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Easy Innocence (Georgia Davis Series), by Libby Fischer Hellmann. (Still free?)

Chicago PI Georgia Davis is hired to investigate the murder of a privileged prep-school girl, and discovers that a group of her classmates have been making extra money through a teenage prostitution ring. This thriller from Libby Fischer Hellmann is free today!

"In this fast-paced mystery, the author of the Ellie Forman series introduces suspended cop and now PI Georgia Davis. Georgia is hired to help clear a mentally ill man, Cam Jordan, who is accused of killing a teenage girl, Sara Long, in a local forest preserve. It looks like an open-and-shut case; Cam’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and the victim’s blood is on his shirt. However, Georgia and Cam’s lawyer suspect Cam is being railroaded. Through her investigation, Georgia finds Sara was killed at a high-school hazing, and a local teenage prostitution ring is operating on the North Shore, a privileged, upper-class area north of Chicago. Also, there is a shady real-estate deal going on. Even when Georgia finds enough evidence to cast doubt on Cam’s culpability, she continues her investigation, intent on finding out who killed Sara and why. Georgia is a loner with a minimalist lifestyle who is recovering from her breakup with her boyfriend. She is a principled, compassionate character, determined to do the right thing, even if it doesn’t follow conventional assumptions." -- Booklist

When pretty, smart Sara Long is found bludgeoned to death, it's easy to blame the man with the bat. But Georgia Davis -- former cop and newly-minted PI -- is hired to look into the incident at the behest of the accused's sister, and what she finds hints at a much different, much darker answer. It seems the privileged, preppy schoolgirls on Chicago's North Shore have learned just how much their innocence is worth to hot-under-the-collar businessmen. But while these girls can pay for Prada pricetags, they don't realize that their new business venture may end up costing them more than they can afford.
EASY INNOCENCE is now available in Spanish as INOCENCIA FĂ…CIL. You can find it here:

396 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 60 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

The Art of Falling Apart, by Mark Dawson. (Still 2.99?)

An English rock band prepares to break into the US, but their opening concert is followed by a mysterious death of one of the band members, and the animosity between the group begins to pull them apart.

"The spirit of our times captured in an engrossing new work ... This earthy, tragi-comic first novel marks him out as a talent to be watched." -- Birmingham Post

"Mark Dawson takes us for a rollicking ride through the trashy backstreets of the rock and roll dream ... with a tasty sting in the tail to boot." -- Classic Rock.

"Written in an innovative style, with plenty of intrigue and action, Dawson beautifully weaves the plot together ... a brilliant debt novel from a very talented writer." -- Subject.

Already translated into multiple languages, Mark Dawson's previously best-selling tale of sex, drugs (and rock and roll) makes its Kindle debut.

A story of greed, duplicity and death in the flamboyant, super-ego world of rock and roll. Dystopia have rocketed up the charts in Europe, so now it's time to crack America. The opening concert in Las Vegas is a sell-out success -- but secret envy and open animosity have begun to tear the group apart.

The lead singer, Vid, is on a roller-coaster of self-indulgence and egomania...Jared, the lead guitarist, resents being shouldered out of the limelight...Spin, the warm-up DJ, just cannot resist dangerous extra-marital adventures...nor can their manager, Alex, resist the lure of personal gain that greed and duplicity could bring him.

Then one of them dies, in an apparent accident, and there begins to unravel a chilling saga of dark emotions, cynical manipulation, and murderously ruthless self-interest.

Whether you are a vinyl junkie or you watch the pop world in fascinated horror, you will find The Art of Falling Apart as bewitching as the world it depicts.

368 pages, with a 3.4-star rating from 19 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Jack Templar Monster Hunter: The Templar Chronicles: Book One, by Jeff Gunhus. (Still 0.99?)

Over fifty 5-star reviews! 14-year-old Jack Templar discovers that he's inherited powerful monster-hunting abilities, but are the enough to protect him when the monsters know that he's the last Templar? A fantasy for middle-schoolers and above.

"Gunhus brings young readers a monster-filled romp to read at their own risk. In the first few pages, Jack, the storyteller and main character, warns readers not to read about these real-world monsters that would seem to only exist in fiction. The tone is set--sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek and likable; rooting for Jack is easy...Gunhus masterfully introduces fully realized characters with whom readers can connect almost instantly. The pacing is quick but not rushed, and events seamlessly progress, complete with action, cliff-hangers and surprise reveals. " - Kirkus Reviews .

"The action starts right from the first chapter and doesn't let up until the book ends. This is the first book in a series, and I look forward to reading the rest of them." -The DMS .

"Jeff Gunhus has made a terrific fast paced fantasy. I even wanted to bolt my doors and lock my windows! Five stars for the best book of the year." -Elizabeth A. Bolt

Finalist for 2012 Book of the Year Award -- Foreword Reviews
Orphan Jack Templar has no memory of his parents and only the smallest details from his Aunt Sophie about how they died. The day before Jack's fourteenth birthday, things start to change for him. At first it's great: A sudden new strength helps him defend his nose-picking friend "T-Rex" from the school bully, and even his crush, Cindy Adams, takes notice. But then a mysterious girl named Eva arrives and tells him two facts that will change his life forever. First, that he's the descendent of a long line of monster hunters and he's destined to be in the family business. Second, that there's a truce between man and monster that children are off-limits...until their fourteenth birthday! Jack has only one day before hundreds of monsters will descend on his little town of Sunnyvale and try to kill him.

As if that weren't enough, things get even more complicated when Jack discovers that the Lord of the Creach (as the monsters are collectively known) holds a personal grudge against him and will do anything to see that Jack has a slow and painful death. To stay alive and save his friends, Jack will have to battle werewolves, vampires, harpies, trolls, zombies and more. But perhaps the most dangerous thing he must face is the truth about his past. Why do the other hunters call him the last Templar? Why do they whisper that he may be the "One'" Why do the monsters want him dead so badly? Even as these questions plague him, he quickly discovers survival is his new full-time job and that in the world of monster hunters, nothing is really what it seems.

196 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 102 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

I'm Only Human After All, by Alex Rogers. (Still 2.99?)

Part memoir, part novel, this book is a powerful first-person narrative about bullying and its excruciating effects.

"First of all, this deserves an Oprah sticker. Anyone who is looking for a great inspirational tear-jerking read, look no further. I read the book early and loved it. Every chapter i could connect to something, i had to deal with some of the same problems and felt like he did. I was drawn in by courageous and noble actions he used. I was impressed by how well it was written and described. This book made me cry more than once, even reading it more than once, and still inspires me to become greater than i am. Read and i guarantee you won't be disappointed." -- Amazon reviewer


 What do you do if you find yourself suddenly, and without provocation, the target of high school aggression, relentless insults, and painful isolation? Such is the dilemma of teenager Alex Rogers, the main character in I'm Only Human After All, the thought-provoking, absorbing novel inspired by the real-life trials of the author by the same name. In this penetrating story, Rogers draws from his personal experiences to offer invaluable insight to students, teachers, and parents everywhere on today's increasingly common, and highly damaging, instances of bullying and cyber-bullying. The novel's poignant, reflective first-person narrative details all that bullied young adults confront, casting crucial new light on this timely topic to enable individuals to cope with this pervasive problem. I'm Only Human After All also represents the debut work of fiction in the ongoing "Empowerment" series based on the author's life that surrounds topics relevant today.

166 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 29 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Open Meetings: A Jillian Hillcrest Mystery, by Joyce Strand. (Still 3.99?)

A woman dies in an apparent accident after pleading with a reporter not to print the information she's provided. Jillian Hillcrest, a Napa Valley executive fending off her persistent ex-husband, gets drawn into the investigation and longheld secrets begin to emerge. All five-star reviews for this mystery!

"This Jillian Hillcrest mystery pulls us quickly into both glimpses into the real world of Silicon Valley and into a fictional delight of intrigue, murder and corruption. I give it 5 stars for suspense with characters you love." -- Amazon reviewer

PR Executive Jillian Hillcrest is having lunch with a reporter colleague when a woman enters and begs him not to print anything she's told him because they will kill her if he does. A few days later, the reporter tells Jillian that the woman was killed in a car crash in his hometown. The police ruled her death an accident caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Although Jillian is busy promoting her Silicon Valley biotech company, the reporter draws her into an investigation of his hometown's police department, located in California north of the Napa-Sonoma wine region. Coincidentally, Jillian's neighbor Cynthia Anderson wonders about the untimely death of her policemen husband years earlier as part of the same police department. Meanwhile, Jillian's ex-husband hovers over her to reverse the "ex" status. Unfortunately, none of them anticipates the frightening events that follow.

273 pages, with a 5-star rating from 8 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

IRAQ WAR 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Political Scenes - Limited Discount Edition - BUY IT NOW (The Coyote Report), by Charles Edmund Coyote. (Still 0.99?)

A politically-charged account of the Iraq war.

"I enjoyed the book because it was a well documented account of activities. I would share this book with political science majors, history majors, or people interested in Iraq War. There was so much information that the general public was not aware and it answered many of my questions about the war." -- Amazon reviewer

With more than 600 citations, ranging from insider memoirs to the accounts of journalists, former government officials, policy wonks, military leaders, and news broadcasters, the 'Iraq War 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Political Scenes' develops a thorough analysis of what led the Bush administration use the 'War on Terror' to attack Iraq.
  • Both the Afghan and Iraq wars continue even now to haunt the economical undercurrents of American life like a hungry ghost contributing to our country's recession. What are the real costs of both wars and why were we led to believe otherwise? "If we fail to learn from history we are doomed to repeat it".

  • Sun Tzu, the ancient philosopher of war, stressed the importance of "Knowing Your Enemy". This being critical to victory in the War on Terror, the book examines why al-Qaeda attacked the US on 9/11.

  • Could those attacks have been prevented? What warnings from CIA and America's friends around the world preceded the terrorist attacks of 9/11?

  • Why were Mullah Omar,Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri able to escape? Most know Mark Owen's "No Easy Day" and how Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan in 2011, but only a few are familiar with the details of how the military bureaucracy interfered with CIA doing its job.

  • How did the War in Afghanistan, so successful in its opening weeks, become 'The Long War'? What are the most effective methods for fighting terrorism?

  • How did Saddam Hussein acquire his WMDs and how long, in the face of serious consequences for doing so, did he hold on to them?
The book ties together a considerable amount of information and provides a hopeful analysis by reminding us of where we have been. Patriotic concern - like the imprisoned lightning to which it subtly alludes - threads its way through the pages of this book, reminding its readers of the people, ideas, and inspirations that called for America to be its best.

323 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 8 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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