Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"The Sentinel," by Jeremy Bishop

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The Sentinel (A Jane Harper Horror Novel), by Jeremy Bishop

"The novel is well-paced, and alternates moments of breath-stealing panic with dark humor. Not your typical shambling undead, these Vikings mesh a need for brains and blood with an even scarier twist. At times violent and gory, the book propels you forward, wanting to know what happens to the small band of unfortunate seafarers." -- Amazon reviewer

An angry clash between professional whale hunters and the environmental activists out to stop them takes a deadly turn when sabotage sends both vessels to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. Stranded in the aftermath on a desolate island off the coast of Greenland, survivors from both sides reluctantly join forces to stay alive in the frigid wasteland. But they swiftly discover that those who perished in the unforgiving sea were the lucky ones…
Jane Harper, an undercover government agent who’s quick with her wits and fists, knows punishing cold and dwindling supplies are to be feared. But in the ruins of an ancient Nordic outpost, a centuries-old message warns of a threat far worse: the Draugar—the dreaded “again walkers” of Viking lore, the terrifying living dead that spawned the legends of vampires and zombies. Now, roused from their cursed slumber, these gruesome Viking warriors and their monstrous queen are hungry for living flesh—and eager to spread a ghoulish contagion from their long-buried prison across the globe.

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Meet the Author

JEREMY BISHOP has, by all outward appearances, lived a normal life. He grew up in a nice home, in a friendly seaside town. But, as is often, the pleasant facade seen at first glance conceals a darker side. Throughout childhood and early teen years he encountered malevolent entities that whisked in and out of rooms, moved furniture and haunted his dreams.

At second glance, the seaside town was only miles from where the puritans tortured innocent women and hung them as witches, a history and culture that permeated the area. A closer inspection of the nice house revealed past evils of previous owners--bullet holes in windows and a five foot square, red, white and black Swastika painted on the basement wall--a basement that terrified Bishop and his two brothers, even as adults.

He processed these encounters through drawings of monsters and devils, expunging horrible images from his mind. As an adult, he continues to expel the monsters of his childhood through his novels, the first of which, TORMENT, is based on a dream. Enter the mind of Jeremy Bishop if you dare. Share his nightmares. Experience the fear that shaped his life. You may never be the same.

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