Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The Far Time Incident," by Neve Maslakovic

Science wiz Julia Olsen is assigned to mop up a disaster at the time-travel lab, aided by university security chief Nate Kirkland. But it's soon apparent that this is more than a mishap... and Julia and Nate are swept into a maelstrom of murder, conspiracy, and sabotage. Get this intelligent, full-length thriller today for $3.99!

The Far Time Incident, by Neve Maslakovic

"The novel is loosely based around a couple of murder mysteries, but they are really just an excuse to travel to the past. Julia is our first person narrator and she is an administrative assistant working in the time travel department of a university. Neve clearly knows the university environment, but it's a bit unfocused because, well, it's about time travel and who cares if Julia's office is in the Hypatia of Alexandria House. She and several others time travel to a destination where we get interesting glimpses into details of everyday life and experience (destination not revealed to avoid a spoiler). It's fun, I enjoyed it and it is a quick read." --Amazon Vine reviewer

When a professor’s time-travel lab is the scene of a deadly accident, the academic world and the future of St. Sunniva University get thrown into upheaval. As assistant to the dean of science, Julia Olsen is assigned to help Campus Security Chief Nate Kirkland examine this rare mishap…then make it quietly go away!

But when the investigation points toward murder, Julia and Chief Kirkland find themselves caught in a deadly cover-up, one that strands them in ancient Pompeii on the eve of the eruption of the world’s most infamous volcano. With the help of their companions—a Shakespearean scholar and two grad students—Julia and the chief must outwit history itself and expose the school’s saboteur before it's too late.

The Far Time Incident is a smart, richly inventive novel that skillfully weaves together mystery, history, and science to create a mesmerizing and addictive read.

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Meet the Author

Before writing her debut novel, Regarding Ducks and Universes, Neve Maslakovic earned her PhD in electrical engineering at Stanford University's STAR Lab (Space, Telecommunications, and Radioscience Laboratory).

Born in communist Yugoslavia, Neve now lives near Minneapolis/St. Paul with her husband and son. Her upcoming book, The Far Time Incident, due out on April 9, 2013, is the first in a new series of time-travel adventures. Visit her at www.nevemaslakovic.com

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