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"Into That Forest," by Louis Nowra

Into That Forest, by Louis Nowra

"A distinctive narrative voice opens this startling and mesmerizing tale, which is told as one long story with minimal breaks: “Me name be Hannah O’Brien and I be seventy-six years old.” Recalling her early life in the same Tasmanian house that now crumbles around her, Hannah describes the fateful day 70 years ago when her parents took her and another girl, Becky, for a picnic. A sudden storm, the drowning of Hannah’s parents, and the girls’ dramatic rescue by tigers lead to their gradual transformation. Overtime, they lose their clothes and language, becoming den-dwelling, nocturnal, growling hunters (“Becky jumped up...and buried her face in the wallaby’s bloody insides”) with keen senses of sight, hearing, and smell, like their tiger rescuers, which they name Dave and Corinna. Australian playwright and novelist Nowra manages to make the initial disaster pale in comparison to the girls’ traumatic rescue four years later by Becky’s anguished father, their forced separation from the tiger parents they have grown to depend on, and their brutal reentry into civilization. A thrilling and heartbreaking tale of survival." -- Publishers Weekly

Two girls survive a terrible flood in the Tasmanian bush and are rescued by a pair of Tasmanian tigers who raise them in the wild. Their story of survival is remarkable, as they adapt to the life of the tiger, learning to hunt and to communicate without the use of human language. When they are discovered and returned to civilization, neither can adapt to being fully human after their extraordinary experience. Totally believable, their story will both shock and captivate readers as it explores the animal instincts that lie beneath our civilized veneer.

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Meet the Author

Louis Nowra was born in Melbourne. He is the author of such plays as Inner Voices, Visions, Inside the Island, Cosi, Radiance and The Boyce Trilogy. He has written five non-fiction works, The Cheated, Warne's World, Walkabout, Chihuahuas,Women and Me, and Bad Dreaming, the novels The Misery of Beauty, Palu, Red Nights, Abaza and Ice, Into That Forest, the memoirs The Twelfth of Never and Shooting the Moon, as well as radio plays, telemovies and film scripts. Ice was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award 2009, and won an Honourable Mention in the Manning Clark House National Cultural Awards 2009.

Louis Nowra lives in Kings Cross with his wife, Mandy Sayer, a writer, and Coco, their chihuahua who has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on television.

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