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"Lord Haversham Takes Command," by Heidi Ashworth

A regency novel with wit and humor, this highly-rated romance will delight fans of historical romance. It's the 4th book in the Miss Delacourt series, but works as a standalone read. Read on!

Lord Haversham Takes Command (Miss Delacourt 4), by Heidi Ashworth

The story is based on the romance of Harry ("Bertie") Haversham and Mira Crenshaw. (If you have read previous works by Ashworth, it is fun to see these characters are the children of the couples married in "Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind" and "Miss Delacourt Has Her Day.") Harry is working undercover for the Queen and has put on a fake persona of a fopp (now going by the name of Bertie), much to the surprise of Mira and her family who have known him since childhood. Mira has loved Harry since her youth, but is confused by this change. And her parents question whether or not to allow Mira and Harry to Court.
One of my favorite parts of the book include Harry's mother's antics--her "understated" soiree made me laugh out loud. Ashworth's creativity here shines.
This is a fun, clean (although there are a few good kissing scenes) regency romance. I look forward to more of Ashworth's books in the future. She is a reliable favorite author! -- Amazon reviewer

Lord Haversham feels as if he is always running, first from Lord and Lady Avery, his foolish parents, then from the consequences of a schoolboy prank gone awry. Now a secret service agent to the young Queen Victoria, he has run back to England from traitors who seek his life. Little does he know he is running into danger of a different kind; the perceptive, sapphire-blue gaze of his childhood love, Miranda Crenshaw. How is he to win her heart without giving away his secret and endangering the life of the Queen'

Mira's parents, Sir Anthony and Lady Crenshaw, had always assumed their daughter would wed her lifelong friend, Harry. However, when he returns to England after a long absence, gone is the boy they had known and loved. Instead he is Bertie, a silly fop exactly like his flibbertigibbet parents. As such, her parents feel obliged to wed her to George, the young Duke of Marcross, whom Mira despises. Instead, she dreams of the man Harry was meant to be. When she catches a glimpse of him beneath his silly facade, she must find a way to persuade her parents he is the man for her--before he once again runs out of her life.

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Meet the Author

Heidi Ashworth is an anglophile who loves to read and write books set in England. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, blogging and DIY home improvement projects.

You can read more about her at or on her blog at

Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind (2008) and sequel Miss Delacourt Has Her Day (2011), a finalist in the Whitney Book Awards, are Jane Austen-era romantic comedies. Both are now available as paperbacks and ebooks via Montlake Romance. Lady Crenshaw's Christmas, a regency novella, is a follow-up to her Miss Delacourt books and is available via Kindle and will soon be available as a paperback, as well. It Happened Twelfth Night, also a regency novella set during the winter holidays, can be found between the covers of A Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection via Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. The Lord Who Sneered And Other Tales: A Regency Holiday Anthology, three novellas that cover the cold weather holidays from Halloween to Christmas and features ancillary characters from the Miss Delacourt world, due out in October 2013.

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