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Discover the "Prisoner and the Sun" series!

"Escape," the first book in the "Prisoner and the Sun" fantasy adventure series, is available for free download today. Get your copy now!

Escape (The Prisoner and the Sun #1), by Brad Magnarella

"This is a one of the best books I've read this year. I suppose it falls in the fantasy genre with some magic, trolls, and talking stags. But these are not what anchor the story. It is Iliff and his journey to find what life really is - not the prison he was confined to. Is Iliff's journey an allegory for life? What of his relationship with Troll - what does it represent? Will he reach the sun and what significance is it? If he returns to his prison and tries to convince others of the outside world, will they look upon him as they did with the old man? All these questions and more were eating at me as I devoured the pages wanting to know the answers." -- Amazon reviewer

Fantasy adventure. Inspirational allegory. The journey of a lifetime.

Young Iliff believes his prison world to be all there is. But when a stranger tells him the incredible story of a long-ago escapee, Iliff resolves to learn the truth. Thus begins his journey to find the Sun, a magnificent power from which all things are said to originate -- including him. But first he must venture beyond the very walls he is charged with upholding and into realms deep and dark, where fearsome creatures lurk.

So begins The Prisoner and the Sun, the fantasy-based trilogy that asks: What lies beyond our walls?

Escape is followed by Lights and Shadows and Final Passage.

Appropriate for ages 10 and older.

Get the first book in this series!

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Meet the Author

A graduate of the University of Florida and American University, and the author of several articles on foreign affairs, Brad Magnarella has long aspired to write the kind of fiction that colored his childhood and whose symbols and themes continue to fascinate him. His books include Escape, Lights and Shadows, and Final Passage, which make up The Prisoner and the Sun trilogy.

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