Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Homeworld," by Evan Currie

Homeworld (Odyssey One 3), by Evan Currie

"A truly awesome book! The enemy has finally found Earth, and mankind must dig its heels in and make one last stand against an unstoppable foe. This book creates a lot of anticipation. As the plot ramped up, tension built until it finally exploded into a plethora of action and combat scenes. This book has it all: tension, drama, action, mystery, and sacrifice. You can definitely tell there will be a fourth book, and we are left with tantalizing clues about plot lines not yet explored. I only hope the fourth book is even better, because this one was phenomenal. If you have read any of the other books in the odyssey series, then buy this one." -- Amazon reviewer

The consequences of Earth’s exploration of the Galaxy come home to roost when the Drasin track a human ship back to Earth. Mounting a desperate defense, the crew of the NAC spacecraft Odyssey, their allies, and the people of Earth face an overwhelming force of invading alien ships wielding terrible power. Doomed from the start, but with nowhere to retreat, Captain Eric Weston commits his ship to the defense of the human race even as the human outposts in Sol system fall one by one before the unrelenting Drasin onslaught.
A first-rate military science fiction epic that combines old-school space opera and modern storytelling, Homeworld: Odyssey One, the third installment of the Odyssey One series, brings the riveting, exhilarating, hard-pressed action to Earth, with devastating consequences.

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Meet the Author

Evan is a Canadian author who has been writing both original and fan fiction works for more than a decade, and finally decided to make the jump to self-publishing with his techno-thriller "Thermals."

Since then Evan has turned out novels in the Warrior's Wings series, the Odyssey One series, and the first book in an alternate history series set during the height of the Roman Era. From ancient Rome to the far flung future, Evan enjoys exploring the possibilities inherent when you change technology or culture.

Evan has been writing most of his life in one format or another and, though his post-secondary education in computer sciences and has worked in the local lobster industry steadily over the last decade, writing has always been his true passion. In his own words "It's what I do for fun and to relax, there's not much I can imagine better than being a storyteller."

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