtesy of the after-dark crowd. When she begins receiving strange notes and harassment from a jilted client, events careen out of control.

Jack knows she's more hassle than he can handle. What he doesn't know is whether she's seriously in trouble . . . or simply delusional.

More books available now by Rose Pressey:

How to Date a Vampire (Rylie Cruz Series, Book 2)
Me and My Ghoulfriends (Larue Donavan Series, Book 1)
Ghouls Night Out (Larue Donavan Series, Book 2)
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells (Mystic Cafe Series, Book 1)
Rock 'n' Roll is Undead (Veronica Mason Series, Book 1)

Coming soon:

Untitled (Mystic Cafe, Book 2)
Untitled (Larue Donavan, Book 3)
Spells, Demons, and Rock 'n' Roll (Veronica Mason, Book 2)

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248 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 121 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

A Lady's Point of View, by Jacqueline Diamond. (Still $0.99?)

Light-hearted love in the England of Jane Austen animates this delightful tale of confused identities by the award-winning author of more than 90 novels. Previously published in print and now available for Kindle, A Lady’s Point of View is a fun escapade for fans of Pride and Prejudice as well as Downton Abbey.

Diamond received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times magazine. Her novels include half a dozen Regency romances and many contemporary romantic comedies, as well as mysteries and fantasy. She welcomes visitors at her website,, and her JacquelineDiamondAuthor page on Facebook.

"I'm a fan of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and A Lady's Point of View had everything I love from those authors and more. The novel included wonderful details on how being near-sighted during the Regency could hamper a young woman seeking a husband. Yet Meg Linley was no victim, but a heroine gifted with humor, a quick mind, and a generous heart. The romantic entanglements were very satisfactory, and Cruella had nothing on the countess in this novel. The plot turns were many and handled deftly. A quick and delightful read. I immediately purchased two more Regencies from this author."—Emma Bain, Amazon reviewer

"A Lady's Point of Viewis one of my favorite Regencies by Jacqueline Diamond, who always adds original twists and surprises to every plot….A delightful romp through Regency London."—CA Book Lover, Amazon reviewer

Nearsighted Meg Linley sets off a scandal after she accidentally slights an important figure at a London ball. Packed off for home, she stumbles into the wrong carriage and arrives at the estate of handsome Lord Bryn. When he mistakes her for a governess, Meg decides she prefers working with mischievous children to living in idleness and isolation. But when she starts to fall in love, her deception complicates her life—and his lordship’s!

219 pages in the original edition, with a four-star rating from 17 reviewers. Only 99 cents.
Facebook: JacquelineDiamondAuthor

219 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 17 reviews.

Breaking Free, by Chett Vosloo. (Still free?)

A highly-rated memoir of a young man's journeys while he deals with a life-threatening disease. Free today!

"There are so many life lessons to be learnt through reading this book mainly to have an open mind as to what the universe has in store for you and to live in the moment. A true inspiration to young and old, really makes you question your own life and hopefully have the same courage to follow your dreams and heart. Thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be doing some follow up reading to learn more. " -- Rachel Staddon, Amazon reviewer

During Jed Matthew’s final year of university he was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder that the doctors told him was incurable. Rather than face up to the disorder, Jed tried to ignore it, hoping that it would go away by itself, but it didn’t. It only got worse.

After graduating from university Jed packed a bag and set off on a gap year trip, not realising that he had just begun a journey that would completely change his life. Jed’s gap year opened his eyes to the world of adventure. A 25 000 kilometre bicycle trip around the world, and a 1 300 kilometre solo trip by foot through the south of India, were among the adventures he would go on. Yet, no matter where Jed went and how much of the world he saw, the anxiety and fear that he felt over his skin condition shadowed him wherever he went. Eventually, after years of travelling, Jed happened to come in contact with a spiritual teacher in India who would forever change the direction of his life. This teacher would help Jed to realise that real peace and happiness come from within, and that he would only be able to find true freedom in his life once he had faced his problems head-on. This was the start of Jed’s inner journey.

Breaking Free is the inspiring true story of one man’s desire to transform his life, and to search for what it means to be truly happy and free.

260 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 15 reviews.

Marti Talbott's Highlander Series 1 (Anna, Rachel & Charlet), by Marti Talbott. (Still free?)

This historical romance is book 1 of the Highlander Series. Free today!

"Wonderful stories! This review will really encompass all of the Highlander Series because I think you will find it quite difficult to stop at just one! These are wonderful stories that instantly pull you into the life of the characters. You will outright giggle at times and will literally cry at others. Each story is beautiful and complete on its own and they flow together easily. I loved being able to know what all of the "old" characters were doing as they were revisited in many of the following stories. You will love these people and will find yourself hurting when they hurt and wondering what creative solution they will have to each problem they face. You will miss them when the series is over." -- Amazon reviewer

ANNA -- In love with a woman he had only seen once and could not find, the Highlander, Kevin MacGreagor was growing older and needed a wife to give him sons. No other woman pleased him, even the daughters of other lairds, so he finally settled for Anna sight unseen. But when his men went to meet her guard, she was all alone and badly beaten. Who could have done such a thing and why?

RACHEL -- had a dark secret and even she didn't know what it was. She was seventeen, determined to become as good a warrior as any Highlander and was firmly against taking a husband. Connor had other ideas. He loved Rachel and when a rival clan took her, he thought he would lose his mind. How would he ever get her back and if he did, would her dark secret separate them forever?

CHARLET -- The King of England asked the Highlander, Kevin MacGreagor, to hide a baby girl and save her life. But sixteen years later, someone discovered where she was. To Blair Cameron fell the duty of hiding and protecting Charlet. It was not an easy task. She was furious, head-strong and determined to run from him. Could Blair keep her alive? And if he did, could he keep himself from falling in love with her?

NOTE: All of Marti Talbott's Books are clean romance.

Coming Soon - CHOICES, book 12 - sign up to be notified when it is published at

NEW - Follow the MacGreagor Clan into Colorado's twentieth century in Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series)

359 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 63 reviews.

Ishmael Toffee, by Roger Smith. (Still free?)

Here's a hard-boiled mystery that's highly-rated, a quick read, and free today!

"Smith writes with the brutal beauty of an Elmore Leonard in a very bad mood. " -- THE WASHINGTON POST

"If you are a fan of George Pelecanos or Dennis Lehane, give Roger Smith a close look." -- BOOKPAGE

"Smith's writing is astonishing." -- CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER

"Roger Smith is the shooting star of the crime scene." RADIO EUROPE


Ishmael Toffee's knife put him behind bars and kept him there for twenty years as a prison gang assassin until he lost his taste for blood. Paroled, he finds himself with no money and no family. And no knife in his hand.

He gets a job as a gardener at the luxurious home of a prominent lawyer and makes an unexpected friend--Cindy, the lawyer's six-year-old daughter. When Ishmael discovers that Cindy is being raped by her father he must choose: abandon the girl and walk away, or do what he does best . . .

A gut-wrenching novella of violence and redemption from the award-winning author of DUST DEVILS, WAKE UP DEAD and MIXED BLOOD.

BONUS CONTENT: FALLING, a previously unpublished short story.


"One secret to good noir is keeping the beauty and the dread in perfect tension so the reader is attracted and repelled at the same time. Smith does it." PETER ROZOVSKY - DETECTIVES BEYOND BORDERS

"Smith injects as much gut-wrenching emotion and as much action into the short form as he does his novels. I've never read anything by him that didn't steal my breath and this story is no exception." NAOMI JOHNSON - THE DROWNING MACHINE

"Roger Smith is unquestionably one of the most bold, powerful authors currently writing fiction. Period. A hard-hitting, gut punch of a novella." BOOK REVIEWS BY ELIZABETH A. WHITE
"Gripping and disturbing, ISHMAEL TOFFEE is another great story from Roger Smith. The bonus short story, FALLING, is also a fascinating, dark read." CRIMEFICTIONLOVER.COM

"No other thriller writer is writing such lean and powerful prose. Moving and gritty -- a must read for crime fiction fans." DAVE ZELTSERMAN - SMALL CRIMES & THE HUNTED SERIES

"If you're looking for hardcore, gazing-into-the-abyss literature, Smith's the man you want to read." BENOIT LELIEVRE - DEAD END FOLLIES

"Another superb piece of writing from an author who is fast establishing himself as one of the best around. I can't recommend it highly enough." MARTIN STANLEY- THE GAMBLERS BLOG

"Fast-paced, powerful novella delivers with its bloody, blunt justice." ED LYNSKEY author of LAKE CHARLES & ASK THE DICE

Roger Smith's thrillers MIXED BLOOD, WAKE UP DEAD and DUST DEVILS are published in seven languages and two are in development as movies in the U.S. His books have won the DEUTSCHER KRIMI PREIS (German Crime Fiction Award) and been nominated for SPINETINGLER MAGAZINE BEST NOVEL awards. His fourth novel, CAPTURE, is published internationally in 2012.

97 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 49 reviews.

Wintertide: A Novel, by Debra Doxer. (Still free?)

Daniel sees his friend commit a terrible crime, and must live with the consequences. This thriller is highly rated and is free today!

"I'm still in shock over the ending. The pacing was perfect with a great buildup to the end. It's a really dark story and even though it takes place on Cape Cod, it's a very different type of Cape Cod than what you normally hear about. I really liked the way the main character related to his family and friends in the story. He was often saying one thing and thinking something completely different. He wasn't always the good guy but I still found myself rooting for him. Great book! I can't wait to read more from this author." -- Amazon reviewer

When college sophomore, Daniel Hiller, reluctantly returned home to Cape Cod for the holidays, he never planned on rekindling old friendships. He had easily left his life behind, and he never looked back. But back at home, after a year and a half away, unexpected nostalgia finds him once again in the company of old friends. On a night out together, one of those friends commits a heinous crime. When Daniel witnesses that crime, he is asked to keep a dark secret that could forever tie him to the place he has always despised.

As Daniel tries to get through the rest of his winter break pretending that nothing is wrong, he rekindles a relationship with his high school girlfriend and he referees the all too familiar arguments between his parents. All the while, he is attempting to avoid the constant threats of retribution if he breaks his silence. Soon, avoidance becomes impossible. Not knowing who to trust, but realizing that his former friends are far from trustworthy, Daniel must make a choice. When he does, he discovers that keeping the secret may have been the lesser of the evils.

Daniel wants to believe that he is nothing like his friends. He wants to think that he’s better than that. But when his own future is threatened, he realizes that he is not better. In fact, he may be much, much worse.

175 pages, with a 5-star rating from 4 reviews.

For even more free books, browse through the Quick Pick table below!

Freebie Quick Picks!
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Becoming Me, by Gardenia DestangThirty-one-year-old Terri Williams, a professional woman seems to have it all. By most standards, Terri has made it; she has found the perfect man, a good job, a solid house, close friends, and strong...
UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life (Prison Killers- Book 4), by Glenn LangohrAnother one of Glenn Langohr's stunning memoirs--a brave, unflinching account of life in prison~ Prison Killers Book 4

B.J and Damon are two White inmates who get involved in a gang war in ...
The Best Slow Cooker Recipes & Meals Cookbook, by C EliasA well-researched slow cooking cookbook with many fabulous recipes.

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Within the chapters of Marketing for She Experts you’ll learn ...
Spinner the Winner, by Mike OrmsbySpinner the Winner is an illustrated story book for children aged 5 – 11. It helps parents to introduce ‘renewable energy’ in a fun way. Superb images, memorable characters, 30 minutes to read a...

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