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"The Mountain King," by Rick Hautala

Mark Newman regularly hikes Mount Agiochook, unconcerned about the ancient legends surrounding it, until one snowy day he takes sight of something on the mountain that must be destroyed... before his own life is ruined. This horror thriller is reduced today to $0.99 (regularly $4.99).

The Mountain King, by Rick Hautala

"Anyone interested in the Bigfoot legend will enjoy reading THE MOUNTAIN KING, a fast-paced horror tale loaded with action. Rick Hautala may have written his best work to date in the obsessively heroic Mark who refuses to give up his quest despite impossible odds of succeeding. As an added bonus to Mr. Hautala's fans, the author includes three short stories starring the Untcigahunk from LITTLE BROTHERS." -- Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer

In the halls... of the Mountain King...

There are many legends and ancient tales concerning Mount Agiochook, the second tallest mountain in Maine. Some of these tales speak of a demon that resides on the rocky slopes near the mountain's snow-crested summit. Legend has it that a force of supernatural evil periodically emerges from the mists that shroud the mountain and comes down to the valley, looking to claim a life.

Sometimes the life it claims is an animal — perhaps a stray dog or a farmer's cow or a horse. At other times, it claims a human life, a straying hiker or a lost camper.

Mark Newman has hiked the numerous trails to the summit of Mount Agiochook many times. He has heard the stories and Indian legend, but he doesn't believe them.

Not until one September afternoon, when an early snow storm sweeps through the mountains, and he witnesses something he knows can't possibly be real.

But it is all too real!

Convinced that there is something lurking near the summit of the mountain... something terrible... something that won't be satisfied with claiming just one human life, Mark vows to hunt it down and destroy it.

What he doesn't know is that he, too, is being hunted. Under suspicion for the murders of his best friend and his wife's lover, Mark is being pursued by the local police, an angry mob, and something else... something he can't begin to comprehend until he confronts it, face to face.

From international best-selling author Rick Hautala — with dust jacket artwork and interior illustrations by acclaimed artist Stephen R. Bissette, creator of Tyrant — comes this terrifying adventure story of horror and suspense that will thrill you and haunt you long after you've finished reading it. This deluxe edition is protected inside a handmade cloth slipcase and is signed by the author!

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