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"Black Creek Burning," by R.T. Wolfe

This romantic suspense from R.T. Wolfe has over forty 5-star reviews, and is specially-priced today at 99 cents. Download your copy today!

Black Creek Burning (The Black Creek Series, Book 1), by R.T. Wolfe

"Sizzles and burns! From the tension-packed opening scene, Black Creek Burning had my attention and didn't let go. R.T. Wolfe writes down-to-earth, sensitive, witty characters I'd love to have as friends. Descriptive details are chosen with such precision, the reader is vividly transported to Black Creek, a neighbourhood I'd love to call home. Anyone who's ever dreamed of restoring an old house surrounded by pockets of ever-blooming gardens will fall in love with Nathan and Brie. Nathan is a sexy, easy-going hero who knows when to push and when to push harder. Considering Brie is a heroine with a tortured past and a violent stalker, Wolfe delivers a suspenseful, yet heart-warming love story that builds through the pages like a slow burn." -- Amazon reviewer

After six long years, Brianna Chapman is finally able to cope with witnessing the murder of her parents.

Then, dead animals start showing up on her doorstep, her tires are slashed and her yard is scorched by an unexplained fire.

But Brianna refuses to reopen her parent's six-year-old arson-murder cold case, along with all the old wounds.

Nathan Reed sees the incidents differently and quietly begins an investigation of his own.

As Nathan's and Brianna's lives and passions intertwine, Nathan discovers a painful truth. Brianna's parents weren't the arsonist's target. Brianna was.

And the killer is back to finish the job.

Black Creek Burning
Flying in Shadows
Dark Vengeance

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Meet the Author

R.T. Wolfe's Black Creek romantic suspense series, is set in beautiful upstate New York. She enjoys creating diverse characters and twining them together in the midst of an intelligent mystery and a heart encompassing romance.

It's not uncommon to find dark chocolate squares in R.T.'s candy dish, her Golden Retriever at her feet and a few caterpillars spinning their cocoons in their terrariums on her counters. R.T. loves her family, gardening, eagle-watching and can occasionally be found viewing a flyover of migrating whooping cranes.

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