Thursday, April 18, 2013

"The Eden Project: Humanity's Last Chance," by DP Fitzsimons

Fifteen-year-old Genevieve is one of dozens of tube-born children living inside a dome, protected from a virus-infected planet on the brink of extinction. Now her first love might just bring about an end to humanity. This highly-rated Sci-Fi novel is 99 cents today!

The Eden Project: Humanity's Last Chance, by DP Fitzsimons

The Eden Project entwined the innocence and angst of young love and the battle to preserve the human race, what else do you need for pure enjoyment! The vivid imagery throughout begs for the big screen. Ending in an epic action sequence that left me begging for more. -- Amazon reviewer

There was only one rule: NEVER LEAVE THE DOME.

Inside the dome, 117 tube-born kids lived free of contamination. Trained since birth, they were almost ready to launch their ships and leave the dying planet behind. They were humanity's final hope to avoid extinction. Their mission would be to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy seeking out a habitable world free of the C-1 virus.

They tried not to think of conditions outside the dome where the virus had driven the last of the uninfected into the ground, into dark bunkers where they waited to be rooted out by cannibalistic hordes. Streets had become boneyards. Weeds grew inside long-forgotten government buildings.

Fifteen-year-old Genevieve Fifthborn knew all this, she was fully aware that the world was coming to an end, but on the island of The Eden Project she had much bigger problems, boy problems. Only her first love might risk far more than a broken heart, it just might bring about the end of our species.

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