Friday, November 30, 2012

"The Littles": an FBI Serial Crimes thriller from Tallulah Grace

This thrill-ride follows FBI's Special Serial Crimes Division as they investigate a string of small-town murders in Georgia. Highly rated!

"I loved the Timeless Trilogy novels so I just had to read The Littles. Tallulah Grace has done it again! I was instantly hooked. The characters are compelling and the story real. I always feel like I am apart of her novels. She brings you into the world she's created and before you know it you're swept off your feet." -- K. Kristine, Amazon reviewer

The Littles (An SSCD Crime Thriller) by Tallulah Grace

The mountains of rural Georgia will never be the same after a series of vicious murders rock the area to its core. Not only does the killer target children, his gruesome murders are designed to inflict the ultimate agony upon their parents and to instill extreme terror within the small communities.

An SSCD team, part of the FBI's Special Serial Crimes Division, accepts the case and the conditional Governor's liaison, a prosecutor with more baggage than anyone realizes. Travel with them over the hills of the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains as they hunt the psychopath stalking the innocent. Can they capture him before he strikes again' Will he turn the tables and ensnare one of their own in his devious trap'

This psychological thriller delves into the mind of a deranged serial killer as it follows the twists and turns of an SSCD manhunt. Action packed and filled with suspense, The Littles takes readers on a thrill ride they will not soon forget.

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International best-selling author Tallulah Grace is an aficionado of anything paranormal, loves to read a good thriller and creates characters as both a hobby and a profession. Tallulah was born and raised in a small southern town located in the foothills of the vibrant Blue Ridge Mountains. When she's not developing characters and weaving stories, Tallulah enjoys antiquing and bead-weaving.

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