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Thrillers! Free and bargain Kindle books (Thursday Apr 11)

It's Thriller Thursday! Here's today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Free today!

Bad Games: A Novel (A Dark Psychological Thriller), by Jeff Menapace. (Still free?)

The Lamberts head to rural Crescent Lake for a getaway, and so are the twisted Fannelli brothers, who have more on their minds than rest and relaxation. This award-winning, highly-rated thriller is free today.

"I find the author to be ridiculously talented." -MichelleR, Red Adept Reviews
"In my opinion, Jeff Menapace is one of the rising stars of the horror and suspense thriller genre ... He knows how to grab your attention immediately..." -Jim Chambers, Top 50 reviewer

"Disturbing, terrifying, and full of twists ... as usual, Mr. Menapace doesn't disappoint...If you haven't read any of his work yet, you're missing out..." -Amazon Reviewer


The Lambert Family is heading to Crescent Lake, a rural cabin community in western Pennsylvania, for an idyllic weekend getaway. Some fishing, some barbecue, some games...

The Fannelli brothers are heading to Crescent Lake too. Some stalking, some kidnapping, some murder, definitely some games...though not necessarily the type of games the Lamberts had in mind.

But it doesn't matter. The Lamberts are going to play whether they like it or not.

An intense psychological thriller, Bad Games has the dark, mind-bending chills of The Bad Seed combined with the fish-out-of-water dread and suspense of Deliverance.

So let Jeff Menapace's highly anticipated suspense thriller keep you up all night as it delves into the mystery of nature versus nurture when comprehending the evil in man, along with the will and determination an innocent family must summon to fight back against horrific odds.

BONUS! Includes the first chapter of the pulse-pounding sequel, Vengeful Games.

338 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 48 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

A Legacy of Revenge (Legacy Series Book Two), by Harriet Schultz. (Still 2.99?)

In this romantic suspense, widow Alexandra Cameron seeks revenge for the murder of her husband, and finds an ally in her husband's best friend Diego.

"This series tells its story with such graphic detail that the reading experience is almost totally visual. The descriptions of the scenes and the characters create images that stay with you long after the reading is finished. While the characters possess looks and sex appeal of Hollywood proportions, they still have to deal with down-to-earth conflicts experienced by us all, such as a man's obligations to his family his romantic partner and a woman's struggle to remain independent while having to rely on her man for safety and protection. It's a rewarding reading--and viewing-- experience." -- Amazon reviewer

When a fourteenth-century Scottish oath leads to murder in present-day Boston, the victim's devastated widow seeks revenge. Determined to find and punish the person who killed her husband Will, Alexandra Cameron joins forces with his best friend, Diego Navarro.
The handsome, wealthy and powerful Argentine never expected to win Alex's heart, yet two years after the senseless killing, their love blazes with heat and passion. Their bliss is threatened by a Scotsman who blames the couple for the death of his son -- Will Cameron's murderer. The ruthless predator targets Alex and forces the deadly game of revenge into its next round.

230 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 9 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

The Brown House (The Visitors Series), by Christy Sloat. (Still 0.99?)

Over sixty 5-star reviews for this thriller! Teen Brylee's family moves to a creepy house in small town New Jersey, rumored to be haunted, and finds herself in the midst of unexplainable occurrences, secrets, and an old curse.

"A good, old fashioned ghost story at heart. Stories like this are what I enjoyed reading as a child, and this one brings me back to those days. Only this ghost story is also a teenage love story. Christy Sloat does a wonderful job of intertwining these two aspects, resulting in a fun and wonderfully paced young adult read. The characters and their relationships are developed well, and the importance of family and friendship are obvious throughout the book. It is also a clean and realistic teen love story, the kind that I would not hesitate to let my teenager daughters read. I can't wait for the next two books in the series!" -- Amazon reviewer

Some secrets should never be revealed…

Brylee Branson begrudgingly made the excruciating move with her family from the warm sandy beaches of California to small town living in New Jersey. As if she wasn’t miserable enough, they’ve moved into a creepy old house that everyone in the area claims is haunted. Brylee dismisses the idea of ghosts and hauntings, until she begins to see and hear things that can’t be explained…

Brylee has no choice but to seek the help of new friends to unlock the secrets of this place she now calls home. But some secrets should never be revealed. Can the teens find a way to release the spirits imprisoned within the walls? Or will the curse claim them, too?

324 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 80 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

A Bullet For Carlos (Blood Flows South, Book I), by Giacomo Giammatteo. (Still 0.99?)

A drug bust goes wrong, leaving two cops dead, and putting Detective Connie Giannelli under the microscope of Internal Affairs. She'll take the fall unless she can clear her name - by getting to the bottom of the issue with corrupt cops and her mobster uncle. 40+ five-star reviews!

"Giammatteo wrote one of my favorite books of the year, Murder Takes Time, so it's no surprise that his latest release is also a great book. The author has drawn such deep and complex characters that when you see where the plot is leading, you start reading faster and faster, hoping our heroine can fend off the forces of evil that you know are descending on her. This is a big, sprawling story, with plenty of deep characters and realistic ambiance. And the serial killer is so expertly drawn that he will give you the chills. With this second book, Mr. Giammatteo has established himself as one of the finest indie authors publishing today and one to keep an eye on for the rest of the decade." -- The Kindle Book Review

A Thriller That Won't Let Go!

Detective Connie Giannelli's life has been torn apart several times. First when her mother died and then years later when she found out her Uncle Dominic was in the mob. Her life is about to be shredded again, and this time it could destroy her.

Connie's love of family and her badge are both threatened when an undercover drug bust leaves two cops dead and the drugs missing. Internal Affairs is looking for any excuse to take her badge, but she's not worried about them finding the missing drugs--her secrets could prove to be far worse.

Now Connie's racing against the clock to figure out who killed her partners and took the drugs--dirty cops or Uncle Dominic's friends. And she has to do it before IA pins the whole damn thing on her.

422 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 59 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Section 132, by Helga Zeiner. (Still 2.99?)

Fearful of her husband-to-be and her sister-wife, Lillian is forced to marry the bishop in a remote fundamentalist sect. But the situation gets complicated when a wealthy land developer buys the neighbouring property, and makes difficult choices that will affect Lillian and the entire compound.

"Zeiner has taken her research and constructed a well written novel that will have you sitting straight up in your chair rapidly turning the pages. There have been several non-fiction accounts by women who have escaped from this horrible practice. It is easier to read this story because we known that while based on fact it is still fiction. It may make you furious in parts, tug at your heartstrings in other places, it may even make you laugh here and there. You will be amazed by the strength of some of the characters. The things these children go through was horrific, but the author was not preachy in her telling of this story. The reader is able to reach their own conclusions." -- Amazon reviewer

Imprisoned In A Polygamous Sect
- Thrilling, fact-based page-turner -

Lillian grows up in an American fundamentalist Mormon sect which still practices polygamy. At thirteen she becomes the child-bride of a Canadian Bishop. His compound is located deep in the wilderness of British Columbia, totally isolated from the rest of the world.
When the land developer Richard Bergman buys the property next to the Bishop’s compound, he gets involuntarily drawn into the sect’s secret …

some review comments:

"Best book I've read in years!"

"Great Read - a page turner!"

"Deserves a five star rating!!"

458 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 71 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Leopold & Loeb Killed Bobby Franks, by Ken Rossignol. (Still 0.99?)

A True Crime tale from the early 1920s, when two wealthy young men kidnap and murder a young boy in Cook County... and escape the gallows with the help of a famous attorney.

" This is the true-crime story from many years ago. It was the subject of a novel called "Compulsion" and a film of the same name. This book tells the reader the actual facts and the names of the real people involved. It is a fascinating read for anyone who likes crime stories." -- Amazon reviewer

One of the most sensational crimes of the twentieth century took place when two wealthy young men decided to commit the perfect crime. Travel back in time to learn of how they planned their dastardly deed. From the carefully laid out plans for ransom and the brutal murder of a young boy, these two young men chose path which weaved through the Cook County courtroom with America's most famous attorney who slipped them off the hangman's gallows into prison for life. With all the details of today's modern documentaries the very words of the killers themselves will spellbind the reader and have all parents noting the whereabouts of their children. Danger lurks at all times, often from those who know your child. This true crime story is as relevant today as it was to the family of young Bobby Franks in 1924 when he was murdered by the depravity of Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold.

127 pages, with a 3.2-star rating from 4 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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