Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kindle tip! Personal Docs on your Kindle

I find I am using Personal Docs more and more on my Kindle! Here's a tip, from KindleBoards member Carol Ervin. 

My husband and I love Kindle's "personal documents" feature. He prefers to read everything on his Kindle, especially manuals. Just about any kind of computer file can be transferred to the Kindle, including documents downloaded from Internet. If you haven't used this feature, you'll find instructions and help on the “manage your Kindle” page. On the left side of the page, click on the Your Kindle Account menu, then on Personal Document Settings.

It's easy to convert a file for Kindle. Just email your document to the appropriate Kindle address. Files can be shared this way among work groups, etc.  I send chapters of my novel-in-progress to beta readers for their Kindles--so much easier for most to evaluate than on a standard printed sheet or computer file.

I've always loved printed works, but I love this technology even more.

Have you tried personal documents?


  1. Carol, thanks for the tip but I wanted to know which of the Kindle models you are referring to cos I got a Fire HD and I know the personal documents feature would be very useful for me...unfortunately, I can't find this feature on mine...

    1. On your Fire HD, there's a menu option from the Home Page called "Docs." That's where any personal docs can be found. To get personal docs to your Kindle Fire, attach them to an e-mail to your Kindle's email address. You can see that e-mail address in your Manage Your Kindle page: - or from your Fire in Settings > My Account. It will look like

  2. Thank you very much, would try that.

  3. I use it all the time to proofread my stories and to get feedback from my critique partners. Love the feature.