Friday, April 12, 2013

"The Suited Monk," by Raf Adams

A step-by-step guide, developed from the author's personal experience and from ancient teachings, to identify and discover your own life path and self-fulfillment.

The Suited Monk: Finding Your Life's Purpose and True Happiness (Life Purpose & True Happiness), by Raf Adams

'Raf Adams's book The Suited Monk has been, and remains, one of the most useful tools helping me to understand, locate, and orient myself in the various situations, challenges, and circumstances my family and I face. Raf and his work are a constant point of reference and source of guidance, insight, and inspiration in my life. I highly recommend anyone looking for a more meaningful and happy life read The Suited Monk.' -- Dr. Dounald Thomas Professor of International Marketing/Management Guangzhou 

'Original and honest, this book captures the Life Journey workshop perfectly and is highly recommended as separate reading or as complementary follow up to one of Raf's workshops. I found this book so helpful (Simple language and model, to a complex topic, easy to read, truly a knowledgeable book) that I have already recommended numerous to both read the book and participate the workshop.' -- Henrik Larsen Chairman of the Danish Chamber of Commerce South China

The Suited Monk lives within all of us, an empowering new book about life purpose, true happiness, and self-discovery.

In today's society, many of us struggle to experience lasting happiness and contentment and find little purpose orfulfillment in our work and day-to-day lives. Modern society exerts a constant, subtle pressure to conform to the expectations of others, and to seek a version of success that is acceptable to the people around us but that does not necessarily meet our own most heartfelt needs and desires. Even if we manage to reach certain goals, the happiness they bring us rarely lasts long.

Because of this dynamic, some of us suffer deeply and experience a huge gap between the life we really want, with a deep feeling of joy about who we truly are, and the reality of the life we actually have.

By learning to synthesize your intuition, happiness, love, purpose, and life force (represented by your inner Monk) with the external world of success and achievement (represented by the Suit you wear), you will be able to close the gap and tap into the vast abundance that exists within you, both in your professional life and personal relationships. You will be able to minimize anxiety, stress, and problems caused by old, habitual ways of thinking and feeling.

Raf's step-by-step guide--which includes The Life Journey Model and GAP visual model,
developed both from his personal experience and from time-honored teachings--will enable you to easily identify and discover your own life path and to explore pertinent self-questioning paradigms, such as "What is my purpose in life?" and "How can I live a truly fulfilling life and have a happy and satisfying career?" Or more simply, ''How can I fully align my deepest desires and wishes, and flourish in today's world?"

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Meet the Author

Raf Adams was considered to be successful in the corporate world before he was thirty years old by colleagues, friends, and family. However, his personal life was anything but successful. He suffered from burnout when he was only twenty-four. Several years later he had a moment of awakening that revolutionised his outlook on business and life. Raf developed the Life Journey Model® to help others put into practice what he had learned: to live a life that integrates spirit with the many facets and demands of everyday reality. Today Raf is an entrepreneur, executive coach, and professional speaker who helps people be more authentic and align their inner worlds (monk) and outer worlds (suit).

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