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"Dust Angel," by Jutta Profijt

Corinna decides to start her own business after losing her advertising job. Her "Dust Angel" house cleaning and maintenance service is the start of a great business plan - and a hilarious misadventure.

Dust Angel, by Jutta Profijt

"I loved the satiric commentary on the hip denizens of ad agencies (I've been a copywriter, and Profijt describes the scene perfectly ). Another hilarious bit of satire focuses on a seminar that teaches would-be entrepreneurs how to dress for success. Here Corinna learns to her amazement that dusty rose is her best color and that despite her height she will have to start wearing high heels. The coach's disparaging remarks about Corinna and everyone else in the seminar are pretty funny. Corinna has her romantic troubles, of course. It's not easy to be thirty-one, have big hips, and lose your boyfriend to an elfin hottie. But this is a very upbeat novel, despite the agonies of anxiety, stress and downright terror Corinna has to go through before things look up. If here's hope for Corinna, there's hope for us all." -- Amazon Top 500 reviewer

Losing her posh advertising job, her boyfriend, and her apartment all in the same morning has left Corinna Leyendecker with a massive mess where her life should be. She tries to get things back on track, but with a mountain of red tape between her and unemployment assistance and a string of disastrous job interviews under her belt, it’s clear that following the rules is getting her nowhere. So she decides to start doing things her way…

With the help of a quirky friend—and some unconventional branding—Corinna launches her own business: an elite cleaning service for wealthy men. And business is booming…until the day she finds a dead homeless man in the house of a fussy new client. As usual, Corinna’s instinct is to clean up, but body disposal isn’t easy, especially when you’re juggling work, friendships, media attention, and a nasty flu. It’s going to take more than a little elbow grease to finish this dirty job and come out clean.

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Jutta Profijt was born in 1967 in Ratingen, Germany. After finishing school, she lived abroad working as an au pair, an importer/exporter, a coach to executives and students, and a business English instructor. She published her first novel in 2003 and today works as a freelance writer and translator. Her first novel featuring coroner Martin Gänsewein, MORGUE DRAWER FOUR, was shortlisted for Germany's 2010 Friedrich Glauser Prize for best crime novel.

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