Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Help us put digital books into the hands of needy children!

Fellow readers: consider for a moment how much your life has been shaped and made better by reading books.

With that in mind, I want to introduce you to Worldreader, a group that puts digital books into the hands of children in the developing world. 

Using e-readers loaded with thousands of local and international e-books, they provide kids the books they want and need, so they can improve their lives. So far, they have reached over 3,000 kids in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, and wirelessly distributed over 200,000 African and international e-books to them. Worldreader is on track to reach 10,000 children in the world's poorest countries with 500,000 e-books by the end of January, including Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the Gambia.

Here's the exciting part - Worldreader is a finalist for the American Giving Awards, airing on NBC on December 8th. Winners are chosen based on online votes and can win up to $1M.

If Worldreader gets the most votes, they will be able to expand to 20 new countries, hundreds of new schools and impact hundreds of thousands of kids. 

We're asking you to support this very worthy cause, with your online vote.

I voted today and it takes ten seconds, tops. Please join me today and vote here. Let's make a difference for kids who need books!

> Voting link

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