Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New! Mentoring program for indie writers

Cutting Edge Indies (CEI) has announced its new Cutting Edge Mentor Program. This volunteer program will provide personal mentoring from some of the most established names in indie and traditional publishing, for new writers setting out in the world of indie publishing.

CEI is adding to its list of mentors and advisors, which currently includes:

Hugh Howey • Collen Hoover • Imogen Rose • David Gaughran • Donna Fasano • RJ Kellar • Victorine Lieske • JCarson Black • Vicki Tyley • Linda Prather • David Gaughran • Barbara Silkstone • Kristie Leigh Maguire • MP McDonald • SL Baum

Now that's an impressive line-up of mentors!

Here's a note from Imogen Rose for authors interested in mentoring:

"I am hoping you will consider joining us and help mentor someone… in a big sister/brother-like role. You get to choose who you would mentor. And you get to choose how involved you'd like to become. From merely answering questions and pointing your mentee in the right direction, to schooling them in the publishing/marketing process...the level of involvement would be up to you.

If you are interested in being a mentor please contact us at: (We will then send you an application form. The team will vet all mentors and choose the best ones for the program.)

We are excited about this and hope that it will be a fun and satisfying experience.

CEI (Imogen, Donna, Mary, Sharon, Kristie, and Beth)

You can see more, ask questions, and discuss this, in the forum post linked below!,149281.0.html

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