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Book Discovery Day! (Friday July 19th)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Euthanasia, by Mack Mulluncey
She lies on the cold, metal table--clad in a loose, white paper dress--waiting, waiting, waiting, as her lover claims his next victim.

When Alex left the clinic that day, she thought she could move on from the rape that left her pregnant and the agonizing decision to have an abortion. That is, until the child she thought she left behind contacts her. Terrorized by mysterious phone calls and guilt, Alex feels her sanity slipping away as she becomes convinced that she must find the man who brutalized her to make a family for her dead daughter.

Anti-abortion crusader Tobin Bartell wouldn't have it any other way. As The Leader of The Movement, when he's not organizing protests or giving speeches, he's orchest...
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Modified Flight Plan, by Lisa Kovanda
Most sixteen year-old kids joyride in Daddy's pickup. Not Brian Thomas. Instead, you find him out buzzing the football team in Daddy's airplane. Flying is his life—it's in his blood. Both of his parents are pilots. His older brother is in the Air Force. And he can't imagine himself as anything but an aviator. That is, until the bleeding disorder he's battled since he was two years old sidelines him. After several failed chemotherapy treatments, Brian opts for a potentially disease-curing, but risky spleen removal. After more chemotherapy, he regains his flight status, but now he's left with an altered immune system.

In April of 2009, Brian leaves his job at Duncan Aviation, where he is an aviation mechanic, to go home with wh...
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MossadX, by Ori Rotem
Rogue forces are at work in one of the most powerful clandestine organizations in the world – the Israeli Mossad. Eli Regev, a complete outsider, finds himself in the impossible position of having to confront the experts and try to beat them at their own game. With the odds stacked heavily against him, can he really come up with a viable plan?
Mossad X will have you sitting on the edge of your seat anticipating everyone’s next move....
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The Job: Based on a True Story (I Mean, This is Bound to have Happened Somewhere), by Craig Davis
Joe B. enjoys the sweet life as a vice president at a huge conglomerate, Universal Whirligig. But along with the Big Boss' favor, he has also gained the notice of a bitter human resources manager, Luci Fernandez. Hateful of any success but her own, Luci manages to get him demoted to the mail room! A rollicking comedy of errors follows as Joe B. tries to figure out what's happened to him, and attempts to get a meeting with the Big Boss. Joe B.'s great expectations have taken a dickens of a twist. His family is forced to make a series of hard adjustments, and he gets only lame comforts from a string of the worst friends anyone could have. Will he finally track down the cause of his frustrations? Or will he only learn a lesson about what it is...
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Discovery (The Science of Psionics), by Dave Renol
Now on sale for a limited time.

An average couple suddenly find themselves in a not-so-average situation after an odd thunderstorm leaves them with psionic abilities. As they begin to discover what new things they can do, they bring in three friends to help them experiment.

When attempts to share these abilities meet early failure, frustration and impatience take over and one of the friends turns out to be not as reliable as they had thought. He decides the military should control these powers, and he doesn't care wh...
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The Seals of Abgal (A Guardians of the Seals Tale), by Woelf Dietrich
"I love it when authors go a little rogue from a genre and just write the story."
- M Stork, 5 star review, Amazon(US)

"... Dietrich is a very vivid storyteller, and this is a damn well written story, especially for a first book."
- Glynn James, 5 star review, Goodreads

Bookstore owner and novice antiquarian, Sebastian Kaine is proud of his new profession and even prouder still of the collection of antique books on the occult that he keeps locked away in the basement of his bookstore. But his little utopia is shattered one night when he wak...
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BLOOD RED THE COLOR OF INSANITY, She began talking to the walls, cursing and laughing, her words were of a sexual tone. The abuse she had suffered at the hands of her demon father was beginning to surface now after the trauma of having two babies within a year took its toll on her mind. She had stopped taking baths and wearing clean clothes. She painted her tiny kitchen blood red. She tried to stab my father to death, and would lay in her bed and say she was waiting to be sucked up to heaven through a straw. The Police car came to our house, she was handcuffed and put into the car screaming as they drove away, "my babies, my babies, who will take care of my babies?" Walk with me back in time as I revisit my families life with a mentally ill...
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The Island, by Jen Minkman
‘I walk toward the sea. The endless surface of the water extends to the horizon, whichever way I look.

Our world is small. We are on our own, and we only have ourselves to depend on. We rely on the Force deep within us, as taught to us by our forefathers.

If I were to walk westward from here, I would come across a barrier – the Wall. Behind it, there are Fools. At least, that’s what everyone says.

I have never seen one.’

Leia lives on the Island, a world in which children leave their parents to take care of themselves when they are ten years old. Across this Island runs a wall that no one has ever crossed. The Fools living behind it are not amenable to reason – they believe in illusions...
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Who Are You? - A Guide to Self Discovery in 9 Simple Steps (Integrated Potential Publications), by Rodolfo Young
Learn the 9 fundamental elements to self-discovery and expression. If you have ever felt lost, unclear, or confused about who you are, what your purpose is, and how to interact with others meaningfully, then this book can give you step by step clarity on how to reconnect to that inner authenticity and expression.

Written by Lifestyle Coach and Tedx Speaker Rodolfo Young after a year long practice in silence. Rodolfo continued to interact in the world without words and assembled his insights about self-expression and authentic connection here in this book....
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Stalking Sly Stallone and Other Unfortunate Choices, A Memoir By a Love and Sex Addict, by Virginia Stirling Chapel
After her debut in the South in the early 1970s, Stirling Chapel lands a clandestine affair with the president of a celibate ashram, avoids sex at the “Center for the Lower Self,” pursues her crush on Sylvester Stallone, gets a job working with him, and levitates in the cornfields of Iowa, all while religiously applying every spiritual principal she learns to her own situation. She consistently uses various forms of eccentric self-help and magical thinking in pursuit of men, frequently with disastrous results. In her mid-thirties she finally joins a group of love and sex addicts, defiantly refuses to follow suggestions, gets professional help, and starts to build the foundation she does not know is missing. She believes now that life...
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Zombies Don't Wear High Heels (Fashion Zombies), by L.A. Betts
This book is part one in a three part series.

Latoya was expecting to celebrate when she returned home from a week long business trip to Japan. She'd just closed a major deal with the Yoshimoto Firm which would mean a hefty bonus and possible promotion. She didn't expect to be fighting off the undead in her new Prada suit, but sometimes you have to get a little messy to get ahead. Latoya is confident that she'll be able to stop the zombie apocalypse with her killer instincts, great clothes, and help from some new friends....
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Shooting Picasso (A Suspense Thriller), by Vanna Tessier
The 9/11 surprise attack on the World Trade Center creates unimaginable chaos and grief in New York City. Ruthless opportunists try to take advantage of the ensuing panic, but a promising young reporter known for her no-holds-barred story-chasing hunts them down and soon finds herself at the heart of a criminal underworld.

How deep into that underworld, and her own past, is she willing to go? And more importantly, will she have the strength to face a drastic life change?...
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Grand Hotel (A Geek An Angel), by J. A. JACKSON
Sometimes love is more destructive than hate?
Love, lust and hatred are basic elements of the story when shattered dreams turn trust and loyalty into deception and dishonor.
Discover what will happen amidst the glamour & glitter of the Annual Gala. Where a night of crimes of seething passion, ignite and explode!
Brilliant Greeky handsome intelligent, workaholic Louis La Cour has all the privileges of a successful life.
Beautiful Pearl La Cour feels ignored and desperate for love. But she is still haunted by the sins of her youth.
Celica Baptiste, brilliant and young, full of drive and ambition, is the woman that is willing to do anything for her man.
But something strange is brewing at the Grand Isle Gala, sud...
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The Man Called Bowdry, by Van Holt
On Sale for a Limited Time! Regularly $7.99.

The Man Called Bowdry

Not much is known for certain about the man called Bowdry. The bare facts are as follows. Sometime around 1880 he rode into Gray Buttes, Nevada--a long forgotten town--stayed for a time at the Pollard shack out in the hills and, after the old man was killed, made relentless war on the neighboring 3-Bar outfit which was run by the Wadley clan, known thieves and rustlers. Then he disappeared, to be seen no more, nor was he ever heard of again.
He was the only one who knew how so many men ended up dead in the boulder-strewn hills around the old Pollard shack, and he never told anyone, unless it was the wild and beautiful redheaded woman named L...
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Lost Creek, by R.j Ruud
According to Clancy, there was a family of serial killers living in Lost Creek -- the Campbells. "They've been killing off outsiders fer a hundred years. The head of the family is Sheriff Campbell. He's been killing under the shield of his badge since he was first elected back in 1964. His daughter, Darla, is the drug-dealing bartender at the Wagon Wheel Saloon."

When Jack Leery suddenly finds himself the owner of a rural cabin on a hundred acres in Lost Creek, Colorado, left to him by a mysterious benefactor called Martin Johannsson, he leaves his professional life as a website designer in Minneapolis to set out on what turns into the adventure of a lifetime.

Jack's nail-biting journey to Lost...
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What A Rogue Wants (Lords Of Deception), by Julie Johnstone
Lady Madelaine Aldridge might be the worst lady-in-waiting to ever grace King George III’s court. An oddball who prefers archery to knitting and honesty to deception, she earns the dislike of the Queen, the cruelty of the other ladies-in-waiting and the advances of a lecherous fiend who wants to make her his whore. Her father demands she find a proper husband?a task that seems hopeless until Lord Grey Adlard rides into court.
Grey Adlard lives up to his reputation as a dangerously handsome rake when he proposes Madelaine meet him in the stables for a tumble. Yet when she needs a protector the most, Grey offers his services and vows he wants to court her. Wary yet intrigued by the mystery he presents, Madelaine slowly allows Grey to...
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