Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Discovery Day! (Friday Apr 26)

It's Book Discovery Day! Every Friday we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
May Flowers (Twelve Months of Romance - May), by Margaret LakeAll her life, May knew that her older sister resented her beauty, but now that April has found the love of her life, they’ve grown much closer. All May wants to do now is help April plan her wedding and devote herself to her career. But fate has other plans for her as an unlikely friendship turns into a love that she hadn’t foreseen.

Print Length: 103 pages...
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Pirate Trials: Dastardly Deeds & Last Words, by Ken RossignolSome of the most bloodthirsty pirates in the world were brought to justice and held over for trial in Scotland, England and the United States . These trials detail their dastardly deeds with startling testimony of those who were there and lived to be able to testify in person. What happened to the Jane of Gibraltar?
Learn how pirates repainted a ship at sea, killed the captain and cook and set a fire in the hold with the rest of the crew to suffocate, all for the purpose of taking over the ship and a valuable cargo of silver dollars and gold.
Pirates plundered other ships on the high seas while on the brig Crawford a cunning act of piracy was perpetrated by a veteran pirate leader. He slit his own throat to escape justice while...
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Cry Me A River, by Robert MichaelClaire Eppington works with dead people. She delivers their ashes to remote locations throughout the globe. On a trip to Colombia to bring the remains of a client to a remote village on the Rio de Magdalena, Claire finds that her job may be more deadly than she expected.

Her assignment allows her to work with Manny Villareal, a handsome and rugged photographer. What Claire does not know is that Manny used to work as a security chief for the family cartel.

When Manny's brother becomes threatened, Claire becomes a pawn in a dangerous game. Pursued by an assassin, and pressed by military groups, a rogue DEA agent, and a greedy relative seeking to overthrow the cartel, Manny is forced to make a choice. Does he save hi...
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Opening Moves (The Tears of Orion), by James TraynorAs Pvt. Samantha Lee embarks on a routine patrol mission along the
borders of Union space, she's certain she'll be back home with her
family on Mars for Christmas.

When Tarek Winters and the motley human and alien crew of the freighter IRON MAIDEN take on a job a thousand lightyears away from Earth, they expect it to be an easy and profitable run.

But a war is coming.

Three human superpowers watch each other warily from behind vast fleets while plotting to take control of key colonies and trade routes.
The great Rasenni Empire, once the unchallenged master of known space, is in decline, ensnared in debauchery and beset by old and new enemies. ...
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Reflecting on Midnight: Four Novellas, by Bradley ConvissarReflecting on Midnight contains Brad Convissar's four previously-released novellas. Purchased separately, the four stories (which combine for 76,000 words) will cost you $4.96; purchased together in this collection, only $3.99. Now what does it include?

"Dogs of War"- After divorcing his wife of two years, Gary Lettner thinks he has found the perfect house for himself and Molly, his eight-year-old dachshund. But when the throats of the dead begin to cry out in a voice that only Molly can hear, and when evidence of past atrocities committed in his new home begin to surface, Gary finds himself an unlikely participant in a brutal quest for vengeance.
Some crimes are too horrible to go unpunished, no matter the cos...
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Horatio's One Wish, by Joshua KriesbergHoratio's One Wish is a story that touches your funny-bone and your heart. It is suspenseful from the opening sentences and humorous throughout, but most of all, the characters in the story endear themselves to you. What makes Horatio's One Wish unique is how much you care about these small-animal characters and how moved you are when you finish the book.
Horatio has lived alone as long as he can remember. His only friend is a river otter named Rollic, who visits him nearly every day. But when Rollic goes missing, Horatio knows he must rescue him before it's too late. ...
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Gabriella The Tale of a Misfit Fairy, by Nancy HillWhen Gabriella falls from the villainous Dream Master's bag, Lore Valley will be forever changed.

Gabriella is no ordinary fairy. With iridescent wings, bells at the tips of her toes, and an impression of a wand coloring her forehead, her appearance alone sets her apart. Intrigued, the fairies welcome her with open arms, but as she grows up, some of her behavior disturbs the residents of the Lore Valley. Queen Pasha, in particular, worries that Gabriella may not have arrived in the valley accidentally. Could she be part of the Dream Master's plan to destroy the fairies?

Full of quirky characters living in a whimsical world that the maniacal Dream Master seeks to destroy, this novel takes the reader on a roller coaster ...
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The Cylinder Program, by Paul M MacDonaldYOU DON'T NEED A KINDLE! DOWNLOAD APP FOR YOUR DEVICE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------^

In World War 2 a Nazi General came up with a low-tech global communications scheme, “The Cylinder Program.” Using bronze cylinders that could be buried or hidden in strategic locations all around the world, their secret agents could send messages back and forth. The preferred inducement to betray one’s country was gold. Thus the cylinders were filled with gold coins to be used as seed money by their agents for bribery.
A U-Boat assigned to distribute the cylinders in 1943 was challenged by a small patrol craft commanded by Ensign Bill Baker off Key West. The sub escapes, but unbeknowns...
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Mark Taylor Omnibus (The Mark Taylor Series Box Set), by M.P. McDonaldThis is a collection of all four books in the Mark Taylor Series.

Mark Taylor: Genesis:
Mark Taylor's life changes forever when he finds an antique camera in an Afghan bazaar. Back home in Chicago, he discovers that the camera has a strange and unique ability--it produces photographs of tragedies yet to happen. What else can he do but attempt to save lives and thwart catastrophe?

No Good Deed:
Mark Taylor discovers first hand that no good deed goes unpunished when after the unthinkable happened and everyone ignored his frantic warnings, thousands died. Suddenly, the Feds are pounding on his door and the name they have for Taylor isn't urban hero. It's enemy combatant. And, it means they can...
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Lavonia In a Wave of Blue, by D HarrisBook one~
Out of the ashes of a horrible tragedy, Evan emerged a changed child. Evan Steele lost so much at such a young age, without the guidance and love from his foster family; he would have been lost as well. As all normal children do, quirky twelve-year-old Evan begins to experience changes, each more frightening than the next. The year for him is a wild ride of emotions as he faces dragons, the damn, and even the captain that murdered his family, especially his treasured mother. Discovering a new power from within Evan hopes to search for answers on a life he never knew he had, as his dead mother’s secrets begin rising from the grave in the form of her twelve-year-old son.
A book; full of magic creatures, epic battles and ...
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The Vanished (Blemished Series), by Sarah Dalton“You’re part of the vanished now. That’s what we all are. The people who have been forgotten.”

Mina Hart fought her way out of Area 14. She made it to The Clans so that she can live a normal life with her friends and her father. But what she finds is no safe haven.

As her best friend turns against her and the Compounders treat her with distrust, Mina begins to suspect foul play at the very heart of her new home. Just to make matters worse, the threat of war is coming. The Clans are turning against each other, and Mina is caught in the middle.

Join Mina as she is reunited with her father, meets new and surprising friends and tries to figure out her complicated love life. The Vanished promises even mor...
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PSIONIC Book One: Wild-born (Adrian Howell's PSIONIC Pentalogy), by Adrian HowellWhen young Adrian Howell discovers he possesses powerful telekinetic abilities, he is plunged into a sinister world of warring paranormal factions and terrifying government organizations. Adrian must discover what really happened to his missing sister. But to do this, he will first have to find his place among fugitives like himself, and protect the life of a deeply scarred child who can speak only through her mind... a child who will change Adrian's life forever.
(Wild-born is the first book of Adrian Howell's PSIONIC Pentalogy)

Read all five books of Adrian Howell's PSIONIC Pentalogy in order:

Book One: Wild-born
Book Two: The Tower
Book Three: Lesser Gods
Book Four: The Quest
Book Five...
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A Fine Mess, by Lina Gimble
A handsome hermit with a huge fine. A librarian determined to collect. Romance was overdue...

Prudence Chairheart gladly trades a chaotic life in the shadow of her famous mother for the blissful calm of the Pennisqual Public Library. All is quiet on the library front until she discovers Jack Baylor, library outlaw, borrowing privileges abuser and hermit, owes $3437.65 in library fines. When her fine notices go unanswered, Pru vows to collect from the mysterious Mr. Baylor even if it means visiting his creepy house in person. Even if it means telling a teeny, tiny lie. Now Pru must never let him discover her true identity or he may want his money back. For Jack, the only thing bigger t...
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil
Shredded, by Karen Avivi“Authentic, fun, emotional, and just plain gorgeous writing.”
- Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times bestselling author

Josie Peters is a freestyle BMXer who wants to get out of the shadow of her athletic older brother. She decides she'll do anything to qualify for the Ultimate BMX competition the summer before her senior year. When Josie and her friends take off on a summer road trip to hit the qualifying events in the Midwest, late-night parties, an intimidating mega ramp, and the lure of sponsorships spark friction between the girls. Flashy rider R.T. Torres tempts Josie with an easy "in," but the sacrifices required threaten to send her spinning out of control.

A high-adrenaline read about rivalries, rejecti...
USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil
Your Poetry eBook: Quick & Easy Formatting for Kindle, by D. L. Lang

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil
I want you to succeed as a poet.

You're an awesome poet! Aren't you?

The best poet to walk the earth since Rumi?

Okay, maybe not that awesome, but as far as modern poets go, you’ve got the skills and you know it!

You may be thinking, "No, I’m not." All the more reason for you to tell yourself daily that yes, you are!

How do you, a fabulous 21st century poet, get your work into the hands of poetry lovers?

The answer is right in front of you: Amazon's Kindle.

This concise text is your next step from poet nobody reads to poet everybody reads.
I published my own book, and if I can do it, so can you!

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