Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday Sep 24)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Fanatic, by R. J. Dillon
Britain it seems, has more enemies than friends...

When a radical group of extremists launch a terror campaign on the streets of Britain, a frantic hunt begins to find those responsible. But what seems a simple case of terrorism quickly reveals other, more sinister forces at work. As Nick Torr follows a dangerous trail that stretches from the hostile streets of Cairo to Paris, London, Kenya, Somalia and finally Washington, it becomes clear that this is no straightforward dirty war.

Nick’s investigation into brutal murders, double deals and illegal black operations, leads him to a startling discovery of a conspiracy that has its dark roots in the heart of Moscow and personal treachery....
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Stone and Silt, by Harvey Chute
A ruthless murder and a stolen shipment of gold.

At school, sixteen-year-old Nikaia Wales endures the taunts of bullies who call her a “half-breed.” At home, she worries about how her family will react if she reveals her growing feelings for the quiet boy next door.

Those are soon the least of her troubles. Nikaia discovers a hidden cache of gold, and when police find a corpse nearby, her father becomes a suspect. Worse, Elias Doyle is circling, hungry to avenge his brother’s death.

Nikaia desperately searches for clues to save her father. In her quest to find the killer, she learns about the power of family, friendship, and young love....
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Bianca's Vineyard, by Teresa Neumann
Bianca Corrotti’s vineyard is more than a piece of mouth-watering real estate in Tuscany. It’s an inheritance; a storehouse harboring the secrets of her Uncle Egisto, a world-class sculptor, and his troubled wife -- a woman whose destiny converges with Mussolini’s when WWII overtakes them all. Based on a true story, Bianca’s Vineyard follows a devoted family of strong-willed men and lion-hearted women waging an epic battle against a gathering storm intent on destroying their lives....
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico
The Witch of Starmont, A Novella, by Linda Ash
With a little romance, a little fantasy, a little gardening, and a cottage in New England, what's not to love?

Mara seems happy growing herbs and running her herbal remedy and skin care business. Her deepest desire, however, is to run back to the life she had before her failed marriage. But there is a secret pinning her here, a secret seemingly straight from a fairytale.

When Jonathan Perry enters Mara's life, she finds a person in whom she can confide. But her ex-husband holds the key to her astounding secret and won't relinquish the control he still has over her.

Mara struggles with the call of her old life while beginning to find happiness in Jonathan's steadying...
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico
Rose of Par Kluhnd: A Fairy Tale, by Linda Ash
Rose isn't sure she wants to be made captain of her soccer team, much less a queen... of a strange place... that's about to be overrun by invaders

She finds it hard to believe that she has somehow slipped into a different world - one with real fairies. She's just a regular girl from Boston, not the heir to a long-vacant throne, like some people here are telling her. And her grandmother could never have been a queen. Could she?

In this extraordinary world, where Rose finds friends in unexpected places and beauty at every turn, the enemy is also watching her. When they come for her, the choice between becoming a queen and finding her way back home is suddenly the least of her worries....
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico
Three Four Knock On My Door (Grasshopper Lawns), by EJ Lamprey
Edge nodded at Vivian. “Yes, but Donald has a point. She could have snarled because she recognized him, or he could have just changed his aftershave. The reaction of an extremely xenophobic dog isn’t going to count in court.”

“But if he is the man she tangled with, he won’t be thinking about that.” William pointed out. “He opens the door, the dog takes one hungry look at him and lunges in, and his reaction alone will tell us. If he’s surprised that a dog he never met wants to bite him, he’s innocent. If he shrieks like a girl and slams the door;”

“He’s normal,” Donald finished wryly.

Living within easy distance of Edinburgh as they do, the residents of Grasshopper Lawns inevitably f...
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Portal Through the Pond (The Empty World Series), by David K. Anderson
13-year-olds, Christy Walker and Trevor Hanson, have been best friends since first grade. When Christy’s grandmother dies, she leaves Christy a mysterious packet of information revealing the amazing secret that the pond in her yard is in fact a portal to another world, and that the portal’s closing had been the cause of her grandfather’s mysterious disappearance nine years earlier.

Knowing that her grandmother’s final wish was for her to keep the secret, Christy struggles with her alienation from Trevor, who is upset that she won’t bring him into her confidence. Meanwhile she is trying to learn sign language, as she is virtually forced to babysit all summer for Danny, the nine-year-old boy next door with a severe heari...
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico
A Young Mother's Death: A Letter to My Daughter, by LM Gautreaux
What does a mother do when death comes too early? What does a mother do when she knows she may lose her life at the worst possible moment, right as her daughter enters high school?

I am one of those mothers, and I chose to write my daughter a letter. I share my favorite memories with her and then move on to the milestones in her life I may miss. I say the things I would've said about boys, high school, making mistakes, marriage, and other important events I may not be there for.

We still have hope that I will survive - we see the doctors at the Mayo Clinic on October 15, 2013. As I wrote my letter, I realized it could be a resource for another dying parent or a bereft child.

I hope my husband never has to give this letter to my daughter, but it will be there if I die. That's the only thing this mother could think to do.

This is a short memoir and is slightly over 10,000 words.
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil India Mexico

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