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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Monday Nov 19)

Good morning! We have some real gems today for you in our free book selection! 

Breaking TWIG, by Deborah Epperson. (Still free)

I'm excited about this one - a southern coming-of-age novel, with 137 customer reviews and a 4.4-star rating.

""Breaking Twig, a beautifully written and thought provoking novel, is absolutely one I will recommend to my book group...I was hooked." - Amazon Best Selling Author of "The Do-Over," Kathy Dunnehoff

"I'd give this book 5/5 stars. I was literally unable to put it down and finished it in about 5 hours. I strongly recommend it to anyone..." - Kayla Joy, Addiction To Words

"...The characters...made me really appreciate the book. They're real, they're interesting, they grow, and when the book was over I wanted to reach in and give them a hug for all we've been through together." - Faith

:: Over 100,000 copies of Breaking TWIG downloaded on Kindles ::

Set in rural Georgia in the 1960s, BREAKING TWIG is a coming-of-age novel about Becky (Twig) Cooper, a young woman trying to survive the physical and emotional abuse of her mother, Helen, a beautiful, calculating woman who can, with a mere look, send the meanest cur in Sugardale, Georgia running for its life.

Not even Twig's vivid imagination, keen wit, and dark sense of humor is enough to help her survive the escalating assaults of Helen and a new stepbrother, but help comes from an unexpected source--Frank, her stepfather. Sometimes, having one person who loves and believes in you is all a girl needs to keep hope alive.

Often raw and irreverent and sprinkled with all the Southern flavoring found in a good bowl of chicken and dumplings, BREAKING TWIG, is about finding love where we least expect it, destroying lives with easy lies, and realizing each of us determine our own truth.

:: Recent RAVE Reviews for Breaking TWIG ::

If you are looking for a book that takes a chance, tips the scale and teeters on the edge of "How in the hell did she write this'!'" Then Deborah Epperson is your girl and Breaking Twig is your story." -- Melissa E. Perea, Five-Star Reader Review

"With a voice as rich as sorghum molasses, Epperson seductively draws the reader into the rural south of the 60s and 70s. In the southern tradition of Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner, the author explores the depths of the human heart and spirit, with wisdom, humor, and unflinching truthfulness." -- D. Burke, Five-star Reader Review

457 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 137 reviews.

Vigilante (VIGILANTE Series), by Claude Bouchard. (Still free?)

This is one of the best-selling police procedural series on Amazon. Vigilante has 88 customer reviews and a 4.3-star rating.

And, not only is it free today, but so are its sequels, The Consultant and Mind Games! Don't miss these downloads today while they're free!

"This book grabs you by the throat and pulls you into it from the very beginning." -- Youngblood Hawke

"It was hard to put down, a fast paced, up-all-night read; kept me guessing until the last page." -- Deborah Brown

"One of the few books that you like both the good guy AND the bad guy." -- Carol Mae

Book 1 of the VIGILANTE Series

Montreal . . . the long, hot summer of 1996. . .

. . . and in the dark of night, moving like a shadowy wraith, a vigilante prowls the city's streets.

The targets of his bloody rampage: the worst of the worst.

Murderers. Gangbangers. Rapists.

Six months. Sixteen murders. The harried police are still without a clue . . .

. . . until the day they receive an email from the assassin himself.

Lieutenant Dave McCall, head of Montreal's Special Homicide Task Force, needs help to crack the secrets of the killer's taunting message. He calls on an expert--Chris Barry, who runs a security firm specializing in computer communications.

Together, McCall and Barry launch a grim quest to track down a man who preys on predators--an urgent quest to bring this remorseless killer to justice.

But whose justice will prevail: theirs--or the vigilante's?
". . . probably the best mystery/thriller book I have ever read . . . The last sentence made me shiver with delight." --Tiffany A. Harkleroad, "Tiffany's Bookshelf"

252 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 88 reviews.

The Dark Path, by Luke Romyn. (Still free?)

Another highly-rated book: 4.6-stars after 85 customer reviews, for this horror that was voted Top 10 Horror Novels in 2009 on Goodreads.

"If you like a fast moving, thrilling fantasy that keeps you thinking, then The Dark Path by Luke Romyn belongs on your bookshelf." --Clifford Bye

"Will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the page in a relentless quest to find out more." --5 stars - Nicole Morgan - Books I Review

"One of the very best horror stories I've read in a long time." --4 Tombstones - Bitten By Books

"The storyline is so unique that readers will not find anything remotely similar." --5 stars - Strictly Reviews

New York's underworld quivers at the mention of his name. Evil courses through his veins like blood and his conscience has lain dormant for over a decade while he has slashed and burned his way to the top of the food chain.


The Dark Man, born of torment into an existence of death. In the underworld of killers he reigns supreme. And yet he is chosen for a task of supreme benevolence. Why would he be selected to save a young boy, the Avun-Riah, and then protect him against a horde of enemies, both mortal and demonic?

Because he is the only one with any hope of success.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have risen from the pits of Hell and, along with a fanatical army of cultists, are ranged against Vain. If the boy is slain then Sordarrah will be raised to destroy the Earth, a feat even Lucifer never managed.

Evil is being used to fight evil in the ultimate battle for the outcome of all existence. Armageddon sits upon the horizon and all that stands in its way is a man whose path has always been dark....

"Ah, this is seasoned writing. 5 PLUS STARS... This deserves wide acclaim. The Dark Path is one fantastic thrill ride." -- Glen Cantrell

310 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 85 reviews.

Yseult: A Tale of Love in the Age of King Arthur (The Pendragon Chronicles), by Ruth Nestvold. (Still free?)

This fantasy novel, widely praised for its well-researched, beautiful writing, sweeps you back to King Arthur's times.

"The book is so rich that it is impossible to recount every nuance, every emotion transmitted, each of the author's choices to depart from tradition or adopt unfamiliar elements, while manipulating them in favor of the economy of the narration... It tells the story of war with rawness and realism, love with feeling and sensuality, magic with naturalness and enchantment... Ruth Nestvold truly has my gratitude and commendation for managing to rewrite and re-invent this story of love and war so masterfully, creating one of the most beautiful books I have ever read." -- Valentina Coluccelli

For the price of a truce, Yseult is sent to a world where magic is dying - to marry the father of the man she loves.

Marcus's son Drystan would have saved her from a loveless marriage, but with her relatives being held hostage, Yseult cannot endanger them and must go through with the wedding. The tragic love story of Yseult and Drystan plays out against the backdrop of a violent world threatening to descend into the Dark Ages - only Arthur's battles to push back the Saxon hordes can save what is left of civilization. With her background, Yseult could act as a bridge between the old age and the new - but will the price be too high?

Yseult is a retelling of the tragic love story of Tristan and Isolde, a story older than Romeo and Juliet or Lancelot and Guinevere; an Arthurian romance with roots going back far into the realm of legend and the undying tales of King Arthur.

579 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 17 reviews.

The Fishers of Paradise, by Rachael Preston. (Still free?)

This novel chronicles a community under siege from politicians and moral do-gooders, the devastating consequences of family secrets and what happens when mother and daughter fall for the same man.

"There are no real bad guys in The Fishers of Paradise. Even Ray Fisher, who is easy to hate in the beginning, manages to make us understand him, and eventually, makes us wish things had been different for him. He, however, like all of the characters in this wonderful novel, have made their choices long before, and the only hope left is that the next generation makes better choices. Even still, when the cycle is finally broken for the children, it's heart-breaking. This is a wonderful, beautifully written book. " -- Susie Maloney, Amazon reviewer

As Egypt Fisher learns, there's a power to be mined in keeping secrets, and lies quickly take on a life of their own.

1930. The boathouse community of Cootes Paradise is under siege. The squatters' colony of shacks that lines the shores of Dundas marsh stands in the way of a Hamilton politician's City Beautiful plans. When a handsome drifter settles there, Egypt Fisher and her mother both fall under his spell. No one expects Egypt's gambling con-man father to return after a mysterious six-year absence. But he does and he's furious. Unhinged by jealousy and a harrowing brush with the local mafia at a cockfight, he reveals a family secret that sets Egypt's world off-kilter and poisons her relationship with her mother. When Egypt tries to turn the situation to her own advantage, her lies set in motion a series of events with devastating consequences.

The Fishers of Paradise is a story about choices and consequences, and a family pushed to the edge. In striving to cope with the emotional fallout from decisions made in the past, as well as all that fate and circumstance level at them, the Fishers discover that hope and love can thrive and families can reinvent themselves.

317 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 15 reviews.

SHOW ME YOUR FACE, by Pete Palamountain. (Still free?)

A medical thriller with courtroom elements, this book is described as both touching and thrilling! Free today.

"A great book that stirs your emotions from beginning to end. When I first saw the book, I thought it might be written more for the female audience. But after reading it, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys and appreciates a well written story and the opportunity to learn about the history and impact autism, a potentially devastating, predominantly childhood disorder that is affecting more and more families each year." -- M.J. Diver, Amazon reviewer

In an age (late 1960’s and early 1970’s) when charlatans and medical quacks reigned in the treatment of autism, and when “refrigerator mothers” were blamed for the disorder, Peggy Raintree, a courageous mother, refuses to believe the myth that she caused her son’s autism by rejecting him at the breast—so she sets out to find her own answers. But will she be prevented from using her creative, new ideas to reach her strange little boy? And will he ever be able to show her his true face?

Peggy deals with the pressures in her life with strength and grace, and even in her darkest moments never loses sight of her goals. She is not perfect, either as a parent or spouse, but she is warm, clear-thinking, and brave.

The incidences of autism have skyrocketed in the last twenty years. This novel dramatizes the struggle to understand this phenomenon. It explores the foolish medical myths of the last forty years as well as the roots of the promising new ideas that have helped hundreds of boys and girls with autism in recent years.

308 pages, with a 5-star rating from 4 reviews.

Dear Dad: A Lost Son, A Lost Father, by Erik Christian. (Still free?)

A short but gripping memoir, pulled from the soul-bearing posts of Erik Christian's blog.

"Erik Christian's journey in Dear Dad explores loss, love, and learning to grow in the midst of a constantly changing landscape of feelings. At times emotional, at times existential, his memoir moves in circular motion to the beat of his unique heartstrings. Filled with musings on life, family, and self-identity, Dear Dad is the outpouring of a soul searching, striving, and struggling to make sense of life's apparent paradoxes. " -- Erik Praschan, Amazon reviewer

Erik Christian has poured his feelings about everything out on page and has accompanied them with intense personal photos. Based on his award-winning blog, Christian starts out a young boy who witnesses life differently; from moving with his family from California to Washington; to having the traumatic encounter with the ghost of his mother's father; to his sordid affair with drugs and alcohol, and then events leading to his complete separation from family. There is a sweetness that underlies his traumatic experiences. It shows the transformation of innocence lost. . .Will it be regained?

These candid stories are a snapshot into a young boy’s beginning, to a young man conflicted with alcoholism & self-doubt, and finally a middle-aged adult who tries to find a place in the world.

63 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 8 reviews.

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