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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Sunday Apr 7)

It's Sunday Mystery time here on KBoards. Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Free today!

Foreclosed (The Mitzy Neuhaus Mysteries (Book 1)), by Traci Tyne Hilton. (Still free?)

This Christian cozy mystery is free today!

"Mitzy is a real estate agent with a problem. No one is buying and she needs to keep her staff busy. A nearby house is foreclosed on which draws her interest. That's when the problems start. There is more to the former owners than meets the eye and Mitzy is drawn into danger. The book is a fun and fast read and unique. I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Note: There were two paragraphs where the author revealed her characters Christian beliefs. It's part of the story, but not intrusive. There were very few, if any, editing errors in the copy I picked up (and I'm one to notice that sort of thing)." -- Amazon reviewer

Mitzy Neuhaus is the top selling Realtor in Portland, but even her office is dead in this economy. Foreclosed is the word no homeowner wants to hear and Mitzy is determined to save the incredible mansion on her street from that fate. But with the homeowner desperate to keep Mitzy away from his property and Alonzo, the dangerously hot rival investor trying to snatch it out from under her, Mitzy knows she has to work fast, or the economy won't be the only thing dead...

252 pages, with a 3.6-star rating from 60 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

An Order of Coffee and Tears, by Brian Spangler. (Still 0.99?)

Alone and desperate, Gabby Santiago stumbles into Angela's Diner, where she finds coffee, comfort, companionship... and curiosity, as some long-held secrets are revealed. Over fifty 5-star reviews! Don't miss this engaging read while it's on sale today.

"Lovely story with great characters and nicely woven plot threads. Some mystery, some danger, some coffee and tears. I read Coffee and Tears front to back, and a month later my recall of the story is very clear. If you read a lot, you know what I'm talking about. :) So two thumbs up for Coffee and Tears." -- Anne Frasier - New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Hush, Sleep Tight, Play Dead, Before I wake, and Pale Immortal

For a limited time, An Order of Coffee and Tears is on sale for 99 cents

Amazon Top 100 (March 2013)

Angela's Diner has the reputation of a safe haven where patrons find a moment of peace as they linger over coffee and tears. For one young runaway, Angela's is more than a place to tell your tale -- it's a place where with the magic of chicken and waffles, and a little bit of trust, may just save your life.

Gabriella Santiago used to be a typical teenager who enjoyed the usual teenage things. That is until a single tragic day ended who she was and within hours she ran from home, never to look back.

Only when Gabby is cold, hungry and at her lowest, does she find Angela's Diner. Gabby embraces her new life and the family she has found in the midst of strangers and obscurity.

Acceptance is what she craves, but before long, Gabby realizes she's not the only one in the diner with something to hide. Her new family has a secret too, and some secrets refuse to stay buried.

279 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 100 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Quiet Ops - The Bob Burton Series, by L. J. Martin. (Still 2.99?)

Bounty hunter Bob Burton and acclaimed novelist L. J. Martin join forces to deliver this story of a thrilling man-hunt!

"Bob Burton knows crime and how to write about won't put this one down." ~ Elmore Leonard.

"Action adventure fans won't be disappointed with Quite Ops by L. J. Martin and real-life bounty hunter Bob Burton." ~ Amazon Reader

"Make sure you have time to read this book, you will not put it down once you get started." ~ Mary J. Gramlich

Brad Bennedict, adventurer, bounty hunter and P.I., lives quietly in Montecito, and works in a blender of crime, corruption, and killings. His job is manhunting, and he and his crew at Quiet Ops do it better than anyone in the land. When billionaire Grenwald Stanton calls to report his beautiful twin daughters have been 'ruffied' and hooked on heroine by rapper Jo Jo Bling and that he'll pay large for their return, Brad and his boys, T-Rex and Cocoa are on the hunt, and his main lady bounty hunter, Monique, is in the middle of it all. Then when Stanton is kidnapped without paying, ka ka hits the fan. From gold plated Montecito to the gator and snake filled swamps of Florida, it's an action packed manhunt.

295 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 54 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

The Eyes Die Last, by Teri Riggs. (Still 2.99?)

A serial killer stalks the hookers of Las Vegas, and female sleuth Kennedy O'Brien gets caught up in the chase, amidst the murderous politics of Clark County's election season.

"This book has suspects, from the "can't be him, He is too obvious" to the 'well, it might be ...." with others in between. There are suspects that you can dislike and hope they are the villain and others that you like and hope they haven't crossed that line of control. The author takes the time to build up each of the major characters so you can get to know them and empathize with them. Strong characters that have human flaws that makes it easier to identify with them. Bring on more of these books." -- Amazon reviewer

The Las Vegas Mayoral race is heating up, and the incumbent doesn’t have a prayer. Wealthy real estate speculator Nick Campenelli, who wants to legalize prostitution in Clark County, and former pastor Louis St. Louis, running on a 'clean-up-Vegas-by-getting-rid-of-the-whores' platform, are the front runners.

They’re also front runners on the suspect list for a string of murders. Kennedy O’Brien, four-year detective with cop blood running in her veins, and her partner Wilder “Wild Thing” James, a veteran, are determined to find the man who’s murdering prostitutes who work the wrong side of the street, and they don’t care how important or politically active he is.

The killer is a man with a mission. He stalks the women before he kills them, leaving a “BEFORE” photo on their bodies, and sending an “AFTER” shot to the local news hound. Ed Hershey, an aging newscaster with just the right amount of grey in his hair, is determined to turn this story into a network gig, and his interference, along with the LVTVS legal team, are making Kennedy and Wilder look bad. Campenelli’s good looks and charm, and St. Louis’ vitriolic hatred of prostitutes are muddying the waters too, and now the killer seems to have taken a liking to Kennedy.

So the big question remains. Can she get him before he gets her?

329 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 9 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Hybrid - Forced Vengeance, by Greg Ballan. (Still 2.99?)

A highly-rated thriller featuring super-human detective Erik Knight, as he grapples with the death of his wife and his CIA anti-terrorism assignments.

"Very entertaining. Good action packed Science-fiction novel. Light but very enjoyable reading. I look forward to another sequel." -- Amazon reviewer

Human/Esper detective Erik Knight has kept his bargain with the United States Government by functioning as an undercover operative and CIA Cooler for over two years. Erik has been using his inhuman abilities to clean up terrorist hotspots and break narcotics trafficking rings throughout the United States and countries with US political interests. While away on assignment, Erik’s life is shattered when he learns his wife died in a car accident. Though he attended her funeral and burial, Erik can still feel a subtle trace of his beloved in his mind.

Threats against the life of the French President's daughter by terrorists result in the grieving Knight being assigned to protect her. After he foils two attempts on her life, he discovers that the radical group accused of the act is not involved. He joins forces with the group's leader and discovers the termination order originated inside the beltway in Washington DC. As the CIA Cooler digs deeper he learns that there may be a connection between the assassination attempts, his deceased wife, and a threat against the entire planet from outside the solar system.

362 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 19 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Shattered (Donna Harp Series), by Karl Jones. (Still 3.99?)

Small-town constable Donna Harp pursues a serial killer, and finds herself falling for a local author who happens to be the main suspect. This dark whodunnit has over thirty 5-star reviews.

"Shattered is a great crime novel from start to finish, with excitement and intrigue; a good old fashioned whodunit - Cher the love A very enjoyable read. Violence, murders, suspense, and a story that made me suspect more or less every single character without really knowing who was guilty until the big reveal." -- Lorraine Arndell

After the grisly discovery of a mutilated body, the small community of Greenville is held in the terrifying grip of a serial killer.
Author Jason Denton immediately falls under suspicion, and while Sergeant Underwood is determined to prove his guilt, no matter how he has to do it, the relatives of those being killed aren't so keen to wait for justice.
Caught in the middle is Donna Harp, a young constable partnered with the sergeant. She isn't convinced the author is guilty, and is determined to catch the killer, whoever he may be, but is she being swayed by Denton's charm?


Includes the bonus short, Lauren's Nightmare, and a preview of my scifi adventure, A Brother's Debt.

372 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 51 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Deadlocked 2, by A.R. Wise. (Still 0.99?)

Laura fights to save her family against zombies, but it's the humans around her who might prove be the most dangerous threats. 60 five-star reviews for this 2nd installment in the Deadlocked series!

"Any time an author can make me love a character, I know that they love that character. When the author can then kill that character to further the story, they have my respect. With this book I am a believer in this series. I'll read it 50 times before I purchase another Max Brooks catastrophe. I wish these were full length novels, but if they were, they might lose their flavor. I'm loving them." -- Amazon reviewer

Part two of the series picks up immediately after the end of the first. David's wife, Laura, is forced to take over the protection of their family as the boat travels out into Hailey Bay, away from the zombies. However, the boat's pilot plans to dock back in the overrun city to rescue his own family, which will put Laura, Kim, and Annie in jeopardy.

Laura is forced to overcome unimaginable horrors as the zombie apocalypse explodes around her, but it is the evil intent of humans that present her greatest challenge. The reader is taken far beyond the edge of their seat as Laura pushes forward to the inevitable end. No one is safe in a world where the dead hunt the living.

78 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 81 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

The Good Cemetery Guide, by Consuelo Roland. (Still 2.99?)

Anthony livens up his life running the family funeral home business by playing guitar and chasing women... but a one-night-stand with Lily turns into a thrill-ride full of memorable characters, where he breaks all of his own rules.

"You can smell the sea, hear the 4.30 train to Muizenberg and feel the grit in your eyes when the South-Easter picks up. Highly recommended." Barry Tyson, The Other Guide

"... This quirky story of a Kalk Bay undertaker is...'playful, imaginative, surprising," and showed a refreshing linguistic skill." Sunday Times Lifestyle, THE SHORT LIST for The Sunday Times Fiction Prize

"This book is a fast-paced, witty, enjoyable read. I look forward to Roland's next novel." Rating 4/5 Lauri Meldau, The Write Company 

Anthony Loxton, 3rd generation funeral parlour director of the Loxton Funeral Home, lives in Kalk Bay, a fishing seaside town, with his catankerous mother. Facing the prospect of a bleak dutiful future he finds some relief by living a parallel secretive existence as Tony the Fox, a guitarist who plays at Kalk Bay music venues and has brief liaisons with women who frequent the locales. His two worlds collide when a nubile one-night-stand (Lily) ends up on the funeral parlour bed the day after he meets her. He decides to ignore the unspoken code of conduct of the Loxton Funeral Parlour, and surprises himself even more by breaking his own rules.

Anthony pits himself against the forces of chaos and destruction assisted by his able good-luck paper puppet, a cheerful cowboy skeleton, who harks from Mexico, a fascinating remote land where ongoing contact with the dead is maintained through the annual festivities of the Day of the Dead.

Through the intervention of his golden-haired lover the seductive Alexandra (or Akauba) who has a passion for the art of death and displays her photographs of cemeteries at international exhibitions, and Aurora Morningstar who hides a secret, and Grethe Marais, the dark-skinned daughter of a local fisherman who swims with seals, he discovers that the living are far more tenacious than the dead and that fulfilment can arise in the most unusual circumstances.

288 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 3 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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