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"The Accident at 13th and Jefferson," by Brenda J. Carlton

One accident. Four scenarios. In each scenario, death takes its toll in different ways. Explore four stories in one, with this imaginative, uplifting novel. Available today for $2.99.

The Accident at 13th and Jefferson, by Brenda J. Carlton

"I liked that more is revealed about each character as the book progressed, and appreciated the short coda at the end in which everyone is spared. Carlton's dialogue is well written and her plot moves along nicely, while still allowing for descriptive character development. Having lost a parent as a young girl, I was concerned this would be an emotionally difficult book to read. My trepidation was unwarranted -- the characters' grief felt utterly genuine but not overdone. Indeed, overall it was an uplifting book and a paean to the strength of love and friendship." -- Amazon reviewer

The Accident at 13th and Jefferson is a one of a kind work of fiction that gives the reader the unique opportunity to compare three different paths the same lives could take if one event is changed.

Josh Greenwood and his Mom and Dad are walking their neighbors to the corner of 13th and Jefferson after Josh's 14th birthday party when a careening motorcycle kicks up a rock that kills Bonnie, the mother. But what if the rock killed Tom, the father, instead? Or the accident unfolded differently and Josh was killed? This uplifting tale of middle class family life in America offers all three stories.

In Book 1, Tom struggles to cope with single parenthood and tries to woo Elaine, the neighbor at the accident who has a past with a mystery man.  Josh and Max, Elaine's son who doesn't know that his real father is "somebody", interfere and grow up until graduation from high school.

In Book 2, Bonnie struggles to save Josh from the influences of her petty criminal half-brother, Mitch. Max reacts very differently to learning the identity of his real father and even with the best intentions and efforts of loving mothers things do not turn out well.

In Book 3, Tom and Bonnie's marriage flounders as they struggle to reinvent themselves as non-parents, Max becomes a real player in his father's presidential campaign and Elaine... Well we can't tell you the rest.

In Book 4, (surprise!) the original tragedy is averted.  How much do we really know about anyone?

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Meet the Author

Brenda J. Carlton lives in Collegeville, Pennsylvania with her husband Robert. She was born in Philadelphia in 1954, grew up between Coatesville, PA, and "Amish Country", and received a BS in Biology from Muhlenberg College in 1976. She has been at various times and in no particular order, a laboratory technician, a pharmaceutical development manager and consultant, a statistician, a small craft business owner, a mother of two and stepmother of four, grandmother of six, a waitress, a mental hospital aide, a National Merit Scholar, an amateur painter, a home remodeling do-it-yourselfer, an avid reader, an occasional philosopher, now a fledgling author, and always throughout it all, an passionate gardener.

She is the author of DRUG MONEY, a mystery set in the pharmaceutical industry, and THE ACCIDENT AT 13th AND JEFFERSON. THE ACCIDENT AT 13th AND JEFFERSON is three books in one. Three parallel realities, if you will. What if one member of a family died instead of another or another? How would everyone's life be different? The subject of her next book has not been decided yet.

A note from the author: I apologize for the price of the print version of THE ACCIDENT AT 13th AND JEFFERSON, but I really had little choice. It is rather long (a little over 450 pages) and there were additional production costs due to the length. But on the bright side, it is three books for the price of one.

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