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"What Doesn't Kill Her," by Max Allan Collins

What Doesn't Kill Her, by Max Allan Collins

"Jordan Rivera's family were the victims of a serial killer. In what seemed to be a home invasion by a man dressed as a policeman, her family was murdered and she was raped. Jordan was institutionalized for ten years and did not speak a word to anyone. Then one day on the tv she sees a report of another crime so similar to her own she starts talking and is ready to find the killer and get her vengenance. Meanwhile a young detective starts working this case is his off hours. He was a schoolmate of Jordans. Jordan organizes a victim support group that starts researching and looking for the killer. This was extremely fast reading and quite exciting and scary. Loved it. Super book. Buy it you will love it!" -- Amazon reviewer

Jordan Rivera was an ordinary kid with an ordinary family. Until a vicious killer took it all away from her, sparing her and leaving her broken. The murders destroyed something inside her and she spent ten long, silent years in an institution. Catching a glimpse of a news report about another ordinary family slain, Jordan breaks her silence. Now she’s out, and she molds herself—body and mind—into an instrument of justice.
While a young detective pursues the case on his own, Jordan teams up with members of her Victims Support Group, people, like her, damaged by violent crime. They have their own stories of pain, heartache, and vengeance denied. With their help, Jordan will track down the killer before he can ravage any more lives. Her own life depends on it.

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Max Allan Collins is a New York Times bestselling author of original mysteries, a Shamus award winner and an experienced author of movie adaptions and tie-in novels. His graphic novel ROAD TO PERDITION was made into a major motion picture by Tom Hanks's production company, Playtone.

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