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"Invisible Fences," by Norman Prentiss

Nathan's parents told gruesome cautionary tales to him and his sister, and as an adult he struggles to shake off the gory stories. But when he returns to clear out his dead parents' house, he finds more there than just unsettling memories. Save $2 and get this highly-rated horror today for $0.99!

Invisible Fences, by Norman Prentiss

"Norman Prentiss' debut is a haunting tale of reminiscence and regret, of how things thought laid to rest long ago still lurk at the bottom of our souls. His prose is smooth, nearly flawless, and his narrative voice invokes a Gothic, literary tone. Best of all, the chills lie solidly in the strength and substance of the story, rather than something tacked on in pastiche at the end. in his first solo work, Prentiss really HAS offered something often missing from horror fiction: an ACTUAL story. The chills are there, but they are subtle, part of the characters and their existence, rather than an affected trope. This is the mark of a writer who will enjoy a long, successful career and critical acclaim." -- Shroud Magazine

Invisible Fences (Cemetery Dance Novella Series #19)
by Norman Prentiss

About the Book:
Do you see the point of the story, Nathan? We all cut parts of ourselves away, but we never lose them. Things stay with us—souvenirs with memories attached. We can't always choose what to keep, what to throw away.

Nathan's parents devised cautionary tales for him and his sister—gruesome stories about predatory cars racing along the "Big Street" at one end of their neighborhood, or dope fiends lurking in the woods behind their house and ready to plunge hypodermics into the skin of foolish young trespassers. These stories served their purpose during Nathan's gullible childhood, essentially constructing an invisible fence around the yard and keeping the boy close to home where he'd be safe.

Such barriers are not so easy to discard in later life. As an adult, Nathan no longer believes his parents' stories, and yet they still confine him. He lives cautiously, avoiding serious relationships, avoiding risk. But despite his efforts, something from his parents' cautionary tales threatens to creep beneath that invisible border…and the enclosed yard might not be as safe and secure as it always seemed…

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Meet the Author

NORMAN PRENTISS won the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction for INVISIBLE FENCES, published by Cemetery Dance (

He also won a 2009 Stoker for his short story, "In the Porches of My Ears," published in POSTSCRIPTS 18.

His latest books are THE FLESHLESS MAN from Darkfuse, and FOUR LEGS IN THE MORNING, a collection of three linked stories from Cemetery Dance. Other fiction has appeared in BLACK STATIC, COMMUTABILITY, TALES FROM THE GOREZONE, DAMNED NATION, BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, THE YEAR'S BEST DARK FANTASY AND HORROR, and in four editions of the SHIVERS anthology series. His poetry has appeared in WRITER ONLINE, SOUTHERN POETRY REVIEW, Baltimore's CITY PAPER, and A SEA OF ALONE: POEMS FOR ALFRED HITCHCOCK.

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