Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Resistance" by Curtis Hox - on sale today!

Simone's parents paid to have her genetically engineered for intelligence - but alarming side effects cause her to be labeled 'defective.' Get this fascinating fantasy, reduced today for our readers to only 99 cents! And Book 2 in this series is also reduced today, to $2.99. Two great books for the price of one!

From the very first page of the book, the author grabs your attention and interest. The idea of Transhumans and their special abilities is a fresh topic in the YA genre. The characters are funny and realistic, which makes them instantly click with the reader. The storyline is fast paced and flows well. I really enjoyed the idea of genetically engineered teens and the problems they faced when dealing with the Rogues - and being turned into human weapons. Overall, this is a great dystopian/fantasy YA read and I highly recommend it. -- Stephanie Ward, Amazon reviewer

Resistance (The Transhuman Warrior Series, Book 1) by Curtis Hox

Simone Wellborn is a Transhuman with an attitude. She's been genetically engineered from birth to be super smart. The problem? All that tinkering her parents paid top dollar for provided a few unexpected results, like an annoying ability to blast telekinetic energy at the worst possible times. She also has another tricky issue: strange entities possess her and, worse, transform her into something dangerous.

Simone's mother sends her to the Sterling School for reject Transhumans. While there, she meets a few other students with similar problems and dirty secrets. Heart throb Hutto Toth is a charming gladiator and a werebear. He annoys Simone from day one, and Simone can't stand how much she likes him. There's two-foot tall Wally Dorsey, who's determined to pilot a personalized mech. His best friend, Beasley Gardner, is a mountain of a young girl with the power and strength of a giant, and a rage disorder. Finally, Simone meets Kimberlee Newkirk, a sultry and dangerous Succubus who fears she'll kill the next boy she kisses.

These defective transhumans find themselves at the center of a deadly conflict when computer-geek student Joss Beckwith is attacked by a Rogue Artificial Intelligence.

The Transhuman Warrior Series tells the story of Simone and her friends as they're transformed into highly specialized human weapons. They must challenge the increasing power of the Rogues as these enemies push into Realspace with one goal in mind: total domination.

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Meet the Author

Curtis Hox is a full-time dad by day and a fiction scribbler by night.

He launched his debut novel, Bleedover, in Nov. 2011 and is finishing his YA Transhuman Warrior Series, which launched on Jun 1st, 2012. He's willing to take his knocks as a self-published author, if that means getting it right in the end.

He lives with his wife and two year old son, who often pretends to type on his keyboard.

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