Friday, September 13, 2013

Discover the "Crimson Worlds" series!

Here's a great opportunity to get immersed in Jay Allan's top-selling sci-fi series. The first book, "Marines," has over 140 four- and five-star reviews. Regularly $3.99, in today's promotion you can pick it up for 99 cents!

Marines (Crimson Worlds), by Jay Allan

"This is a good read that I highly recommend to fans of Heinlein's "Starship Troopers". It's not a copy cat, though a lot of the foundation is similar, it's a whole new twist that takes you into a new sci-fi military world that makes sense and works. The back story of the characters is delivered at the right times, in the right tone, to make you care about them more (I think Cain might just kick Rico's ass!). The technology is subtly delivered as well, not overpowering the story either as is sometimes common in Mil-Sci-Fi. All in all, I recommend giving this one a shot, and I think once you do you will be very pleasantly surprised, and then now waiting on another "Crimson World" book just like me!" -- Amazon reviewer

Book one of the bestselling Crimson Worlds series (over 125,000 sold).

Erik Cain joined the marines to get off death row. The deal was simple; enlist to fight in space and he would be pardoned for all his crimes.

In the 23rd Century, assault troops go to war wearing AI-assisted, nuclear-powered armor, but it is still men and blood that win battles. From one brutal campaign to the next, Erik and his comrades fight an increasingly desperate war over the resource rich colony worlds that have become vital to the economies of Earth's exhausted and despotic Superpowers.

As Erik rises through the ranks he finally finds a home, first with the marines who fight at his side and later among the colonists - men and women who have dared to leave everything behind to build a new society on the frontier, one where the freedoms and rights lost long ago on Earth are preserved.

Amidst the blood and death and sacrifice, Erik begins to wonder. Is he fighting the right war? Who is the real enemy?

Now Included: A sneak peak at Crimson Worlds II: The Cost of Victory. Read the first three chapters, immediately following the end of Marines in this Kindle edition.

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Meet the Author

I currently live in New York City, and I've been reading science fiction and fantasy for just about as long as I've been reading. My tastes are fairly varied and eclectic, but I'd say favorites are military and dystopian science fiction and epic fantasy, usually a little bit gritty.

I write a lot of science fiction with military themes, but also other SF and some fantasy as well. I like complex characters and lots of backstory and action. Honestly, I think world-building is the heart of science fiction and fantasy, and since that is what I've always been drawn to as a reader, that is what I write.

I've been an investor and non-fiction writer for a long time, a fiction author more recently. When I'm not writing I enjoy traveling, running, hiking, reading. I love hearing from readers and always answer emails. I think you stop growing as a writer if you stop listening to readers.

Among other things, I write the bestselling Crimson Worlds series.

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