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"Beneath the Veil," by William McNally

Beneath the Veil, by William McNally

'The characters are rich and sympathetic. The story is fascinating. The morals are gray, and the atmosphere is intensely creepy. Don't read this one when you're alone, but definitely read it.' -- San Francisco / Sacramento Book Reviews 

'Beneath the Veil, by William McNally, is so super scary it actually gave me nightmares.' -- Moon Shine Art Spot 

'A horror that you've met sometimes, a more special one, if I can say in a Stephen King's style, where the massacre and blood are not the main pillars, but the thrill, the fear and the unknown, elements that will make the story more interesting.' -- Mythical Books

The residents of this town eat zombies for breakfast...
With his life turned upside down, a terminally ill man seeks answers from a family he never knew. Barry Ryan, a successful sculptor, goes on a journey to find his roots and the extraordinary family that somehow evades death and ties him to a terrifying future.

Driven to find answers, Barry is joined by his sister and her boyfriend on the road to Auraria, a mysterious ghost town where terrible secrets lie hidden since the days of gold and greed.
All is well until they cross the city limits and fall beneath the veil, a place where the bizarre rules the living, and the living are prey trapped in an ever-changing web.

Generations of conflict come to light as these unfortunate visitors struggle to survive. Echoes of the past are lethal this place where the dead have never left.

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Meet the Author

WILLIAM MCNALLY is a former executive, husband and animal advocate based in the mountains of Dahlonega, Georgia. Drawn to dark and thought provoking stories, he released his first book, Four Corners Dark in 2012 and recently followed it with his second, Beneath the Veil. Visit him online at for updates and events.

Look for William's next release, The Knights of Moonshine, Spring 2014.

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