Saturday, July 27, 2013

Facebook pages to check out

Looking to liven up your Facebook newsfeed? Or your newsreader updates? Check out these five Author Facebook and web pages.

Author Facebook Pages: Five to Try
Horizons - Michael Galloway's blogFrom science fiction to technology to apologetics, this blog takes you from the depths of space to the world of nanotech and then connects those topics to the Bible. Along the way, you'll also get updates on upcoming books and get a glimpse into the world of writing.
Manuscripts BurnAuthor's page with four years of content, including trunked manuscripts and original for-the-web work. This year we're also running through the whole Modern Library Top 100 List in a vlog tour-de-force.
Erica Lucke DeanThe world needs my blog. It's one part haunted farm stories, and one part public service announcement. But mostly just light and funny.
Kristy StoriesMy blog is mostly about my adventures in indie publishing, but sometimes I rant about other (important to me type) stuff. It's a place where readers can ask questions and I try to answer them.
Mysteriouser and MysteriouserI talk about mysteries, curiosity, coincidences, annoyances, kids, writing, and other clever things.

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