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"TRANSCENDER: First-Timer," by Vicky Savage

In this highly-rated Sci-Fi fantasy, 17-year-old Jaden gets kidnapped and popped into a new world, where a rebel agent helps her assume a new identity as part of the royal family - and she's reluctant to return to the earth she knows. An engaging full-length novel for $2.99.

TRANSCENDER: First-Timer (TRANSCENDER Trilogy), by Vicky Savage

Transcender is a page-turner from the first page to the last. It is fast paced, exciting, witty and romantic. The characters and scenarios are vivid and believable and the story is riveting. I couldn't put it down and finished the book in 2 afternoons. Anyone who has ever contemplated the existence of an alternate universe will be totally captivated by the vibrant descriptions of this 'other' world. Fun and extremely well-written. Can't wait for book two of the trilogy. -- Amazon reviewer

When a freak lightning storm turns terrifying, seventeen-year-old Jaden Beckett leaps for her life only to be glitched into an alternate universe. The destiny police want her out. Jaden's got other plans.

Ripped away from her quiet Connecticut life and dumped into a post-apocalyptic version of earth, Jaden lands smack in the middle of a kidnapping--her own!

Agent Ralston of the Inter-Universal Guidance Agency (IUGA) rescues her and helps her to assume a new identity. And what an amazing identity it is ...

In this world, she's Princess Jaden a member of the royal family of one of the three surviving nations. Plus, her mother's alive here--a miracle she never dreamed possible. If that weren't enough, she finds herself falling hard for Ryder Blackthorn, the half-Cherokee half-Irish outlaw who kidnapped her in the first place.

So, when IUGA finally gets its act together and is ready to send her home, Jaden's not budging. She's pretty sure Agent Ralston's been lying to her, and this whole thing isn't really a cosmic accident after all.

Can the powerful IUGA force her to leave' Or is Jaden what some in this strange land believe her to be--a Transcender with the ability to travel among alternate dimensions at will?

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Meet the Author

Life has been interesting so far for Vicky Savage. She has resided in seven different states and London, England. She holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Minnesota and a Juris Doctorate from Florida State University College of Law. She's been employed in a number of enjoyable occupations including flag-girl on a construction crew, research assistant to a world famous scientist, trial lawyer, health-care company executive, and most recently author and publisher of young adult fiction. She has a charmingly boyish husband, two bright and amusing children, and two effervescent dogs. In addition to her family, she loves the ocean, new adventures, Italy, passionate kisses, and room service, in that order. She lives on the water in Florida.

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